Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wednesday is "Shoe Day"- Updated

“Shoe Day” is a big adventure in our corner of the world. It’s the day that the boys shop for shoes. We have Mommy along to give final approval. Before either of the boys could walk I suggested making a Shoe Day two or three times a year with the grandsons a tradition. (Sarah and Buddy hope you’re reading this. When the time comes, will it be alright for Mav to have Shoe Day with Nana, too?)

We go to our favorite shoe store where we can get properly fitted shoes. The boys select their own shoes for play, hiking, and casual wear. They have to agree to a bit of direction when it comes to their dress-up shoes. We usually get ice cream afterwards. I absolutely love Shoe Day. It’s so much fun to watch them look at all the shoes displayed, have their feet measured, try on all the potential new shoes, and discuss their decisions among themselves. My blessings abound!



I love watching Mary with the boys. The love and pride is really obvious.

The boys will be fast as lightening now. Their new shoes have an N on the side. (New Balance) Everyone knows shoes with an N are f-a-s-t. The transformer sandals are way cool. All their straps are adjustable with Velcro and they look like fighters. Dress shoes feel good and are OK but they aren't exciting. We stopped for ice cream at our local ice cream shop. The boys ate their dinosaur sundaes outside so we could enjoy the warm sunshine. After snack time at the ice cream shop both boys had heavy eyes so they went home for rest time. Everyone knows that "older boys" don't take naps. As for Mommy and Nana - well we take whatever rest we can get. We don't care what you call it.

Yes, Brad, I'll adopt you. When should I send you your task list? Even the grandsons have one.


Brad said...

What a great idea. I used to dread those kinda trips shopping. Much better fun to do it w/ cousins, lunch and a treats.

Will you adopt me ?

happyone said...

That's sounds like a terrific day out for you and the kids. Can I come too? I love buying shoes.

simonsays said...

Mary, I always loved taking my sons to buy shoes, too. They were completely convinced that the certain pair would make them better basketball players, or faster runners. It is still a pleasure to buy my grown sons shoes. My daughter, not so much. She was never a joy to shop with...why are girls so difficult?

Have a good evening. :)

Cheryl said...

You are the best! I want to be adopted too. I'm good at chores.

C.A. said...

What a sweet picture, Mary. You are making such great memories for those boys. I think you need to write "How to be the worlds best Grandma" For Dummies. I'd buy it in a heartbeat and start reading it NOW, before I even have a grandchild.

I so look forward to reading your posts each day. I hope you know that!

Happy Day!


SOUL: said...

i got soulkid shoes yesterday too--- and it wasn't horrible.

finally, she found a pair she liked--- ahhhh.