Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Sleep-Over Play-by-Play

Sleep-over dinner: Nana Burgers and Raw Veggies (Broccoli, Carrot Twigs, Red Bell Pepper Logs, Little Sweet Onions, and White Dip (Ranch Dressing - not shown) Both boys ate with no questions. Then on to "Cake Making 101"
I admit to using two one-layer cake mixes. One for each boy to mix by himself. Then we poured both mixes into a small sheet pan to bake. When the cake baked, we cut it into two squares so each boy would have a cake to frost. I, also, have to admit to using canned frosting - Chocolate and Strawberry. It wasn't neat but t was fun. Notice that Jesse (oldest) was making flowers using his finger as a tool. James, on the other hand, concentrated on having a really "big" (thick) icing. The cake was a combination of desert and bedtime snack.
After playtime with the bubble swords (outside), the HotWheels Cross Road Crash, Lego's, and Memory we got into new PJ's. We watched "How It's Made" (the boys love this show) and Blato (New DVD about a good wolf). There were some exciting parts.
We opened the air bed and put it on their special rug between the sofa and love seat. New sleeping bags along with their special bedtime buddies went on top of the air bed. I read a new book aloud for a bedtime story. Next we played their "Songs of Worship" CD and all sang along. The boys routinely do this.
James was asleep by 10:30 but Jesse and I talked for a long time. He went to sleep around 1 AM. Remember the rule was that everyone could stay awake as long as they wanted to - no bedtime. Jesse woke up at 5:30 wanting to complete the Lego house we started. James woke up at 7:45. Both boys were bright-eyed and ready for the day. We had Pancakes and choc milk for breakfast.
Jesse got back in their "bed" to watch Noggin until Mommy and Daddy came to pick them up.

Pick up was traumatic. Jesse announced that he wanted to live with Nana and Papa all the time. James sobbed because he wanted to stay for another sleepover. It's wonderful to be loved as much as you love but it really hurts to see them sad. We're lucky that parents understand and aren't jealous.
Parents had a good night alone. They ate at a wonderful restaurant and stayed overnight in a mountain cabin not too far away. It was cool enough for a little fire in the fireplace to enjoy with wine and time together.
Now don't think that I'm a saint or the best grandma ever. We enjoy every minute and wouldn't have it any other way. In a way, we're very selfish. We love all the kids and especially the grandbabies.
I think Nana needs a nap. Later folks.


happyone said...

Wow, what a great day for all of you making many happy memories.
No matter what you say your are a saint!!! and the very best grandma!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I can't wait to be a grandma too - but no one seems ready for that yet but me! Diane

Summer said...

I was very attached to my grandparents and cried everytime I left them.

Smocha said...

I can't wait to be a grandam either. But it better come on ..already ! I'm exhausted just reading that!

Have a restful Sunday :)

Cheryl said...

I'm with happyone. You're wonderful!

simonsays said...

The next time you have a sleepover party, I want to come.

It looks like everyone had a perfect time, including the parents. Good for you, good for them, but mostly, good for those boys, they will have the best memories ever!


you are amazing..they will remember these times forever and ever!! Even down to the rug...
reading these stories makes me recall my own slumbers at my grandparents house..oh how I loved them!


Mary said...

Thanks for all the compliments. They make me feel special but really I'm just a grandmother who loves to see the children smile.

jAMiE said...

Sounds like a wonderful time are such good are all lucky to have each other!

Brad said...

Good looking Lad, that is.

Must be in the genes.