Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Night Fun for Everyone

The "Spring Program" last evening was lots of fun for everyone. Harry and I had just about all the fun we could stand. The children all did a fabulous job. Everyone participated like pros.

Now on the the present:

Hamburger fixins' - Check
Broccoli - Check
Red Bell Pepper - Check
Cake makin' stuff - Check
Strawberries - Check
Popcorn - Check
New pajamas - Check
New inflatable mattresses - Check
New sleeping bags - Check
Swords that make bubbles - Check
Lego's at the ready - Check
New DVDs (2) - Check

Everything is ready for the Big Sleepover. The boys will make the cake (mix) and frost it (canned). Desert will be wonderful. Jesse will go to music lesson as usual. The sleep over will officially begin around 5 PM with dinner and whatever they decide to do next.

I do hope the boys have a good time. Mommy and Daddy really need a night out and alone. I'm so glad that we can give them that. Friday night is going to be big for everyone.


C.A. said...

Swords that make bubbles? Where did you get those???? I'd LOVE to get one for my nephew, the marble swallower, for Easter!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Mary. It really means alot to me. :) I hope your sleepover is fantastic. Have fun with the boys!



Could you be my sons other grandma? You are amazing!! Absolutely amazing!! I wish you lived close...I'd pay you to take my boys overnight..I don't have that luxury even though my parents live "down the street 5minutes." They aren't "that type of grandparent.." sigh.. :)
Have a great time!

simonsays said...

Hope you are having a most wonderful time!

Cheryl said...

I wish I lived near you. I'm sure we'd be friends. Was the sleepover wonderful?