Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday is Finally Here

Wind, rain, and just a yucky day in general describes our day. Rumor has it that snow is on the way. We’ll see, but I’ll believe it after it starts to fall.

Some of my readers commented on how well I remember the details in the Blizzard Blanket story. I don’t remember many things that well. This was the first real blizzard I was ever in, white-outs only happened in the movies (I thought), and civil defense had never declared a total curfew in my world. All these things plus the fact that I was on my own with my two young sons totally depending on me was terrifying. I had seen movies of snow being blown as high at the roofs on houses, but this would never happen in my world. This blizzard began with a violent thunder storm. Snow and lightening together just didn’t compute. Cooking eggs in corning ware bowls over tea candles, and listening to the wind howl for four days only happened in horror movies. As was opening the drapes over the glass doors and realizing snow was piled against the window all the way to the top. I was so afraid my sons would freeze if I went to sleep and didn’t keep constant watch over them. Even though the lady from next door was with us, I felt so alone. This experience was truly a horror story.

Now I must file away those memories and get back to reality. Today is play day - the boys will be here to play with Nana and Papa before long. These are happy times.

I hope each and every one of you is well and happy. Make plans right now to do something fun this weekend – even if it’s only to sleep in.


Cheryl said...

Have a great weekend. I look forward to hearing about your family Sunday.

SOUL: said...

ola--- that is quite a storm story. you took real good care of your boys-- they were lucky to be with you-- i bet you told some good stories to keep them occupied eh?

happy weekend