Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain, It Was - Sun, It Will Be

Well here we sits like birds in the wilderness watching the rain move on to Atlanta. We need every last drop that fell and are thankful for it. Even the wind was not bad. If we are to believe the weather guru, there will be sunshine and a high of 64 tomorrow. Perfect for golf. The course will be wet but it shouldn't be a bog. We can do this. Maybe - we'll see.

I did a bit of Easter Bunny shopping today. One year we bought tin buckets decorated as Easter baskets. The boys broke every egg they found by chunking them in the bucket. This year they will have soft baskets that they can use to carry their Hot Wheels cars after Easter. I know the eggs will still break but this seemed like a good idea. Each boy is getting a stuffed animal from a safari series (rather than a bunny) with a Timex for Kids watch for a collar. Of course there will be a choc bunny. No Peeps this year - at least not on my watch. Those things are pure dyed sugar and spell trouble in the form of a sticky, hyper mess.

I have to tell you about an absolutely horrible thing I did. During the sleep-over Jesse, the oldest, ask me if the Easter Bunny was real and I said that I really didn't know. He looked straight at me and said that he knew I did know because Nana's know lots of things. He followed that bit of information with, "Nana, whatever you say I'll believe because I know you won't tell me a story. I can always trust you." Well, I guess you know the rest of the story. I told him that the Easter Bunny wasn't a real, live rabbit. But it was a really fun game for for children at Easter, and in that sense the Easter Bunny is real. I hope I haven't ruined Easter for the boys. I really feel bad but I just couldn't look Jesse in the eye and tell him that there is a giant bunny who lays colored eggs on Easter. The boy's parents aren't at all upset at the way I handled the situation. For that I'm thankful. And I thought parenting was hard!

I think I'll go watch TV with my bestest buddy (Harry) and relax. I'm really good at relaxing - I have lots of practice.

I hope each and everyone of you enjoy your evening as much as I intend to enjoy mine.


C.A. said...

Mary, youre like a textbook for me to refer back to on this stuff. I marvel at how you handle it all! When I have my own Grandchildren my motto will be WWMD? What would Mary do? I just don't know that I'd have handled that as well as you did! You are an AWESOME Grandma!

Cheryl said...

You're much better at relaxing then me, but then I think you worked much harder. I relax best at coffee shops, as you know. That's where I went after work tonight. Em's at her friend's, and there wasn't anything to rush home to. It was great! I had a half asiago roast beef sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. Yum!

simonsays said...

I always hated the Easter Bunny and Santa questions. I always told them that as long as THEY believed, it was real. Then I changed the subject, really, really quick.

I hope your evening was a relaxing one.

happyone said...

I think you handled the Easter Bunny thing just right.
I think when kids ask that question deep down they know the truth already.

SOUL: said...

well... are ya golfing? or moshing? or gigging for frogs perhaps? :)

ya know, you did good-- you always do , with the boys-- and they love you for it.

i have always seen, or had the unhappy task of breaking the santa news first--then they figure the rest out very very soon after-- like in the next breat-- so there's no (this-or that_ either-- YOU LIED TO ME!

yep-you did good

hope you have a happy thursday

Josie Two Shoes said...

I think you handled that question in an awesome way. The most important thing was preserving your grandson's faith that he could always trust you for honest answers. My kids knew from the time they were small that Santa and the Easter Bunny were just fun stories and part of the celebration. I don't think we did them any permanent damage by telling them the truth, and it certainly didn't affect the fun.

Brad said...

"Nana, whatever you say I'll believe because I know you won't tell me a story. I can always trust you."

Can it get any better than that?

God Love the wee ones.