Thursday, March 27, 2008


Harry played golf today at a really challenging course. He was really beat so he went to bed early. I gathered my yogurt, water, and remote control around me in front of the television to watch Lost. HA! Did my bubble ever burst when tonight was a re-run. I decided to watch anyway. At the end of the episode the big announcement was that Lost would return with a new episode on April 24 and 10/9 Central. Rats and double rats!!!

Like Lucy, I'm going to my beanbag to pout. Not really. Gonna read for awhile.


simonsays said...

I think it's so great that you two play golf, I have only tried it once, and I wasn't good.

Have a happy Friday Mary.

Cheryl said...

When I looked in the TV guide, it said Gray's Anatomy was on. Huh? Then it was Lost. Then I saw it was a rerun. I watched it anyway. I could stand to watch all the episodes over again!

Happy Friday!