Sunday, March 9, 2008

Smooth Glide

Sunday morning got off to a rough start but ended in a smooth glide. The problem started yesterday afternoon when I just felt out of sorts. It's unusual for me and Harry noticed. His fix was for me to not cook - he'd take me out to dinner - no big plans other than I wouldn't have to cook. It was an early dinner - sort of a come-as-you-are affair. I chose a fairly new semi-upscale hamburger place near home. Food was OK but not yummy. During the night Harry felt ill and so did I in the early morning hours. We didn't get as much sleep as usual. All that added to the time change just blew me out of the water this morning. I neglected to plan and shop on Saturday so had to do that this morning. It wasn't really a challenge. I made chili, strawberry shortcake, and . . you guessed it . . green salad. We had all the usual trimmings for the chili and I made Nana Burgers for the little ones.

All the children were here today. Sarah, our mommy-to-be, is now at 8 months and growing. She has the usual aches and pains from pregnancy but otherwise she is doing really good. She has an upbeat attitude and both she and the youngest son, Buddy, are happy. OB said we can expect a big baby - at least nine pounds. Of course it's too soon to depend on that calculation but we will have a big baby. Little babies don't happen in this family.

Both grandsons are well and in rare form. We not only have a play date set for next Friday but a sleepover as well. Now don't feel sorry for me - it's my suggestion and we'll enjoy it. Also Mary and Keith need some time for themselves. Mary will have the afternoon to make ready for their night out and Saturday morning will be a sleep-in morning.

It's night, night time. Both Harry and I are tired but we can sleep late in the morning if we need to. I have a late morning routine dental appointment but otherwise the day is open. Sending prayers for a safe and happy week to my readers.


simonsays said...

You just manage to take it all in stride, don't you? I need to be more like you Mary. I'm working on it. :)

You are the greatest Grandma/Mom ever, have I ever told you I think that? Yes, I belive I have...

How lucky your kids are to have you, you even give them weekends off with their children now and then.

Hope you Monday is wonderful, and that the dentist doesn't hurt. :)

simonsays said...

And oh yes, I have to agree, TONY hates GOODYEAR. LOLOL

Mary said...

Oh, Jamie, there was a time when everything bothered me - Not anymore - it's called survival. You're a great Mom yourself. You're always there for your children through thick and thin. We'll enjoy having the boys overnight as much as their parents will enjoy being free.

I think of you in your work situation a lot and hope it changes for you soon.

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad your day turned around. You were surrounded by the people you care most about, and that's wonderful!