Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring is Trying to Break Through

Hope springs Eternal.........Miracles do happen every day. These pics were taken in my yard this afternoon. I'm no photographer, but I wanted to share these anyway.
Not a lot to say this evening. I'm tired or lazy, depending on your view. I'll surf later after I prepare dinner. Hope I find everyone well, happy and looking forward to spring.


C.A. said...

WOW! Mary you are so blessed to have that new life spring forth already. We are in the middle of 4-7 inches of snow...yes, on March 4th. UGH.

Thank you for sharing those today. I needed to see that!


AlabamaGal said...

Beautiful, Beautiful flowers!nMy sister's daffodils bloomed in Birmingham to and last weekend she sent a boquet (I never can spell that word correctly HAHA) home with my Mom.

I think you are a photographer and what lovely colors for photos. Thanks for sharing.


AlabamaGal said...

PS, I looked it up
Sorry for a few typos and spelling words wrong in my last comment.


Cheryl said...

Yup, lucky you to be in bloom already.

Nice new header. Is that your live rock?

Mary said...

Michelle, I quit worrying about spelling when I retired. I was always the kid who missed the most spelling words at school and it didn't get any better with age. I hope you're feeling better.

Cheryl, Yes, the rock is live rock. There are three small corals mounted on sea rubble, also. The red serpent star fish was the star of that picture. I liked his bright color even if he is creapy. He's about 18" from tip to tip. The kids named him Big Red. Original, right?

simonsays said...

OMG! You already have that in your yard? I am so jealous, but I do appreciate you sharing the pics, it really will be spring soon. Right?


SOUL: said...

do you watch king of queens?
these made me think of Doug--

pre-tteeee---oh sooo pre--ttteee

he cracks me up!

nice pics...
as always.
love the new header pic too.

our stupid snow is gone-- 64 degrees expected today-- woo hoo.. i like warmer, but i'll take it!!

happy humpday

happyone said...

Your flowers are so pretty and you took great photos!
Nothing flowering here yet but it won't be long now. :-)

AlabamaGal said...

I think it may be somber. From what Armando said last night about the speech he had to attend, he said it was BORING. He has to attend another speech too before the baptism which is on Saturday, I was wrong... I thought it was Sunday. Armando is Gabriel's Godfather, hence the speech attendances. I stupidly didn't bring not ONE dressy dress here despite feeling I should in my heart but Armando said No need for it so I didn't. Now we need it. I bet next time I bring one. LOL

Josie Two Shoes said...

Lovely! I wish we had flowers peaking out here, instead of dirt blowing all the dry stuff around, but I won't complain too much since it's nice and warm again today. If it could always be in the 70's - no higher/no lower - I'd be happy. Not asking for much, am I?! :-)

SOUL: said...

pssst , mary--
just so ya know--
you're slackin..
you ok?
happy thursday
(i had thurday-- but it looked like turday-- lol)

Mary said...

I'm fine, Soul. Just a busy, busy evening. I didn't have the quiet time that I usually do.

jAMiE said...

Such lovely pics, thanks for posting them...sure reminders that winters days are numbered...though its going out with a blast, we have another big storm headed our way for the weekend...i can hardly wait!