Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday Fun

Lots has happened since my last post.

Yesterday was Sarah's baby shower. One of her friends who is also a next door neighbor hosted the shower at their home. Their home is lovely and they really spent time and effort in decorating - it was beautiful. And the food - a wide variety each more delicious than the last. I'm sure there were no calories involved. Sarah's mother made a wonderful punch. I need to talk to her about that mix.
I don't think I've ever before seen so many nice gifts at one shower. Mav is going to be one well dressed baby with every luxury available for one so young. Where were all these things when I was raising babies? I know, I know - don't tell me. I raised my babies a loooonnnngggg time ago.

I ask Sarah if I could post a couple of pictures of her here. She selected the pics below. It's important that you understand just how pregnant this girl is. We're not having a five pound dainty little girl. We're having a hefty he-man boy. If you don't believe it just ask Harry Junior (aka Buddy). Sarah's due date is in early May so she still has about 6 weeks to go. It'll be a long six weeks for her.
One of the games was for each person to cut off a piece of yarn that she thought would be a measure of Sarah's present waistline. Then see who was closest by putting each piece of yarn around her. In the picture below Sarah's mom is checking the piece of yarn she cut. The hostess' mother is looking on. Sarah's mom won easily!
After all the measuring and giggling was over Sarah claimed her comfortable seat in prep for opening a mountain of gifts. Our little mother-to-be was absolutely worn out after the shower. This day will be one of her "forever memories".

While all the women were enjoying our gathering the men folk were next door grilling, watching a truck race, and whooping it up. The more things change the more they stay the same.

NASCAR just said "gentlemen start your engines" - I'm outta here.


Tee said...

Cracked me up about the NASCAR. My Hubby is watching it now and we will finish listening to it on the way to church. Personally, I think you can watch the first few laps and the last few and save a lot of time in between. LOL!

simonsays said...

It looks like a beautiful shower, and she certainly is a beautiful mother to be!

That game of yarn and waist guessing sounds pretty cool...and different from the usual. Who's idea was it?

The race is good today, don't you think?


SOUL: said...

that's what i always say when i see cool baby stuff--

"where was that when mine was little?"

even the race car grocery carts-- they didn't even have those when i coulda used one.

it's a spoiled brats world these days
ENJOY! and be glad it's a boy!!

happy sunday

Cheryl said...

Soul...if you're reading I'm laughing at your last line. And I agree!

I'm sure today was great for Sarah, even if it left her exhausted. How exciting to receive so many gifts. Things have changed so much since I had Emily 14 years ago, but we did have baby superstores. I loved seeing everything that was available to buy. So much stuff!

I'm watching the Nationals play the season opener at the new stadium. I think it's the first baseball game I've ever watched!

happyone said...

Baby showers are such fun happy times.
Sarah looks wonderful and happy and so comfortable sitting in that chair.
I bet it was hard getting out of it. :-)

jAMiE said...

She is glowing and radiant isn't she...lovely....sounds like a fun time was had by all.