Monday, March 3, 2008

Weather, Schedules, and Happy Smiles

It's Monday evening and a beautiful Monday it has been! Warm, breeze (not wind), and mostly sunny. The weather fronts are coming in from the west and are predicted to be here around midnight. Temps predicted to be 60 at midnight and near freezing by morning. That spells trouble.

Tonight I'm going to re-prioritize my "list" I lost out before the children were ill and our trip. Now I'm home and things are on even keel again. Time to get some things done. I have a BIG box to put things in for the curb. I also have a box for things to donate. Before I lost out on my routine I was doing a pretty good job. I plan to do even better this time. I absolutely hate the way my house looks - too much stuff. The little ones love it, though.

Last evening, the youngest came running from the sewing room to the kitchen with a beach towel in his hand. His eyes were sparkling and he sounded so excited. "Nana, Nana, wook what I fownd!" He found the beach towels that we brought back from Florida. We planned to give both boys a towel before they leave for the beach in a month or so. (When spring breaks are over.) Needless to say, each boy went home with his beach towel and a happy smile. Those children love the beach! It's OK that the towels were found. Maybe they'll find other treasure, too. Any suggestions?

Hope everyone is safe, sound, and happy this evening.


simonsays said...

I LOVE the new scene on your blog!

You are the best grandma ever, just in case you don't know that. But I'll bet you do, because I'll bet those little ones tell you that all the time.


Cheryl said...

We had a beautiful day here too. Tomorrow will bring lots of rain. I'll be glad to be inside working!


I thought of you tonight while listening to Sullivan play whistling and scarying his nana and poppy..his great grandparents..I'm working on the Grandma cabinet too on my mil.

hmm..suggestions for the beach?
you could have them over, and have them make their own message in the buy the kits at the store like at Target..have them paint the jars and so forth...insert a letter into it, and have them take the letters to send off when they head to the beach. Prior to that, copy the letter...and mail them a copy about amonth later from returning to the the letter's envelope have sand and some the children will think that the letters floated across the sea's and found their way back home to their own home months later. :)


Mary said...

Crusty, I absolutely love the idea of message in a bottle. I'm going to do that! Thanks for the suggestion.

Simon, That's Harry feeding the gulls from our 10th floor balcony. They surely made a lot of noise over salt free corn chips.

Cheryl, Let's just bury our heads in whatever we're doing,think about today's weather and ignore the mess that's on its way.

SOUL: said...

well, how fweet ! :))

anyhow-- i'm glad crusty came up with an idea you liked , cuz i had nuthin.

well.. nuthin but the boring beach kit-- like buckets and shovels.. but of course crusty is much more creative than i.

someone has to be :))

happy tuesday !!!

Mary said...

Soul, buckets and shovels is a good suggestion. I was stuck on floaties, sunblock, extra swimwear, etc. I completely forgot about buckets and shovels. Duh!! I guess water guns would be a bad idea but my boys always loved them. They made targets in the sand and blasted away.

SOUL: said...

water guns were good-- til computers and 1000.00 tv's came along :))

can i come for dinner???
you need to move to texas!

Mary said...

Come on down, Soul. Dinner will be at about 6 PM this evening.

SOUL: said...

oops.. i missed the invite-- maybe next time ))