Saturday, March 8, 2008

Used Up

Oldest grandson cleaning Nana's car. Rocks are left over from previous project and saved for another.

Youngest grandson extending a welcome to the snow and inviting each little snowflake to bring all its friends.

This is a Saturday when I haven't done anything practical. The boys were here for almost 45 minutes early this morning. Just long enough to let me know that there is snow outside and that they love it. The snow looked big to them but it wasn't much snow and it's almost gone now.

I really feel used up this evening. Not sick, no pain, not in a bad mood, not depressed - just tired and used up. Can't think of a thing to say so I'm just going to bed now - before dark. Tomorrow will be better. . . I hope.

Take care and my best to everyone.


Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

Aww, sorry you were feeling out of sorts. Sometimes that's just the way it is and we wait for a new day. Tomorrow will be better!

Caroline said...

Better today?

SOUL: said...

looks fun-- i think we got more snow than you did-- but it was gone the next day-- is yours gone yet?

anyhow-- must have been somethin in the air yesterday-- i felt all tired and crabby too--- today too in fact--
how bout you? hope today is good to you-- i think i'll go back to bed and try again :))