Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Day in Paradise - And Update

Our Sunday gathering was pretty quiet. Sarah and Buddy were resting after all the activity associated with the shower. Everyone else was here. I didn't cook a lot - we just had burgers with the trimmings. You'll be glad to know that the green salad was back in fine form. I also made a fresh strawberry pie. It wasn't fancy but no one went away hungry.

I've actually accomplished a lot today - for me, that is. I ran three errands, did four loads of laundry, made asparagus cheese soup for dinner, went by and checked on a friend who's under the weather, and crocheted three squares of an afghan I'm slowly working. I haven't crocheted for years and it's slow getting started again.

Harry and his golfing buddy are playing 36 holes today. They went to a rather difficult course so I bet they both come home with their tail feathers draggin' their tracks out. They take their games so seriously that you'd think every game is a tournament. I bet it will be quiet at our house tonight.

Nothing new to report from this front. I'm just being the old fart that I am - as a matter of fact I think a nap would be in order. Hope all of you are having a good Monday.


The guys just came home from the golf course. I was right. They are the two most pitiful guys in the county. Walking slooow, hair looks like a weed eater went through it, clothes obviously exposed to mud, and grins from ear to ear. It's definitely been a good day on the green.


Summer said...

Do you share your recipes? That soup sounds wonderful!

jAMiE said...

I agree, the soup sounds yummy!

Did you get a nap?

Glad the guy enjoyed themselves

happyone said...

The strawberry pie sounds delicious!!!