Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now the Real Work Begins

Busy day here in the Rocket City (Huntsville's nick-name). 225 gallons of water, aprox 200 lbs of live rock, many huge live corals, still many more small live corals, at least 6 big serpent star fish, a zillion snails, a big load of substrate sand, and fish - I don't remember how many. Everything is out of the crippled tank. Everything except the coral is in the new 480 gallon set-up. Most of the coral is in holding tanks while the filters clear the sediment from the water. Tomorrow the rest of the live rock and the coral will move to their new home. What an ordeal this has been!

Swine Flu has come to town. Schools in both city and county are closed tomorrow. We've been so busy with our noses to the grind stone that we didn't know the Flu was closer than Mexico. Says a lot about us doesn't it?

Be safe and try to avoid this outbreak.

P.S. Tee, We move the water with syphon hose and tubs. Water is syphoned into tubs to provide holding tanks for the livestock. When substrate and live rock is transferred we wait for the filtration system to clear the water and then move the livestock (coral, fish, snails, crabs, and various other critters) to the new system. Then the holding water (salt water) is a good tool to prevent greenery from growing in places where it shouldn't.

Brad, Nope nothing can cover the old tank and cabinet. It's 6 feet long, 32 inches from the wall to front, and almost 6 feet tall. It's not pretty. It couldn't even be classified as shabby chic.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello to Everyone

I haven't written in a while but trust me I haven't been on vacation! I've been overwhelmed with getting the new tanks ready to receive our live corals. Believe me, it is no simple operation. True, Harry does all the work. That leaves all the worrying to me and I cover all the bases. Tomorrow is "cut-over " day. We'll finally be able to move the coral from the damaged tank into their home.

Unfortunately, the work doesn't end there. There's still the damaged 225 gal tank, stand, and hood to have removed from the house. Then the painting, redecorating, and cussing (by me) will start. Oh dear me, when will it all end?

Do you remember that I received a cutting of the rose that bloomed in the horrible wreckage from New Orleans' Katrina disaster? The plant has almost covered the trellis that Harry built for it. It is beginning to bloom. Below is the first rose for this year. The flowers produced by this plant are so delicate and sweet - no wonder our maker chose this plant to spread hope in a storm ravaged city.

I hope to catch up reading about the things happening in my blogging friends' lives in the next day or two. Gee Whiz, I hope everyone hasn't forgotten me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

Kitty woke me up at 4 a.m. with her litter box foot in my face. My back is stiff from two days of muscle spasms. My computer is not being user friendly. James and Jesse both have a birthday party to attend this afternoon. Gathering day is shot - I won't have anyone to play with. Harry dropped the coffee pot and it shattered. (He has gone to WalMart to get another.) It's a gray morning and we're expecting rain/storms. I think I'll just hide in my bean bag and sulk.

On the bright side; Mark Martin won his first NASCAR race in 97 starts and Tony came in second. Tony has certainly matured - in a good way - in the past year or so.

That's my world. Tell me about yours.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Followed by Storms

How was Easter at your house? Ours was busy and high energy, to say the least. Menu was glazed ham, baked asparagus, whole kernel corn, and French bread rolls. Salad and veggie munchies goes without saying - that's standard. I made a simple bundt cake topped with a lime glaze. The Easter bunny hid 48 plastic eggs around the yard - each held one small piece of candy. Four children had the time of their lives finding the eggs and comparing contents of their baskets. When all eggs were found the kids sat in a circle on the driveway and ate their loot. We started the bubble machine and they had a contest to see who could "kill" the most bubbles. After the contest the kids made up a skit and acted it out. Jesse was a weather reporter. He reported that a "bubble tornado" was confirmed and everyone needed to take cover. Everyone hurried to our "safe place" and assumed the storm position as taught at school. When the "bubble tornado" was safely over the mountain the kids played on the front lawn while the grownups watched. Running, jumping, playing tag, and leap frog used the last of the sugar energy from the candy they ate. This is probably more info than anyone except family wants to read. Keith was taking pictures and I don't have them yet but they should be interesting.

We had a fierce storm last night starting around 11 p.m. and lasting until 4 a.m. I can't remember when we had a storm like this. We have no damage at our house but there are damaged homes on our street. About two miles away, where Keith and family lives, there was more damage. Their house is OK but their long privacy fence is down and there is a lot of cleanup to be done all around. We're just thankful that there were no deaths.

Work is on-going to ready the new tanks for population with live coral. We should be able to have them in operation by the first of next week but it'll be three or four weeks after that before the chemistry is balanced and the tanks ready to cruise on their own.

It's back to the grind for me. Thanks for stopping by. My best to everyone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Status of Our World

Finally we have a bright, sunny day. It's cool and we had low thirty temps last night but - at 62 degrees - it's not unpleasant.

The three new reef tanks, cabinets, and hoods are now in place. There is still a lot to do before they are ready for livestock (coral, invertebrates, fish) but at least we have control over when and how tasks are completed. I can hardly wait for everything to be completed so I can, at last, commence getting the rest of the house is a semblance of order.

Our kitty, Zennia, is both interested and cautious about the new "goings-on" around here. It's amusing to watch her explore with caution. We're not sure she is pleased with the whole operation.

As you can tell, I don't have much to blog about. When you are tied to one thing for several days/weeks it's not easy to think of new - much less - interesting things to write. I do visit blogs and occasionally comment. I think of all my blog friends and want them to all be healthy, happy, and ready to enjoy the coming warmer months. Later . . . .

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Note From "Ain't Nothin' Happ'ninville"

Sunshine is gone and storms are approaching. Looks as though we may get hail like Dallas/Ft Worth had a day or two ago. Fun, fun, fun!! Just hope no tornado.

Absolutely no progress is being made towards completion of the reef tank project. The fellow who is building the tanks and cabinets is a true craftsman but he has no idea how to schedule projects or meet deadlines. I can say that the price is right and we appreciate that. Reef tanks are expensive to set up, balance water quality, and populate. Harry is an expert so none of that falls under my job description. Meantime, we're living in what is close to bedlam. Funny how it no longer bothers me. Never did seem to rattle Harry - men, you know.

On another note: I decided to buy a couple of Vera purses, wallets, and a tote. I've been carrying the old leather coach bags, etc., left over from when I was a career gal. They were appropriate then but I'm ready for fun "stuff." I selected two separate patterns: Caffe Latte and Yellow Bird. (Not planning to use them together.) Silly, I know, but darn it all anyway - I'm tired of the heavy leather no matter how nice or practical. I plan to spring the new look on the kids this weekend. They'll think Nana has lost her ever lovin' mind.

I have a chicken pot pie in the oven for dinner. That and a salad will suffice this evening. If storms come and kill the electricity, this family will have a good meal. I really don't think that'll happen - but just in case. This mind set is what happens when you live ten years in the mountains and have to consider blizzards from late fall to mid spring. Old habits die hard.

Time to close and find a comfy place to read and wait for dinner time. If you like our menu this evening, I wish you could join us. Have a safe and happy evening.