Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Sun is Back in Sunday

Hello out there! I'm sitting at my desk and looking out the window at a strange light in the sky. Rumor has it that it's something called "SUN" . . . WOW!!! I seem to have a faint memory of the sun, but I can't be sure. :-D

Yesterday we drove to a little town in Tennessee (Lawrenceburg) about 75 miles from our house. We visited another reef enthusiast along with other members of the North Alabama Reef Club (NARC). It was a fun day but both Harry and I were pooped by the time we got back home. I was surprised that there wasn't more traffic since it is a holiday weekend.

Isn't it shocking at just how "out of line" a kitchen can get if you skip a day of cleaning? Yuck!! Guess what I did this morning. The kitchen is finally ready for cooking - if you don't look too closely, that is. Problem is: I just don't want to cook. I think today is a good day to have order in pizza, hot wings, and salad. I have cheesecake to provide any extra calories anyone might need. This menu will make the kids happy and make Harry groan. Oh well - that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'll make it up to him tomorrow.

My best to all my blog friends. Thanks for stopping by. Hope the day is a happy one for you. Hugs to everyone - Mary Ruth

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long Time - No Post . . .

Shame on me. Since we completed getting the new reef up and running things have settled down. I believe I mentioned before that the real work involved in setting up reef tanks is in the beginning. Once everything is in place, the chemistry is good, calcium reactors bubbling, skimmers cleaning the water, and lights on timers are working the rest is all down hill. The work is over. Maintenance of salt water tanks is much less complicated than fresh water.

I've been a bit under the weather for several days, too. I can't explain how tired I am for absolutely no reason. Anemia and a couple of other maladies have been ruled out. My doctor scheduled more tests for next week. Time will tell about all that but for now I'm just saying that I'm lazy - extremely lazy.

Harry played golf today for the first time in months. I went with him and rode in the cart. (Even that made me tired.) It was good to be outside in the sunshine and pleasant breeze.

As you can see - nothing is happening here. I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to a fun weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009


This post is to document some of the work and progress in building our new reef. I didn't really edit the slide shows - too many things to do. The first slide show is from the day we evacuated the old 225 gallon tank (the one with the broken braces). Please remember that I know very little about creating slide shows - and a lot of other things, too.

Here's a few pics of the new setup. I didn't include pics of the 100 gallon sump/filter, the calcium reactor, or the various lights, and timers. Just too much info and not interesting to anyone anyway.

Everything is in place in the new reef. Fish, coral, and critters seem to be content. It takes several days for things to settle in and the water to get crystal clear again. Pictures of the finished project will have to wait until then.

I have to extend my sincere thanks to Brad at Kuboto Farm for supporting me in my selection of new heat/air conditioning systems for the room. Brad, you're a true friend - Harry and I appreciate the time you and Jay took to give us your opinion of the Carrier ductless system. The local Carrier dealer will be here Wednesday morning to install.

Enough time blogging for today. When Jesse is out of school today we are going to buy 'summer shoes'. Have I mentioned that I claim the boys' sue buying - I love it!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Title?? What Title?

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day - Even you guys. Guys can have a good Mother's Day, too, if they spend it with someone they love.

My kids blessed me with remembrances today. The local children presented me with beautiful roses, gift certificate to my favorite steak house, special coffees, beautiful cards, and extra special hugs and kisses. Buddy, who is now in Wisconsin, called and told me he loves me. What more could an old woman wish for? The little ones, James and Jesse, each made the most artistic and sweet cards I've ever gotten. I only wish my scanner was working as it should so I could share them with you.

My computer must be jealous of my good day because it is behaving badly. I'm using the laptop to post. I really don't like to type on this keyboard. I surely hope everything gets back to a degree of normalcy (correct usage??) really soon.

I hope to soon be able to spend a good bit of time catching up with everyone and sharing some of my adventures. The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least.

Take care and have a great week. My best to everyone.......

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Once Upon a Time There Was a Rose . .

. . . And the rose continues to offer hope.

Today was devoted to getting an estimate for an additional heat/air system for the sunroom and then considering the pros and cons. So many decisions - so much work still undone - so little time - so much to be thankful for so I won't complain.

Because I do so want to show my blog friends what we've been working towards I'm posting an absolutely bad picture. I don't know how to set the exposure, etc, on Harry's fancy camera and mine bit the dust - so to speak.

This is two sides of the new setup. Each side is 8 feet. On the far side - near the windows - is another 4 ft 'leg'. The setup forms a "U" shape with the mechanics out of sight in the center. Aquascaping isn't complete yet. We're waiting for the livestock (coral, fish, and inverts) to settle down and become content with their new atmosphere.
Some guys are scheduled to be here on Saturday morning to remove the old tank, hood and stand. What a relief. When that's done I can finally begin to make headway. Maybe by the 4th of July things will be back in order and normal days will return to our little corner of the world.

I hope each of you is well and looking forward to a happy weekend in a couple of days. My best to my blog friends.