Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Newest Treasure

....As you already know, yesterday was an exciting day in our lives. We have a brand new grandson to love.
..............And here he is.......................our newest treasure!!
Isn’t he beautiful?
I posted his vital statistics yesterday so you know all of that or can scan back and check them out if you’d like. Mommy and daddy are on cloud nine. You should see the smiles on their faces – almost as big as the smiles on grandparents’ faces. Sarah’s parents and Harry and I were at the hospital to welcome the little guy. The other grandparents (Buddy’s mother and step-father) will meet him is a few days. It’s a beautiful world for this family.

I believe daddy will be OK. He played an active part in this miracle all the way to being at the birth and giving Baby his first bath. What a wonderful little family they make.

Sarah was ready to hold and coo to Baby Hooper as soon as she was out of recovery following the C-Section. The time waiting seemed like forever but it was just over an hour. Can't you see the love flowing from mother to baby?

Sarah is up and moving this morning. All the IV’s and various hook-ups are gone. The C-Section didn't slow her down at all. We're so happy that she’s feeling well. Baby is happy and hungry. Buddy is still beaming even after changing a bad diaper this morning. Yep, they are gonna be just fine.

Three little boys and one little girl – how perfect is that? We are truly blessed.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Report

Baby Hooper was delivered by C-Section at 7:09 this morning. He isn't large as everyone expected - 7 lbs 3 oz, 20 1/4 '' long. Everyone is doing just fine. No time for more words or pictures that will come later. Busy day.

Soul, I'll never forget your b'day. Soooooo - Happy Birthday, my friend~~~

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tomorrow Is The Day!!!!

Tomorrow is our big day. Both Buddy and Sarah are so excited. Harry described their excitement as being the same as six-year-olds on Christmas Eve. Buddy agreed. Harry and I are six-year-olds, too. As is Sarah's practice everything is planned to the last detail. She is scheduled to go into surgery prep at 7 AM; Buddy will be in the room for the birth then go with the baby to the nursery; a friend of Sarah's who is a nurse at the hospital will be with her from the time Buddy leaves surgery for the nursery until Sarah is out of recovery and taken to their room. Sarah's parents and Harry and I will just stand around and grin and wait until someone remembers we're there.

Brad, this is for you: The Seattle Aquarium is down at Pier 59 on the waterfront. It has a nice pacific reef set up as well as some other awesome exhibits. We were there in 2001 so it's been a while but I'm sure it's even better now.

Everyone, I'll be back when I can. Think happy thoughts for us and say a little prayer for Sarah and our new grandson.

Live Reefs

Someone suggested that I should re-post pictures of our reef tanks since everyone probably didn't see them earlier. A link to an earlier post with reef pictures is here. The tanks are Harry's hobby. We have a 225 gal and a 190 gal tank. The tanks are salt water live reefs meaning that there are no artificial corals in them. All the corals you see are live and growing. There is a growing community of reef keepers throughout the world. The reef keepers (reefers) in Harry's club named the club the North Alabama Reef Club (NARC). There should be a chuckle in there somewhere. The reef club meetings are for members to discuss their problem/successes and offer advice to those new to the growing hobby. They also swap/share small pieces of their coral (called frags) with other members. These corals are tank raised not wild caught. The pictures below were made recently and are of individual corals that are currently live and growing in one of our tanks. None of the pictures below have been through 'Photoshop' - this is the natural color of each live coral.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I went to a reef club meeting with Harry today. As usual, a good group of folks attended - a couple of new folks, one member who is moving away, and several of the regular members. This meeting was held at one member's house so he could show off his new reef along with the new house. As usual, a pot luck lunch was part of the ritual. I took a cheesecake and some cookies. Everyone ate, talked, swapped a few corals, and enjoyed the time with like-minded hobbyists. I was the odd man out because I know so little and have very little to contribute. I attend meetings with Harry because he says he won't go if I don't go with him.

Remember the afghan I was crocheting? Well, let me tell you the latest on that. I've been working on it while watching TV, while listening to Harry read, and while talking to folks. This afghan is worked from end to end not the usual side to side so each row is rather long in comparison to the usual. Well, the last row I worked seemed to go on for ever and ever so I spread the half finished piece out to admire my work. Somewhere along the line I quit counting. The first row of popcorn stitch had 37 popcorns. The last one had 63!! The pattern is 10 rows long then repeats. One of the very first rows had a couple of stitches added at each end then the instructions omitted those stitches for all additional rows . I neglected to note that fact. I never stopped to count or inspect my work - Just damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead! I'm starting over again. Can anyone say rippit?

Wish I had something interesting, amusing, or wise to write, but I don't. Hoping everyone who visits is having a happy weekend.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bubbles, Soccer, and Cars

I have to apologize for my tangent yesterday. When I posted that tirade I was having a cross between an anxiety attack and being just plain frustrated! (Hot, tired, thirsty, and a nervous wreck just about covers it.) When people are screaming at each other, making wild hand gestures, and cursing my nerves snap. When I'm exposed to that kind of behavior I want to hide, cry, and eat ice cream.

Today has been fun with the boys here. I needed a long session with them today to get back in my normal mode. We played bubbles, soccer, and cars in the back yard. Both boys painted with artist acrylics on canvas. Both does a really good job for his age. Though they each have a different style. I don't instruct regarding content only about how to clean brushes and how to manage the paints. I want them to develop their own style before public school teachers teach them to draw/paint a house this way and a tree that way. I view drawing and painting as two separate disciplines. We use brushes to paint without sketches or tracings and they are encouraged to mix basic colors to blend the color they want to use. We just make it a special fun time. No rules and no mistakes. Harry observed the painting this time around. He was impressed with how well each boy does and how differently they approach the process. I'm impressed with the way each expresses his independence and assumes ownership of his work.

I'm tired and still have "stuff" that has to be done before this day is closed. I may not get around to reading your blogs tonight but I'm still thinking of you and wishing everyone good health and all the good things in life. I'll be around soon.

Yes, Sarah is doing well. Only three more days to wait for the baby. She sounded in good spirits and as comfortable as is possible. Her mother was with her so I know she's well taken care of and content. Sarah's parents are really good people and such a pleasure. I'm thankful they can be here.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Smile Flipped Over

First let me remind you that I hate shopping. Now, pull up a chair, get comfy, and let me tell you about my morning. It was go gol-dang frustrating that I stopped at the grocery and bought a pint of ice cream to calm my nerves!

Harry and his golf buddy are playing their usual 36 holes today so I thought it would be an excellent time for me to do a bit of shopping that I've been putting off because - as everyone should know by now - I h-a-t-e shopping!

I felt good this morning having slept better than I have in several days. Ready to tackle this shopping trip. I can do it with a smile and a song in my heart.

I drove out the main street from our area to the Major north/south parkway through Huntsville. I needed to make a left turn to reach my destination. With no warning here I am behind a line of traffic that I thought was waiting for the turn light to be green. NOOOO - not that simple. . . The whole intersection is closed because of overpass construction and the installation of new traffic signals. Now I can only make a right turn and I'm in the wrong lane.

About 10 minutes later I manage to get turned and move into the left lane to make a left turn as soon as possible. There was a long line of cars waiting to make the same maneuver and the turn light was only allowing three cars through. Mild irritation. After four changes of light I'm still about 10 cars back. Then it happens. . . the smile flipped over and the song became a scream through clinched teeth.

Three cars up the guy decides to pull out of the turn lane. That would have been great except that he didn't look to be sure the right lane was clear. It wasn't. When the dust settled there were five cars in a tangle. I'm not involved in the tangle but there is no way for me to escape until something moves. People behind me are trying to backup and move over then someone rear ends another car. My fate is sealed no way out! I change the CD to quiet music and breathe deep. I'm still OK.

Then the other shoe falls. A big crane (or some sort of thingie) that holds a BIG drill bit to make a hole for the overpass foundation post dropped the big drill bit on one of the other construction thingies. My nerves just snapped!! Big construction men to my left screaming at each other, upset drivers to my back, mad as hell drivers to my right, police and ambulance sirens all around, and then the firetruck shows up. It was about 45 minutes later when I and the four other uninvolved cars were able to get out of our trap and be on our way.

Back to my original statement: I HATE SHOPPING.

How was your day?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunshine and Bird's Songs

We will have a new grandbaby to hold on Tuesday, 29 April. We already love him and will be so happy to meet him in person. Sarah is, once again, on bed rest and waiting. The situation calls for a C-section because of the baby's size.

Joe's leg has healed up nicely and the doctor released him. His new job begins next Monday. It's a good move for him and certainly the pay is better. Joe, we're proud of you.

Not much else news worthy here. I keep making slow progress towards a couple of goals. Sometimes I get discouraged but am determined to keep on keeping on.

I'm thawing chicken breast for dinner. How does chicken and rice sound? Maybe with a few more ingredients and maybe another dish?

Have a good day, friends. I gotta get off my duff and make a move towards accomplishing another small step towards my goal.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Not Many Words

Yesterday our gathering was small. As you probably know, Sarah is limited to movement so her day was spent at home being quiet. Tomorrow is her big day with the doctor. Another scan and exam should positively determine "the next step." Joe's leg is much, much better. His doctor appointment for follow-up is today. Another reason to be alert for phone calls this evening.

I don't have many words today so decided to share pictures of some of the flowers blooming in our yard. The first is my 'Miss Kim' lilac. This variety is reputed to be more heat resistant and therefore compatible with the summers here.

This is one of three bridal wreath shrubs. It's at the end of our storage bldg. The parent plant came from my mother's old family home.
One of the small azaleas that I planted last fall to replace a shrub that didn't survive our "Big Freeze of 2007"
Iris with another azalea in the background. I really like the color of this iris variety but I don't know the name. Again this came from the old family home.

Will write more when I can find words. Harry is going to read to me while I crochet. We have three shipments of coral to get out on FedEx this evening for overnight delivery. One hour free - starting now. Later my friends.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reading Aloud

Golly, Gee, time does pass in a blur sometimes. I did get the new 'do' which I like. Easy to keep and not too old lady looking. Joe's leg is getting better - slowly, but better. Sarah was taken of bed rest but she's still, in effect, under house arrest. Bottom line - Joe will be good as new before long, Sarah will present us with a new grandson before many days, and my hair isn't bothering me. I love it when the bottom line is all good.

Caroline, they did run the Doppler on Joe's leg. I really like the doctor who is caring for him. She's concerned and attentive but doesn't depend on scare tactics to get her point across. I'm basing my opinion on what Joe tells me about her.

Harry is manning the grill tonight. I'm a lady of leisure so far as dinner is concerned. He has a new book that we are enjoying. I was crocheting on the afghan and he was reading to me before he went to the grill. He said he'd read some more after we have dinner. Talk about contentment. I wish everyone everywhere could be enjoying their evening as much as we are.

My babies are growing up fast. Last evening I called Mary and Jesse (5 year old) answered the phone. I didn't recognize his voice at first - he sounded like a grownup. Hurry up, Sarah, the inventory of babies is getting low.

I'm going to sign off and surf your blogs while Harry is finishing up at the grill. Hope everyone is having a fun weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Never Know What a New Day Will Bring

Today the young man (high school senior) next door came over and we almost finished the front border. I'm so impressed with him - he is a worker and wants to learn everything. I'm going to have him work with me more often. His parents and siblings aren't interested in gardening and he asked if he could follow me around and ask questions. I can find lots of small jobs for him that will let him earn a few $$ while we work with the plants and talk about them.

Our oldest son, Joe, has just accepted a new job that will allow him to do some of the things he's been putting off - buying a house/condo for one thing. He has two weeks left at his present job and woke up this morning with a serious problem with one of his legs. No prior injury, no pain, low grade fever, and extreme swelling and discoloration from his ankle to the knee. He spent most of the day being tested for everything the doctor could think of and every test was normal. There's no indication of an insect bite. They gave him a couple of injections (steroids and antibiotics) and meds to take until Monday. He's home bound with his leg elevated. I believe they think he has a staph infection but don't know where it could have come from. Harry and I went over this evening to be sure he was fed and that there is plenty of 'easy' food in the house. I guess I should add that Joe is single - a confirmed bachelor. He'll get daily attention from us and the siblings until he's up and running again. Timing is NOT the best here.

Sarah is also on bed rest. She's doing really well all things considered. We're all ready for the baby boy to make an appearance.

I get a new 'do' tomorrow unless something else comes up to delay it. My hair is overdue and looks bad. It's my fault though - I'm a bad hair client. Mary tries and I know she wants to kick my butt sometimes. She's too nice to fuss at me.

It's been a tiring day and I'm up late. Tomorrow morning will come early and I'll be wanting to sleep but no dice - gotta get up and get movin' I hope to get my blogging back on track over the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well and anticipating a fun weekend. Remember to tell us about it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Facing Reality

It's a beautiful day here. Lots of sunshine, temps are just right, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the squirrel with feathers on his legs is in the birdfeeder again. Yep, I do believe that, this time, spring is here to stay.

Sarah saw her doctor yesterday and was put on bed rest. She will be re-checked again Friday. On Tuesday she will have another scan and doctor will make decisions then. I'm so thankful that her parents are here. If they were on the road driving and worrying about Sarah I would be worried sick. I guess bottom line is that Sarah stays in bed and the rest of us pray that this all goes smoothly. I really believe it will - you all know that I over react.

This week something that my father said on more than one occasion comes to mind. "It's not what you use to do that counts; it's what you can do now." I'm having to come to grips with the fact that I just can't do some of the things I did as recently as last year. (Neither can Harry but he's not ready to admit it.) It's depressing! I'll manage to get through this season and then Harry and I may need to begin to think about downsizing. We do not need a four bedroom house and rather large yard to maintain. A small patio home would be much more appropriate. While neither of us is ready for the bone yard, I believe we deserve to do the things we want to do (playdays, paint, needlework, golf (on good days), read, and light travel) and not be burdened with so many "have-to's".

Now that I've said that - tomorrow I may disavow ever thinking such a thing. But you'll know differently. I'm a tough old gal but even tough old gals get tired. Don't feel sad or sorry for me - it's progression. Progression is good.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tag! I'm It!

I was cruising blogs this morning when I found that C.A. tagged me to list seven random facts about myself. I'm going to list facts that I don't believe my readers know about me. Get ready - here's:

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I tend to weigh pros and cons and labor over decisions.
2. One thing I miss from my youth is my horses.
3. I have a collection of unicorns.
4. I tend to "think outside the box."
5. A contemporary water-side home would be my perfect setting.
6. I don't want to gamble but I like to listen and watch the 'action' at a casino.
7. I love music and dance.

I'm not tagging anyone but if you'd like to participate please do. (Let me know if you do. I'm a nosey old biddy, but you already know that.)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wild Oats to Prunes

How's my day you ask. In less than ten minutes of working in the front border my back knotted up and put an end to my plans. I talked to the lady next door and her son (high school age) will do the job for me. I'll pay him well and just be thankful that his parents expect him to earn him mad money.
This is where I stand -

I hate being old and decrepit. OK, now I've had a pity party it's time to put on my big girl panties and get on with life.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Change of Seasons

It's Sunday night and all the weekend fun is over. Boys are home certainly tucked in their beds and sleeping soundly. The big kids are all well and looking forward to another productive week. Harry has his 'other clothes' all laid out for morning - he has jury duty this week. Sarah and Harry, Jr. weren't here today - they are being quiet and waiting for a very big moment to arrive. We always miss them but understand that they need quiet time together. We didn't hear from Judy and family (in Phoenix) this weekend but trust all is well in their world.

As for me, I plan to spend the week doing a few things that a change of season always demands. My first and top priority is to clean out the front borders and make ready for new annuals in a couple of 'pockets'. Not a fun job but I know the neighbors will really appreciate my efforts. I might add that we are expecting a freeze on Tuesday night thus the delay in planting annuals.

Such is life in our world. So many things need to be done and I'm having big-time trouble trying to prioritize beyond the front borders. I do know that I have a date on Friday with two handsome princes. We're going to bake a cake and paint a canvas about spring. Something to look forward to.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Update

Didn't post yesterday and am late today. There just hasn't been much to write about.

There are several things I need and want to do but it seems that everyone of them has a hold. I refuse to do more in the yard until this last threat of frost/freeze is past. Been there, done that and it didn't work out very well. Also a bit of inside work I need to do but it will take several days and I don't want to pull everything out and then need to go back to the yard. Can anyone spell frustration?

On a happy note: Tomorrow is play day - my favorite day of the week besides Sunday Gathering Day. I ordered some speciality Lego parts that were delivered today. The boys have almost designed and built their street (in their eyes) and needed more doors and windows to complete the houses. The cars are built and in a couple of weeks they want to start the train (which in no way relates to their street). All the finished pieces are on a designated bookshelf waiting for the boys to come and rescue them. I can't believe how careful and responsible they are with these bricks.

Sarah had an appointment with her OB today. I was relieved to hear that her blood pressure is better and aside from being uncomfortable she is going well! I was so worried about her a week ago. Don't hate me, I know that I go overboard but these blips in pregnancy can be so serious. But we aren't concentrating on blips now - just waiting for the final 4 to 5 weeks to pass. We are still expecting a 8 plus pound baby boy. WaaHoooo!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It's Tuesday and already I'm ready for the weekend. Why? I have no idea - when you're retired everyday can be weekend if you want to make it that way.

There's absolutely nothing happening here except the routine stuff. My plan was to buy plants for the borders but weather gurus are expecting a freeze early next week. I've lost enough to the freak freeze we had last May - I'm waiting. In the meantime I just won't look at the sad borders. Our big dogwood tree between the driveway and the end of the house is in full bloom.

Our cherry tree was beautiful for one day. The next night we had strong wind and rain and most of the petals were blown away.

I'm really glad the bleeding heart is blooming - I was afraid it might be damaged.

I believe the world is alive after all. And that's the good news for today.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's Happen

It's Monday again. I've been a lazy daisy this morning. When I woke up the bedroom TV was on. I got interested in the program that was airing and just 'nuggled down and watched for almost an hour. I'd only been up a short while when my best friend - my next door neighbor - called to ask if I wanted to tour a house that for sale across the street from us. That was a no-brainer. I was outside in less than five minutes and ready to go. I've always liked that house and the floor plan is awesome. It has five big bedrooms, an awesome kitchen, and room for anything you'd want in a house. It needs a big family who enjoys golf. (The sixth green is just across the yard from their second story deck.) The realtor recognizes the potential for this house and priced it accordingly. It's the largest in the neighborhood and that will not be in its favor.

Sarah was suffering from cabin fever yesterday and her parents brought her over for a couple of hours. She seems to be stable for now but the edema is pretty bad and she is never comfortable. I'm so glad that her parents are here and will stay through the first week after the baby comes. Her family is very supportive and that's what she needs. She is to see her OB on Thursday for another scan and final decisions on how to handle these last weeks. Attitudes are all good and we're just waiting.

Harry finished building the arbor. I'm really proud to have it for my rose. It will take most of this growing season for the rose to cover it but I can wait. Below is a picture of the finished arbor. Notice that a Cardinal is already checking out the possibilities.

Should I put a stain on it before I start the rose climbing? As you can see it's in front of a really tall fence. That fence is around a neighbor's yard and isn't the most friendly view. I'm attempting to get landscaping in place to soften the view. The two plants to the right are Monkey Pines. The rose is laying on the ground behind the arbor.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Fever Rules

Soul, the picture below isn't my actual arbor, but it's the same pattern. Mine backs to a fence and will support a thornless climbing rose. It's large enough to hold the hummingbird feeders and also a small bench can sit inside. (My arbor is a little deeper than this one.) Rain and more rain interrupted construction.It's another cloudy morning that doesn't support an upbeat mood. I just have to shake it off, put on a smile, and make it a happy day here in our little nest. Sarah is doing OK and being a proper mommy-to-be. She doesn't complain but I know she's uncomfortable. Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers for her and the baby's well being.

I wish I had something exciting, interesting, or strange to write about but I really don't. It's called spring fever, isn't it?

Time to begin prep for gathering day. I'm really looking forward to it. The boys will chase my clouds away.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mixed Emotions Today - Updated

Another day, another project. This is one that I'm excited about. Harry has gone to Home Depot to buy the materials to build an arbor for my rose to climb on. This is the rose that's so special to me - the one that lived through Katrina's devastation in New Orleans. I was prepared to buy an arbor but one that I wanted was really, really expensive. Harry offered to build one exactly the size and design I want. Once again I'm impressed with how truly blessed I am to have a life with Harry. The arbor won't be completed today because it's not a simple design but it's "in the making."

I'm a little worried about Sarah. She began being a bit nauseous and dizzy and went to the doctor. The doctor mentioned the word pre-eclampsia. I talked to her last evening and she's spent the day laying down but still felt dizzy. She goes back to the doctor today and promised we'd get a call when her doctor made any decision about what's happening. I'm so glad that her mother and father are in town. I can't imagine how panicked they would be if they were home in Wisconsin now. I have to believe that everything will be OK - that this is just a warning for Sarah to make the next weeks/days quiet, calm, and careful. Please think good thoughts or send up a little prayer for her and the baby.


Sarah's doctor appointment went well. She's home but has to curtail activity and do nothing but rest. In other words, she is to become a lady of leisure with her pillows and lots of naps. On a serious note, she seems to be doing OK - it's just time to reign-in and wait for the little one to make last minute preparations for his entrance into mommy and daddy's arms.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At Caroline's Request

Caroline, This isn't my favorite recipe but it's the one I use for asparagus cheese soup. I've also sub'd low sodium chicken broth for the milk. I think the gang prefers that. I'm always happy to share any recipes if folks want them.

Asparagus Cheese Soup
Yield: 6 Servings

1/4 c. butter
1/4 c flour, all-purpose
1 tb salt
1 dash nutmeg, freshly grated
1 dash pepper
1/2 qt milk
20 oz asparagus; cooked, drained and diced
3 c cheese, cheddar; shredded

Grated cheddar or Parmesan

Melt butter and blend in flour, salt, nutmeg, and pepper. Gradually add milk and cook, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened. Add asparagus and Cheddar cheese and continue to stir until cheese melts.
To serve, garnish with paprika and a little more shredded Cheddar cheese or grated Parmesan cheese.

SOURCE: Southern Living Magazine, November 1972.

And now for the rest of the story: I cut the tips off of the asparagus after steaming and put the stems in processor to chunk them up. (Love my terminology?) then add the tips whole. I also add real bacon bits to the topping. I've never used Parmesan in the topping - it just didn't seem to be a good fit.

A Rhyme and More

Spring is sprung
The grass is riz
Look right there
The flowers tiz
That's something my dad sang for many years when spring happened. He loved spring. I don't know if he made up that little rhyme or if it came from somewhere else but I now sing it to the kids.
I really don't have anything to write today. I found the following on The Captain's Log. She didn't tag me, but I'm doing it anyway. It fills my blog for today.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was working and feeling very alone. I hadn’t yet met Harry (I met him 23 October 1998). I actually looked back in my journals and found a travel order (work related travel) that sent me on what we called a “Round Robin” – I flew out of Huntsville, AL to White Sands, NM; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; Washington DC; and return to Huntsville. That was a two week trip. It was just “business as usual.”

Five things on my do to list today:
1. Find someone to de-thatch our zoysia lawn.
2. Go to bank to deposit dental insurance checks
3. Price materials for rose arbor – maybe purchase
4. Make accurate measurement of bedroom – prep for paint, etc.
5. Spend some time just relaxing and spending time with Harry.

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Cheese and crackers
2. Nuts - pecans, walnuts, almonds
3. Sun chips
4. Cheese snack crackers
5. Peanut butter M&Ms

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Buy lots and lots of land
2. Give each of the four children a home debt free
3. Build healthy trust funds for the grandchildren
4. Finance the building of a wing for a Shrine Children’s Hospital dedicated to my father.
5. Travel

Five bad habits that I have:
1. Procrastinating
2. Having too many projects going at the same time
3. Not always listening as well as I should
4. I’m stubborn and outspoken
5. Sometimes I love too much

Five places I have lived:
1. Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, TN
2. Ooltewah, TN (Pronounce that if you can.)
3. New Orleans, LA
4. Church Hill, TN
5. Huntsville, AL

Five jobs I’ve had:
1. Program Manager, US Dept Agriculture
2. Stay at home mom while boys were small
3. Elementary school teacher while boys were young
4. Accountant for television station – I hated this job!!
5. United States Department of Defense – Civilian – don’t ask