Thursday, April 17, 2008

Never Know What a New Day Will Bring

Today the young man (high school senior) next door came over and we almost finished the front border. I'm so impressed with him - he is a worker and wants to learn everything. I'm going to have him work with me more often. His parents and siblings aren't interested in gardening and he asked if he could follow me around and ask questions. I can find lots of small jobs for him that will let him earn a few $$ while we work with the plants and talk about them.

Our oldest son, Joe, has just accepted a new job that will allow him to do some of the things he's been putting off - buying a house/condo for one thing. He has two weeks left at his present job and woke up this morning with a serious problem with one of his legs. No prior injury, no pain, low grade fever, and extreme swelling and discoloration from his ankle to the knee. He spent most of the day being tested for everything the doctor could think of and every test was normal. There's no indication of an insect bite. They gave him a couple of injections (steroids and antibiotics) and meds to take until Monday. He's home bound with his leg elevated. I believe they think he has a staph infection but don't know where it could have come from. Harry and I went over this evening to be sure he was fed and that there is plenty of 'easy' food in the house. I guess I should add that Joe is single - a confirmed bachelor. He'll get daily attention from us and the siblings until he's up and running again. Timing is NOT the best here.

Sarah is also on bed rest. She's doing really well all things considered. We're all ready for the baby boy to make an appearance.

I get a new 'do' tomorrow unless something else comes up to delay it. My hair is overdue and looks bad. It's my fault though - I'm a bad hair client. Mary tries and I know she wants to kick my butt sometimes. She's too nice to fuss at me.

It's been a tiring day and I'm up late. Tomorrow morning will come early and I'll be wanting to sleep but no dice - gotta get up and get movin' I hope to get my blogging back on track over the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well and anticipating a fun weekend. Remember to tell us about it.


Brad said...

Your an angel coaching that young man in gardening. Mentoring is so important. People in my 'village' saved my life. - Happy day to you Dear!

Summer said...

Did you do the hair?
Did they do a doppler on your son's leg?

Jamie said...

Oh my, the leg sounds bad, and very strange! It is so weird when something like that happens, and no apparent reason. I guess odd things like that happen alot, and we never really know why. You are such a good mom, taking care of all your kiddos like you do.

I hope today is wonderful and that you get your hair done!

Hugs. :)

Happyone said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your son's leg. Hope all goes well with that.

How nice to have your young neighbor help you out with your work. He gets to learn and you get some work done.

Have a great day and I hope you like your new haircut. :-)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you're so sweet to have someone learn the art of gardening. I do wish we lived close, I could use some help as well.

btw, thank you for the adorable comment, I wish you were here. :)

How did your hair cut turn out??

And I hope your son is better! That's really scary..maybe blood poisoning? how strange! But thankful they caught it on time.
Has he traveled out of the country within the last 6months?

Feel good, and enjoy your weekend!
my prayers to ease the time with Sarah!!