Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reading Aloud

Golly, Gee, time does pass in a blur sometimes. I did get the new 'do' which I like. Easy to keep and not too old lady looking. Joe's leg is getting better - slowly, but better. Sarah was taken of bed rest but she's still, in effect, under house arrest. Bottom line - Joe will be good as new before long, Sarah will present us with a new grandson before many days, and my hair isn't bothering me. I love it when the bottom line is all good.

Caroline, they did run the Doppler on Joe's leg. I really like the doctor who is caring for him. She's concerned and attentive but doesn't depend on scare tactics to get her point across. I'm basing my opinion on what Joe tells me about her.

Harry is manning the grill tonight. I'm a lady of leisure so far as dinner is concerned. He has a new book that we are enjoying. I was crocheting on the afghan and he was reading to me before he went to the grill. He said he'd read some more after we have dinner. Talk about contentment. I wish everyone everywhere could be enjoying their evening as much as we are.

My babies are growing up fast. Last evening I called Mary and Jesse (5 year old) answered the phone. I didn't recognize his voice at first - he sounded like a grownup. Hurry up, Sarah, the inventory of babies is getting low.

I'm going to sign off and surf your blogs while Harry is finishing up at the grill. Hope everyone is having a fun weekend.


Smocha said...

I'm about to go out ...after 5 P.M.
whooo...what a treat. lol

I'm usually in my pajamas by now.

I love it when the day is great like yours ,today.

I'm too cheap to go get a hairdo. i hacked on it myself last night. :)

Happy Saturday!

Brad said...

Content is a nice place to be. I'm glad your there. Will you post a pic of the new young'in when he comes ? Please ?

Mary said...

Hey, Smocha. Hope you're enjoying your time out after 5 P.M. I'm lucky about haircuts - Mary, my DIL, does mine when I'll let her. Before she had the grandsons she worked in one of our top solons.

Brad, I can't wait for the new little boy to get here and of course I'll post pictures and brag, brag, brag. After all, I am Nana.

Cheryl said...

HI Mary,

I'm glad to hear that Joe's strange ailment is lessening and that Sarah's off complete bed rest. Lots of things going on in your neck of the woods.

Will we get to see the new 'do'? How fortunate that you have a hairdresser in the family.

Enjoy your Sunday. I'll look forward to hearing about the day's events.

Cheryl said...

PS...I am at that Hyatt. The Orleans is across the street and it's closed! It has a sign in the window thanking their patrons for 44 years of business. Kit told me it's a real landmark. We had dinner in the Clarendon neighborhood. It's bustling around here! I'll write about it tomorrow.

Summer said...

I want to see the hair!

Your evening sounds like a dream come true for me.

Happyone said...

Glad to hear all is going smoothly with you and that you like your new hairdo.
Hope tomorrow is just as nice.