Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time Flies

I could say not much happening in our world.  I could say our world is very busy.  Somewhere in between lies the truth.  However, not much is exciting or interesting to readers.

On the other hand, we are VERY excited that I'm in physical therapy and doing great.  I knew that walking was almost impossible if the "trip" was further than the mailbox.  My first day in therapy was a shocker!  My right knee would not straighten all the way and the left knee wasn't far behind the right.  After just three therapy sessions (1 1/2 hour each) and many repetitions of on-my-own exercises I'm much improved!  I'm scheduled to be in therapy twice a week until the second week in December and at that time I expect to be released.  At the last therapy session (this past Thursday) I walked on the treadmill for just two minutes and the doctor stopped it.  He told me that I need to further strengthen the tendon that holds my kneecap to prevent possible injury if I should trip.  I have no illusions about running a marathon but I do want to play golf again.

The past three years has brought me to the conclusion that we experience much hardship in our younger years to make us strong enough for the winter of our life.  I've said before and I'll say again, "Getting old is a rough road."

Now to move on to other things.  The family is doing well.  Keith still has some healing ahead before he's 100% but he's doing well.  The grandsons are growing up and becoming more and more mature.  I miss their babiness (is that a word?) but am proud of their progress.  We certainly wish our other grandson and granddaughter were close so we could enjoy their progress.  I'm one old lady who loves babies and children. 

Harry and I haven't thought about travel since we went to Memphis for the reef trade show.  He's been building electronic monitors for the tanks and I've been watching in awe.  He buys lots of little thingies with different colored beads on long wires and little green boards with holes in them.  Somehow he turns them into functioning electronic monitors.  That's his world.  I'm just a by-stander.

Is this the point that I can say I've managed to loose more than 50 pounds over the last 6 months?  Well, I have.  Can you say new clothes?  WAAA-HOOO!  Do you know how much I hate shopping?  A LOT!  Old lady clothes are a drag and young lady clothes are out of the question.  In-between styles are just not me.  That leaves jeans, tees, and athletic shoes.  They are my comfort attire.  I have no desire to be a fashionesta. 

I haven't posted much for the past few months.  I wish I would do better and will try.  I do read blogs every morning with my first cup of coffee.  I may not say much but you are in my thoughts every day and I wish you only the very best. 

Until next time, thanks for remembering me.