Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Week Gone

Earlier today I did manage to change my header pic to one from the Opryland Hotel Atrium in Nashville, TN.  Harry and I enjoyed our time at the Ryman and in the Hotel labyrinths.  Lots to see - something new around every bend.  I tried to post a few pics but something went very wrong and I gave up.  I'll try again later.

I'm still spending hours and hours each day in my brace.  We named it The Rack.  Not fun to wear but it does give me lots of reading time.  I did really well on our trip.  I managed to walk with almost no pain and with only a slight limp.  Therapy suggested that I wear more substantial shoes and I'm trying.  I HATE the look but it makes walking more comfortable. 

The boys will be here tomorrow and we'll be so glad to see them.  I'm sure the Super Bowl will play a part in our day.  As for me, I want to listen to everything the grandboys have to say.  They are growing up.  Time moves too fast.   Both boys had all A's on their report cards.  With Space class, Robotics club, Student Council, Karate, and more friends than I can count its hard to imagine when they have time for homework.   Can you believe that elementry school has student council?  Times have changed since this old gal was a kid.  I never heard of student council until I was in high school.  Country bumpkin, that's me.

It's getting late and I gotta scoot off to bed.  Thanks for stopping by.  My best to all.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Long, Long Ago . . . . .

. . . I posted on a regular basis.  I hope I'll return to posting at least once a week.  There's just never much to write about.  Well, nothing exciting, that is.

News from the home front:  The grandsons are growing like weeds.  The oldest is now taller than me and the younger is not far behind.  All local adults are doing fine.  As for the Surprise, AZ,  daughter and her family and the Antigo, WI,  son and his family, we miss them more than a lot.  They all seem to be doing well.  Bring the family and come on home anytime, kids.

I have been in physical therapy for almost three months.  The time I was not moving around much and the meds I was taking really worked me over.  I can't tell you how much better I am.  I'm still using a decompression brace on my right leg several hours a day.  It would be a non-issue if I could sleep in it.  Some folks can but not me.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just happy to have the opportunity to try  improving myself even more.

Did you ever wake up and think you were in a whole new universe?  Did you ever try to explain a simple situation to a service representative and end up feeling like a confused fool?  Sometimes I wonder where some of those folks come from.  I know there are many really competant customer reps out there and once in a while I reach one.  It didn't happen when I contacted a company to let them know that they mis-filled my order.  It's too complicated to write but bottom line is after three rounds of shipping and returning the order still isn't correct.  It has become a joke at our house.  We're just waiting to see what the next shipment brings.  Hope springs eternal.

I read blogs every morning and look forward to hearing what's happening in everyone's life.  Sending my best to all.