Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wishing A Wonderful Thanksgiving to Everyone

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving 2009. I wish everyone a truly happy day with pause to remember the good in your lives and time to be thankful for all your blessings.

The Hooper family has many blessings bestowed this year. Buddy and his family are just getting settled in their new home. Judy and her family are celebrating the holidays in their new home. Joe, our single son, is blessed with friends and is settled with his life, Keith and his family are enjoying time together and all the wonders the boys are experiencing. Every one is looking forward to the closeness of the holidays. As for Harry and me, we have the most reason to be thankful this year. We feel close to all our children. Even though we don't see Buddy & family or Judy & family very often they are always in our thoughts and prayers. Harry and I survived the shock of my cancer and the following surgeries. It's all behind us now and we believe in a complete cure and a happy future.

Our Thanksgiving dinner will be on Sunday. Joe is cooking for Harry and me tomorrow and Keith and his family will spend Thanksgiving day with Mary's parents. I'm baking a ham and Mary will help with the side dishes for the Sunday Thanksgiving. The menu isn't as important as sharing the time and concentrating on the positive in our lives.

Can you tell that I'm feeling really humble today? The holidays do that to me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Big Girl Day

Today, for the first time in over 10 months, I got to be the big girl in charge. I drove Harry to and from a medical procedure otherwise known as a colonoscopy. It was done at the outpatient surgery center which is a large facility affiliated with the Huntsville Hospital. Everything went well for him.

While I was waiting (3 hours) I had the chance to people watch. It was an experience that's not for the faint hearted. I didn't see a lot of happy faces but I certainly observed some strange behavior.

A woman with both a computer and a cell phone talked - loud - nonstop while "clicking" her computer without stop. What do I know about this woman? She's "only a heartbeat away from her doctorate." She thinks there are too many kids in special ed - "they (the kids) just need firm discipline." Her partner, who is having shoulder surgery, is very jealous of her intellect and complains all the time. As soon as she gets her doctorate and a good job she's going to move out of his house. (In my opinion, he will be the winner when that happens.)

Woman sitting behind me was snoring and sleep mumbling. She must have had a lively time last evening - she reeked of alcohol. (I moved as soon as a chair was vacant.)

A middle aged woman with blond tousled hair, a large designer bag, jeans rolled up to her calf, 3 inch heels, and a bright red hoodie was having trouble with her lipstick. She wiped it off and reapplied it at least four times.

The only interesting person I saw was a very attractive young lady who had cornrows that extended into several braids. The braids had pheasant feathers woven in and were gathered into an interesting chignon at the nape of her neck. She seemed relaxed and at peace with herself. I would have liked to talk to her but she was too far away.

I feel like I spent the time watching people in a zoo. Do you think that maybe I've been home too long to be allowed in public? I do.

Later, my friends.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Sindows Weven"

Thursday night - yet another week almost gone. It seems that the weeks fly by and I accomplish nothing noticeable. Things are getting better day by day.

Yesterday Harry had an appointment that took him away for the house for a little while. Before he left he told me that I needed to be ready to answer the door because FedEx was delivering a package that someone had to sign for. He frequently has aquarium supplies shipped directly here so I saw nothing unusual in that.

FedEx did make a delivery and asked me to sign. I glanced at the receiving screen (on FedEx guy's electronic delivery gizmo) and saw that I was signing for two boxes. Two boxes were delivered - I signed - FedEx guy thanked me and left. I didn't check to see where the boxes were from nor to whom they were addressed. After a couple of hours I noticed that the boxes were from Dell and they were addressed to ME! Yep, Harry bought a new "big girl" computer for me.

The computer that I'd been using had been a real stinker for two or three months and no one seemed to be able to correct the problem. Harry told me that he hated how rough this summer was for me and he wanted to do something special for me. A new computer was that "something." I don't know what I did to deserve this man but I'm really fortunate that he puts up with my whining.

I can't describe the new computer except that it is new, dust free, and scoots along like a charm. We were discussing the computer after Harry drank a couple or three beers to relax for the evening. With a straight face he asked me how I liked the new "Sindows Weven." We both just cracked up. I guess his day was pretty tiring. "Sindows Weven" it will always be to us.

Gotta rest up 'cause tomorrow is a new day. One never knows what might happen next. I want to be ready.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Soup

About mid week (last week) I decided that I could take responsibility for our evening meal and all went well. I only prepared simple things that didn't take much work and it kept us from starving. This afternoon I was feeling spunky. The cleaning lady had just left and I had a clean from top to bottom kitchen to work in. There is where this story begins - -

Feeling that I am ready to take over the world, I made a cherry cobbler. It came out of the oven looking almost decent. Next I began working on a recipe that I've been wanting to make for several weeks. There are several steps to this dish but none are complicated. Without further ado let me ask a question. Does anyone out there know just how far a can of mushroom soup mixed with half a can of hot water can spread when it's dropped? It can cover a kitchen chair (with turned legs), a kitchen table leg (turned leg, too), the side of the refrig, at least half of the newly cleaned floor, and one whole leg of your jeans. I hurried to clean the mess before Harry saw it. I didn't want him to think I couldn't manage dinner. Lucky for me I had more mushroom soup and the dish is now baking. I threw the recipe in the trash. Even if it's wonderful I'll never make it again. What an evening!! Old farts - like me - should never feel spunky.

Other than the above it's been a good day. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your evening.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's a Big Sunny Day

Yesterday's heavy rain from the latest tropical storm moved out of the area and today is a happy sunshine day. As one of the grandsons says, "It's a big sunny day."

I'm making plans to re-work/redesign the layout of my coral tank. A couple of reef keepers gifted me with awesome coral frags (coral babies) during my treatment. The frags have been resting on the sand bed (at the bottom of my tank) waiting for me to settle them into permanent 'homes' on my reef. With Harry's help I think that will happen next week. Picture of before and after? I'll try.

Lucky me, I miscalculated the number of weeks I'll have cleaning ladies come to take care of our house. They will be here for a couple more weeks. I bought a package deal and that gave me three more weeks of service than if I just went on a weekly basis. WaaaHoooooo!! I'll certainly miss them but all things must end.

Today I'm going to the grocery for a major buying spree. I have a 20% off coupon for my entire purchase PLUS today is senior citizen day discount of 5%. Both will apply. I know that I'll come home and fall flat on my face but our pantry, freezer, and refrig will be well stocked. The treat cabinet will be in pretty good shape, too. I might add that I'll be flat broke but who cares. It's only $$.

Enough of my ramble. Gotta get goin' if I want to keep the day on track. Thanks for stopping by. See ya later.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Too Late to Think of a Title

Several days (weeks??) ago I received this award from Soul. I am just now able to upload the graphic. Sometimes old farts need remedial training. Anyway, I'm very proud of receiving the award. Thank you bushels and more.I wish I knew something exciting to blog about but, alas, I don't. Nothing ever happens in my world - at least nothing very interesting. The big event in my life this past week was beginning my five years of medication with Arimidex.

The children were here today for gathering day. It was our oldest son's (Joe) birthday. He has reached the age that he prefers not to discuss his age. How old do you think that makes me feel? I must be old as dirt.

Harry brought a new (to us) shopping web site to my attention this morning. I enjoyed window/screen shopping for a while this morning. I thought some of you might like to check it out. It's called The Find. We've never bought from this site (Harry only found it this morning.) but it is interesting.

On that note I have a date with the sandman. I hope he doesn't stand me up tonight. Last night he was a no-show.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sunshine and Falling Leaves

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . I woke up with Mr. Rogers' theme song in my head. It has been just that kind of day for me. It is, in fact, a beautiful day.

Yesterday I drove myself to my dental appointment. It certainly seemed strange to be driving. I bet I get over that real soon, don't you agree? Dentist said my teeth were just fine - no damage. That was a relief. All my life I've had a recurring nightmare that my teeth are falling out. Silly, right?

My computer faces a window that looks out at our back yard. The ground is almost covered with brown, yellow and orange leaves. I know that they came from out trees but when I look up at the branches it doesn't look possible that the leaves on the ground came from these trees. We don't rake leaves. Instead we mulch and bag them then put them onto a compost pile. Simple and effective. Yeah, sure! I don't have to do the job so it's easy for me.

I still have burns that aren't healed but on the bright side - my energy seems to be coming back really fast. This morning Harry warned, "Don't wear yourself out today" as he was heading out to do several errands. I'm doing 'sit down' jobs today. Sorting pictures, filing clippings that have piled up, etc. I'm trying to be good.

My best to everyone. Until later . . .