Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pet Scan and Atavan

This morning was PET scan day. Oncologist will give me the results this coming Monday. They use Atavan as their "I don't give a hoot" medication. I really don't give a hoot!! I'm going to bed. See Ya later.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danger - Grasshopper Mind at Work

It's been a while since I wrote. I've worked in the garden borders every day. Not long at a time, mind you, but long enough to use me up for each day. I'm so close to the end that I can see it from here. Whew - what a job for an old woman.

Yesterday Harry caught me moving rock with the wheelbarrow. He explained to me, in no uncertain terms, that HE would move rocks. I really wasn't overdoing and the rocks were small but he put the wheelbarrow away. I'll have him finish that job in a day or two. I bought most of the final plants today. Everything I buy is permanent. If I can carry this through, future maintenance on the borders will be very easy.

Soul, Joe is fishing - for the most part - in the creek that runs behind Keith's house. (The creek empties into the Tennessee River about three miles south.) He catches some pretty big bass and (he says) giant blue gill. (Blue Gill aren't his target.) The bass are beginning to bite again. For a while they were "on bed" and wouldn't show interest. Jesse has reserved the right to teach me to fish after school is out. That will be something to see!!! I'll be a good sport and try to learn.

It's cool and windy here today. I'm not working outside because the wind makes it feel cold. We were spared damage from the terrible storms that did so much damage in LA, MS, and AL. One never knows, though, when a tornado could hit here. We're in tornado country.

The lilac just outside the window in front of my computer is in bloom. I love the fragrance of lilacs. Isn't that an old woman thing? Someone told me that it is. I enjoy lavender, too, and have it in my garden.

My grasshopper mind is jumping around. Sorry about that. More later. Meantime, take care and visit me again. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First things first. This is Mr. Gump in the container ready to depart for his new home. He is a serpent star. They have long legs and a round body. Not like the starfish shells you see in souvenir shops. I was late getting a pic so this is the best I could do. I did measure one of his legs a couple of weeks ago - 21 inches. He couldn't really stretch all the way out because with five legs his diameter would have been (21"+21"+3" (his body)) 45". That's a rough measure but, in any case, he was just too large for our tanks. He will have a far better life at Wetlands Edge. We appreciate them for accepting him.

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with this facility. I only wish that every school system could support a class room like this. Instructor Marc Slate teaches classes from K-12 with subject matter designed to the level of each class. Various research projects are also conducted here by local college students and, I'm sure, others. In addition to the classrooms and labs (where we held our meeting) there are diverse ecosystems included in this environmental facility. The web site is: if you'd like to visit it.

I'm posting a video of just a few pictures we made at the center. Marc's lecture was really interesting and the children were still and listening. That speaks volumes to me! I don't know when I've ever listened to someone who could keep the attention of adults AND young children.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Week-End Plans

I can't be sure but I believe my blog header is in malfunction mode. It seems to go from the unbalanced pic (which I've never fixed) to all black. Oh well, if nothing worse than this happens it'll be a good life. I'll check on this little issue another time.

We have a new - central heat/air conditioning system. Expensive but necessary. So far we really are happy with both the unit and the company we bought from. Because of the reef tanks, we tended to have high humidity in the house. This problem had been resolved by a free standing humidifier. We've moved up a notch. There is a dehumidifying system incorporated into the new unit. We're ready for the upcoming hot, humid weather. . . I hope!

Tomorrow we are going to a reef club meeting. James and Jesse are going with us. It will be a new experience for the boys. After the meeting we'll eat out at a "big restaurant." (As the boys call anything other than fast food places.)

The meeting is being held at a place called "Wetlands' Edge" which is a complement to the public education system in the county adjoining ours. Wetlands' has been gracious in allowing our club to meet in their big building (which is a hands-on class room) featuring both fresh and salt water and swamp inhabitants. There are several "hands-on" displays for kids and aquariums with many, many unusual creatures. They also have a large nature trail but I don't think we'll go out there. High school students from area schools conduct various research projects here - some are pretty complex. It's an interesting place and an honor to be allowed to hold the meeting there.

We have a HUGE green brittle star fish named Forrest Gump. Forrest has grown much too large for our reef tank. We intend to take him to contribute to the Wetlands' large indoor salt water pool. Other reef club members are encouraged to take contributions from their systems to the facility.

I'll try to take pics to post if they allow picture taking in the building. I don't know why it wouldn't be allowed, but you never know.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your company. Until later, take care.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kitty is Waiting for FedEx

It's official - Our central unit died. It didn't just die a little bit. It died all the way! A new one will be installed this Friday. It was a shock to the ole check book but what-cha-gonna-do? All is well that ends well.

Our cat absolutely loves cardboard. She won't sleep in a kitty bed but just give her a plain old box and she's in business. Here she is just outside the sunroom door waiting for the FedEx pickup.

As you can tell. there's nothing exciting happening here.

Monday, April 5, 2010

This is a sorry excuse for a video of yesterday's egg hunt/football game. We had seven kids, parents, and visitors. The kids were very excited. I was so proud to see that the older ones helped the younger kids. Even the youngest was included in the football game. Our backyard was alive with the voices, laughs, and shouts of happy children, proud fathers, and a very happy Papa. Moms and Nana retreated to the comfort of soft seats and good conversation complete with funny kid stories.

NOTE: The "football game" is a version made up by Keith. They use a soft football and the playing field is small. No one gets tackled or hit.

Harry grilled steaks, Mary made the salad and veggies, I baked potatoes and rolls. Joe cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. I was on vacation.

Today is another matter. Lots to do and I'm too lazy to move. Gotta force myself into action.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Plans and Wishes

Saturday evening and still much to be done. Tomorrow promises to be a busy, fun day. The Easter Bunny will scatter 106 eggs all around our yard. After everyone eats the children will try to find them. There will be seven kids from 7 to 4. Four boys and three girls. I made a personalized bag for each child so they can keep up with the eggs they find. By the time dinner is over, all the eggs found, and leftovers stored away the old farts will be ready for bed. Let me hasten to say that the old farts are the ones who planned this gala.

We wish every one a blessed Easter complete with peace and contentment.