Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quiet Day and a Link

Nothing new in our world.  It will be a quiet Sunday in Old Fart Land.  this is one of the few times that Gathering Day is not going to happen.  Mary is not feeling well and Jesse is tired and has a low grade fever.   We all need a quiet day to overcome the past couple of weeks.  Everyone is going into his/her "hidey-hole" and spend time recouping. 

Harry is just about over the effects of his surgery.  He only had about four days of being sore and a bit out-of-sorts.  I'm happy to report that's all past.  We are ready to resume a somewhat normal (for us) routine after we have "quiet day."

Our son, Joe, forwarded the following site to me.  Harry and I have enjoyed playing with it.  I thought I'd attach a link for you.  It took 20 or less questions to identify everyone I could think of.  This genie's guesser is good!   (I know that it's just a huge data base but it's still just a bit awesome.)

That's it for now.  Let the lazy day officially begin.  I hope each and everyone of you is having the day you'd most wish for.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Times

I haven't blogged for a few days - several to be sure.  It's been a busy time here at the old farts' household.

Over this past weekend we attended a reef trade show near Nashville, Tennessee.   Anyone ever hear of Antioch, Tennessee?  That's where the trade show was held. 

We rushed home in order to get ready for Harry's surgery on Monday.  Everything went just fine - fine for surgery, that is.  The surgery did slow him down but he is feeling better this afternoon. 

The two local grandsons were worried about what was going to happen to Papa.  On Sunday afternoon they sat side by side in Papa's deck chair and questioned me about what was going to happen.  They asked if they could come visit Papa on Tuesday.  Of course they were welcome.  

On Tuesday the Mary brought the boys by after school.  They quickly saw that Papa was going to be OK.  James, the youngest, asked what "they did with Papa's gallbladder."  I told him that the doctor sent the gallbladder to the lab for testing to be sure nothing was wrong and that Papa didn't need more treatment.  The tests were all OK.  With the most serious expression and the widest eyes James asked, "Are they going to put it back?"   I love children and their logic.   Bless their hearts, the boys were worried about Papa.

In case you noticed the picture change at the header of my blog . . . this is a different coral than the one pictured before.  Color is about all they have in common.

Gotta get dinner out of the oven and move forward with our afternoon and evening.   Take care and visit soon.  Thanks.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good News and Happy Times

It is still winter at our house.  A warm-up with rain is due at the first of the week.  If we believe the weather person the temps will be too warm to allow the rain to freeze.  Time will tell.

I hadn't mentioned on the blog that I had to have yet another needle biopsy.  There were a few tense days but it all ended well.  The lump is benign and not at all apt to turn malignant.  What a relief.  I finally complained enough about feeling weak and tired all the time until my medical doctor decided the problem wasn't my cancer meds after all.  He ran a long lists of tests and found that my thyroid was being really, really lazy.  I'm now taking meds for that and feel like I can climb a mountain.  I know that I can't but I really do feel good.

Schools here were dismissed all week.  The kids made the most of the snow and enjoyed every minute.  It is about to come to an end - and high time, I say.  Jesse is bruised in several places (knees, elbows, and shins) from sled wrecks.  He showed me one of his bruised knees.  I asked what happened to make a big bruise.  He said, "Well, the sled was going fast and I saw I was going to go airborne and land in the creek so I rolled off and hit a stump."  I asked how he realized what was about to happen.  He told me that the mother of one of the kids was riding a sled and did just that.  She landed "way out in the creek among rocks."  With that I just let the subject drop.  Talk about parents setting examples. . .

I've begun reading again.  I just finished "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."  There are two more books in the series but I think I'll skip them.  The book started slow but built after the first chapters.  All in all it's a fairly good book but just not my favorite genre.  I'm not going to buy any more books until I get my Kindle.  I believe it will be a good choice for me. I'll also get the light so I can read in bed and not disturb Harry.  I love the idea.  Once upon a lifetime (pre 2000) I read in bed every night.  Also, the Kindle will make it easy for me to carry my book/s with me when we go to reef meetings/sales. 

Time to fold up the ole blog and get on with something else.  Later, my friends.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter in the South

It is official.  Global warming is gonna get us all.   This morning when I woke up and looked outside what was the first thing that I saw?  SNOW FALLING.  Can you imagine that!!  Having spent time in what some consider "Snow Country" it is no mystery to me.  However, some folks who have never seen this snow stay on the ground this long are intimidated by it all. 

I'm drinking my last cup of ginger tea.  After the coffee pot is empty I turn to tea.  My favorite is ginger.  Trip to the "ginger tea store" is on the list for tomorrow.  Truth be known, we wouldn't have to go to the grocery for another week. 

The boys came for a little while today.  They played in the snow all day yesterday.  Jesse was eager to watch the snow-boarding competition and other sports TV.  Mary took James to the golf course to ride the sled.  He made a few runs down the long slope and was ready to come back inside.  Their school is closed again tomorrow and they plan to spend part of the day here.  I need the diversion and am looking forward to it.

When the snow fell it covered our bird feeders.  Harry took a simple cardboard box lid out and set it on the snow in front the window where my computer sets.  He filled it almost to the top with birdseed.  I've really enjoyed watching the many birds come and go. A squirrel is also enjoying the feast. 

Such is the state of our household in this winter wonderland.  Have a cup of ginger tea and stay warm.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Street Dressed in Snow

Snow on our street.  Courtesy of Harry.  I didn't want to get dressed because my fluffy pick jammies and fuzzy pink stripe socks are warm and comfy.

Winter Wonderland

Snow???  Yes, a honest-to-goodness snow!!!  Emergency weather reported  8 inches of snow.  Harry thinks it's less here at our house and I believe he's correct.  We are well prepared for staying home even though we don't have to.  Main roads have been plowed.  We would only have about three blocks of real snow/ice to drive over.  Enough about the weather.

For a time I lost interest in reading but that has past.  I'm making a priority list and deciding if I should to buy books, a Kindle, or rely on the library.  The Huntsville Public Library is located on the other side of town.  We do have a branch really close but it doesn't always work well for me.  If I have a book held, the due date is 7 days with no renewal.  That's because someone else has usually requested a hold.  No time to really digest the book and re-read parts that are interesting/meaningful to me.  I guess I am spoiled and cranky but I don't want to feel pressure attached to my leisure time.

Gathering day was fun.  I baked a pork loin and had peas and corn.  It was simple but no one went hungry.  Afterwards some of us enjoyed an episode of Funniest Videos.  Others - namely Uncle Joe (our oldest) and Jesse played a video game that captured Jesse's interest.  Both little ones were excited because of the winter storm warning and the fact that school was cancelled for today.  Pictures of sleding, snowmen, and snowball fights were dancing through their heads.  They did not wake up to disappointment.

Time to wrap up this post and move along with the day.  As usual, thanks for visiting.  Ya'll come back, ya hear.  Hope you are well and happy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Morning Mail

Here I again.  Man, I'm gettin' good at this bloggin' thing.  Not much to blog about but here I am anyway.

I'm sitting at my keyboard chuckling about my morning mail/deliveries.  I received a Fit and Strong workout DVD for the over 60 crowd.  About an hour later, Harry brought me my one piece of mail for the day - a Victoria's Secret catalog.  Hmmmmm - Talk about two far ends of the spectrum this is it.  Can't you just picture it:  An old fart in a wild Victoria's Secret get-up, joints popping and creaking, flopping (I no longer jiggle) around while trying to keep up with the over 60 crowd DVD?  Lordy, lordy ain't life grand!!!

I'm taking Harry out to eat this evening.  He's been working on tank maintenance most of the day and I know he's tired.  Remember we have a total of five saltwater tanks (total over 700 gallons). The tanks are pretty much "stand alone"  (other than daily adding water to replace evaporation) but big maintenance days do come along on a regular basis.  This was one of those.  Do you think Outback would be a good choice.  Yep, I do, too.

Cheryl, the coral in the header pic does look like a fluffy blanket.  If you touch it, though, it retracts all the fluffy little polyps for a little while.  Most corals will do that.  I have three yellow corals and three purple/blue clams that set the theme for my tank. 

It's time for me to think about moving on to a couple of things that I still need to do today and get ready to go out to dinner.  Until later,  take care. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fiji Leather Coral and Floor Drains

Hello to everyone.  Once again I'm sitting at the keyboard trying to think of something worthy of a blog.  I could blog about the state the house is in - messy, none too clean, and boarding on "just move out and leave it."  That would only depress me and make me feel guilty.  Not gonna do that.  Let me think a minute more . . . .

The new picture at the top of my blog is the Fiji Yellow Leather coral which is the centerpiece in my salt water reef.  It has at least doubled in size since Harry bought it for me in April, 2009.  It has grown pretty fast for a coral.  The color is accurate - a soft, fluffy yellow.  That explains that.

At dinner yesterday, we (the gang) were talking about houses and what amenities we'd want in a new house.  (or something to that effect).  I declared that should I ever be fortunate enough to build another house there would be tile floors and a floor drain in every room with connection to water.  Just think of being able to hook up a hose and spray floors clean.  I think that would be neat - no mop and clean floors.   Many years ago, when I was a teenager and living with my parents, we had a mud/pump house room with a floor drain .  The drain had a screw on cap which completely closed the top.  To clean the floor one just removed the cap, attached a hose with a spray nozzle to the laundry sink, turned on the water, and pointed the nozzle.  A real quick squeegee, replace the cap, and move on with your day.  I still think my dad had great ideas.  Sometime I'll blog about his most wonderful (in my opinion) shop.  It was truly unique.

I made a quick round of blogs and sat here for far too long.  It is almost noon and I still am wearing my robe.  Gotta get a move on.  My best to everyone. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year Begins

We waved good bye to 2010 and filed our happy memories for reflection.   We are thankful that we have reached yet another new year. A year that promises many happy times and peaceful moments.  Let the new year begin! 

Harry and I have no set plans for the new year.  For the most part, we'll just play the year as it comes.  We do have a short trip planned to Nashville, TN, in mid January so there is that to think about.  It's been two years since we had a real vacation.  We've been attending to health issues here at home.  I hope we can have a real vacation soon.  Where??  No plans except that I'd still love to do the trip to Biltmore House and the slow leisurely drive up the east coast.   Time will tell if we can do that.  We're also hoping that our out-of-town kids can visit this year.  Fingers crossed for that to happen.

We're having a cloudy rainy New Year Day.  The temps are predicted to dip to freezing early this evening.  The weather gurus aren't predicting ice and I hope they are correct.  Snow - in small doses - is OK but ice is certainly not a welcome event.   

As you can probably see, nothing exciting is happening here.  Just two old farts feeling thankful, enjoying being together this first day of 2011, and looking forward to the new year.

Thanks for stopping by.  Visit again when you can.  Our best to everyone.