Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bright and Peaceful

It's a sunny morning; it's an open the windows morning; it's a fall sky morning; it's a Gathering Day morning. In a word - it's a perfect morning. I've read the paper, listened to Harry's chosen TV program while I balanced my checkbook for this month, and had a conversation with kitty. Let the games begin!!

As you can surmise by reading the above paragraph, I'm in a good mood and ready for this day.

I've been processed and ready for radiation to begin on Wednesday. I didn't realize how much prep is necessary for this stage of treatment. I've been marked, taped, had a small tattoo, and a mold made to place me in the same position for each and every treatment. I've been invited to accept a free makeover to give my morale a boost. Not that my morale needs a boost. Harry and I have no hesitation or apprehension about the next seven weeks. It's on with the show. I have a long reading list and intend to spend my down time reading - trips to the downtown library will be my big adventure.

I wish that I had something exciting to write about but I don't. Give us a bit of time we'll try to fix that issue. I haven't forgotten that I'm holding Harry's IOU for a trip. . . . . now let me think . . . . .hmmmmmmmm . . . . . I'll get back to you on that one.

Later, friends. Meantime enjoy every minute. Find many occasions to laugh if only just for the joy of laughing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Check List and Other Stuff

Surgery One - Complete
Surgery Two - Complete
Healing - Complete
Mapping Radiation - Scheduled for 21 August
Radiation - Begins 26 August - Duration 7 Weeks.

So far, so good. I get tired but some of that is caused by cabin fever. Nothing permanent wrong with my health.

OK, that's out of the way. Now on to better subjects.

Both the boys LOVE school. Jesse's word is "Awesome" - James' is "Wonderful" Jessie is fond of recess and James loves eating in the lunch room. All is well on that front.

Jesse came to play after school yesterday and we had a good time. Papa played hide and seek with him. He and I watched a neat movie staring Dustin Hoffman. It was about an old man who ran a magic toy store. I asked about homework but Jesse said that he was waiting for James to get home from music so they could study at the same time. When James came in (after music) he was really upbeat. He played a "hard song" solo and didn't make a mistake. They left with hugs and kisses for Nana and Papa and with happy chatter. They were looking forward to a big dinner of red fish (that's what they call salmon).

One of my long time friends is having her daughter's wedding this Saturday evening. There will be 300+ guests. I told her that we'd try to be there but I think we'll stay home and wait for the video. I don't think I feel up to shaking hands, smiling, and spreading sunshine on a bunch of strangers who don't give a flip about an old worn out woman. I know everyone will be nice and I'd enjoy the event under different circumstances. Getting to be an old hermit, aren't I?

Being an old hermit means that I have very little of interest to share with you so I think that I'll just call it a night and go hug my pillow. (Harry's already asleep or I would hug him.)

Good Night and God Bless

Friday, August 7, 2009

Title? What Title?

I did it - I have a 12 week agreement with a well established cleaning service. This service has been a long-time agency in this area and has an exceptional track record. In some ways it makes me feel guilty to pay someone to clean my house and even a bit ashamed that there's so much dust to clean. Not guilty and ashamed enough to keep me from looking forward to having a clean house once again. I believe at the end of 12 weeks I should be able to manage the house.

We have a new family living across the street. The couple who owned the house moved to a smaller place when their 4 children left home. The house was on the market for several months. I think we will really enjoy having the young family in the neighborhood. They have three children (7, 5, & 3) - two girls and a little boy. Potential playmates.

James was my playmate this afternoon. I wouldn't give up my time with the boys for anything. It won't be long before they are busy with their friends and individual interests. I know they'll always love me but I'll cease to be a viable playmate. Does it make me sad? Yes, a little.

Kitty is "licking-up" for bedtime, Harry is finishing up some computer work and will go beddie-bye before long. Guess it's time for this old gal to wind down the day. Night-night to everyone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facing Reality and Laughing

I may as well admit it - don't want to - gonna do it anyway. I'm admitting that I just can't manage to do the things necessary to keep this house in half-way presentable order. Harry is already doing most of the cooking, dishes, and laundry. He's also doing the daily cleaning and dressing my as yet unhealed surgical site. By the time evening is here he is worn out. It isn't fair to put the total load of this house, the yard, the reefs, and his business on his plate. Where is this going? Well, I've finally faced the fact that I need to have a cleaning service take care of the house for the short term at least. I have an 11 a.m. appointment with the first candidate for the job tomorrow morning. Let's hope she doesn't run screaming to her car. It would be embarrassing if the neighbors saw that.

Many years ago the occasion arose that I needed to learn to use a stop watch in order to time line workers. I practiced by timing every chore that I did around the house. It's an experience that I didn't enjoy and had forgotten about until I found my practice sheets among some old school papers. In 1985 I could strip a bed, put on clean sheets and pillowcases, and totally dress the bed in 8 minutes 15 seconds. Today, just for comparison, I timed myself putting on a bottom sheet, top sheet, and 3 pillow cases. Just under 14 minutes. A cleaning service seems to be my solution - at least for the next two or three months. As a side note: Those times, recorded so long ago, are in the trash. No reason to beat myself up. I'm not a young chick anymore.

I hope I don't sound depressed because I'm certainly not. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling better every day. I had Jesse with me yesterday afternoon and James will be here tomorrow. I love having playmates. We can giggle and plan the next school year which begins next Monday morning.

The new picture (above) was made yesterday. It's a Yellow Leather soft coral which grows in Fiji. It's my current favorite coral and its home is my reef tank.

That's it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful evening.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Today: Clear blue sky, bright sun, lush grass, humidity somewhere around 500; just a typical day during the dog days of summer. On the inside looking out it's a beautiful day and inside with air conditioning is where I prefer to spend these days. From my vantage point the birds and chipmunks are love'n nature's steam bath.

I haven't mentioned our reefs for a while. The new set-ups are fully operational. Harry's are doing great and my smaller reef is coming along. Harry's reefs are high-end coral that grow for really experienced reef keepers. My reef has smaller, easier to grow 'stuff' which is as it should be. I have to admit that I do little to care for my tank because all the new tanks are connected to the same water/filtration system which Harry maintains. I'll try to make new pictures and post them later in the week.

Nothing new and exciting in our world. Harry and I have settled into a daily routine that's quiet and slow - for the most part. I have cabin fever - better days are ahead, though, and we're looking forward to making them more interesting. To that end, I believe it's time for me to move away from this keyboard and get into the day's routine.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Do one fun thing or have a big belly laugh today. And when you do, think of me. My best to everyone.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Been A While . .

. . since I posted. I imagine that everyone has forgotten me. It's only natural. I'm still here, though, and promising myself that I will post more often.

I'm still waiting for the second surgery to heal completely. When that happens I'll begin radiation. Healing has been slow and I'm learning to be patient. Maybe that's the lesson I was meant to learn from all this. For the most part, I intend to take the cancer issue out of my blog. It doesn't make for happy writing or reading. I'll be just fine during treatment and sometime around the end of October I'm sure I'll be able to post an all clear message.

Sunday gatherings are still on-going. Last weekend my doctor asked me to come in to see him on Sunday and I was afraid we'd not have a gathering. As you might guess, the kids sacrificed their Saturday afternoon to move gathering day to Saturday. Below is a video of the kind of action we have here on gathering day. On this particular day, Keith drove his off-road jeep so the boys could ride to Nana's in style. After watching the race that afternoon here's what happened:

Of course the kids came from third place to win the race!

Speaking of James and Jesse. How do you think two fine young men would solve a neighbor's problem with a loud tree frog? Bottom line: Everyone involved is lucky the boys had an environment kit that was tree frog friendly. They even caught a cricket for the frog's dinner. They brought it to show Nana and Papa what a tree frog looks like and explain that the little pads on his feet were there to let him stick to whatever he lands on. Nana is extremely thankful that there was no occasion to witness the jumping and sticking.That's all for now. If anyone stops by - thanks for remembering me and my crazy blog.