Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Been A While . .

. . since I posted. I imagine that everyone has forgotten me. It's only natural. I'm still here, though, and promising myself that I will post more often.

I'm still waiting for the second surgery to heal completely. When that happens I'll begin radiation. Healing has been slow and I'm learning to be patient. Maybe that's the lesson I was meant to learn from all this. For the most part, I intend to take the cancer issue out of my blog. It doesn't make for happy writing or reading. I'll be just fine during treatment and sometime around the end of October I'm sure I'll be able to post an all clear message.

Sunday gatherings are still on-going. Last weekend my doctor asked me to come in to see him on Sunday and I was afraid we'd not have a gathering. As you might guess, the kids sacrificed their Saturday afternoon to move gathering day to Saturday. Below is a video of the kind of action we have here on gathering day. On this particular day, Keith drove his off-road jeep so the boys could ride to Nana's in style. After watching the race that afternoon here's what happened:

Of course the kids came from third place to win the race!

Speaking of James and Jesse. How do you think two fine young men would solve a neighbor's problem with a loud tree frog? Bottom line: Everyone involved is lucky the boys had an environment kit that was tree frog friendly. They even caught a cricket for the frog's dinner. They brought it to show Nana and Papa what a tree frog looks like and explain that the little pads on his feet were there to let him stick to whatever he lands on. Nana is extremely thankful that there was no occasion to witness the jumping and sticking.That's all for now. If anyone stops by - thanks for remembering me and my crazy blog.


Anonymous said...

Mary Ruth: Glad your getting back into action kid. Great video of the boys, as usual the handsome Mr. Hooper does a good job with his consil to the boys. Loved the frog they really taste like chicken??? Take care sweet pea. my best to all....Ricky

Robbin said...

We bloggers are a strange bunch you know, we stick together through thick and thin so don't worry about being forgotten, that will never happen. Take care of yourself and know we are here for you always.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Could never forget you, Mary! I'm so glad that you're feeling better and better as each day passes. LOL, boys and their frogs! My granddaughter (7) also likes to catch frogs and then catch something for them to eat! The ones she catches aren't any bigger than my fingernail! God Bless and take care....Keep smilin'.

Cheryl said...

I love frogs and haven't seen one in a while. I remember seeing them all over the place on my honeymoon in Bermuda. LOUD!

You could go away for a year and you wouldn't be forgotten. Don't even think about going away, though. You're a very important member of our community.

The family gatherings sure are nice and I know you cherish the closeness you have with your kids and grandkids.

Are you enjoying the new reef set-up? Everything settled down there and running smooth? That must be so nice to watch.

Tee said...

No, I haven't forgotten you. I stop by every few days to check for an updated post. Glad to hear you are doing well health wise. Sounds like life is returning to normal for you with all the activity with family. What is it with kids and frogs? LOL!

Mary said...

Ricky, The boys send a big "Howdy" They were in rare form today. I managed to prepare pulled pork for sandwiches today and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Wish you could have been here. I love you my California nephew!

Mary said...

Robbin, When I start to have a pity party I think of you and how brave and steadfast you were. It sets an example for me.

I know you're enjoying your new home. It's beautiful there. Take care my friend.

Mary said...

Val, Kids love frogs - it's almost universal. This is the biggest tree frog I ever saw. I'm so glad that the boys turned him back to the wild.

Thanks for remembering me. It means a lot to know that my blog friends are still here. Have a good week.

Mary said...

Cheryl, I'm not going away but there may be times in the next several weeks that I don't post. It depends on how kind treatments are to me.

Yes, frogs are loud and I believe that tree frogs are the loudest. A few years ago there was a tiny tree frog living in the fig tree outside my bedroom window. I knew his 'song' well.

Summer said...

Thinking about you and glad to hear you are doing well.

Smocha said...

Glad you are on the mend. I have also been a neglectful blogger /commenter.....the family was home.

Glad that frog didn't get too close to you. :)

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to see that you had a post up! You are missed and thought of daily. With all the prayers and love coming your way I just know that the healing and radiation will progress smoothly and that you'll be up and running strong before Christmas! I am so glad you have a loving husband to walk this road with you. Patience, I've learned, is the art of concealing your impatience! :-)

happyone said...

Nice to see you posting and glad you are feeling well enough to have the family gathering!
I've always liked frogs myself and used to see them all the time in my yard at the old house. Even had a little house for them.
Could never forget you Mary!
Enjoy your day.