Friday, August 7, 2009

Title? What Title?

I did it - I have a 12 week agreement with a well established cleaning service. This service has been a long-time agency in this area and has an exceptional track record. In some ways it makes me feel guilty to pay someone to clean my house and even a bit ashamed that there's so much dust to clean. Not guilty and ashamed enough to keep me from looking forward to having a clean house once again. I believe at the end of 12 weeks I should be able to manage the house.

We have a new family living across the street. The couple who owned the house moved to a smaller place when their 4 children left home. The house was on the market for several months. I think we will really enjoy having the young family in the neighborhood. They have three children (7, 5, & 3) - two girls and a little boy. Potential playmates.

James was my playmate this afternoon. I wouldn't give up my time with the boys for anything. It won't be long before they are busy with their friends and individual interests. I know they'll always love me but I'll cease to be a viable playmate. Does it make me sad? Yes, a little.

Kitty is "licking-up" for bedtime, Harry is finishing up some computer work and will go beddie-bye before long. Guess it's time for this old gal to wind down the day. Night-night to everyone.


Cheryl said...

I'm officially jealous of your cleaning arrangement but very happy for you. One less thing to have on your mind.

We have new neighbors with 2 little girls. I really like having little ones in the cul de sac again.

Enjoy your weekend!

happyone said...

Glad you got things worked out with the cleaning service and you enjoyed the day with James. :-)

Tee said...

Good for you! I would love to have a cleaning service, but I'm just too tight to hire one. LOL. I think more than a cleaning service, I would rather have a cook, because I HATE to cook and grocery shop.

Brad said...

Please try and relax/enjoy having some one "do for you" I'm guessing no one is going to look at you sideways. I'm sure you've done more than your share for years now. If it really bugs you, take Harry to lunch while the folks are there cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ruth: Great new photo on the Pathways page. Glad to see that your up and runin again girl.Must be nice to hire a cleaning crew that speaks english. Thats a novelty here in the San Diego area. Guess I'll just keep doin my own cleaning. Thank God for leaf ya kido...Ricky

SOUL said...

don't feel bad about the cleaning service-- sometimes it's just necessary. it's alright. enjoy it for a while. you deserve it! (i do know how it feels to have to let go a little... it's not easy.)

the viable playmate thing? i know that hurts too-- it hurt me just reading it--- but ya know what-- as long as you have breath in you-- you are viable to those boys-- you can read, paint rocks-- you are the most imaginative , wonderful gramma i know in the world--- you will come up with somethin to do-- even if its in bed-- k?

don't give up LBF.
i'll come out there and make you dust those little polka dot wings right off eh? :))

call me if ya want.

ps-- i'm back.
miss you