Monday, July 19, 2010

The Handsome Prince Was Out Of Town

Here I am. I didn't disappear. It has been a no news, nothing happening time for this old fart.

An update on our little vegetarian (ref: prior post). It's all over. Salad is good but it gets old after a couple of days. Yesterday James ate a big ham slice and a chicken tender. The boys' eating habits are back to normal.

I don't believe I posted that the boys and their dad built a frog habitat in their back yard. For some reason they think it is a good idea. Saturday evening/night their family visited their friends who live near a large spring/pond. Bottom line: The activity for the evening was to go to the water and catch frogs for the habitat - bull frogs, that is. Picture this. Daddy's friend, Mike, pulling an inflatable boat/raft with James, Jesse, and his 13 year old daughter across the pond. Mike is wearing waders and boots. His job is to catch the frogs and pass them to the kids in the boat. Keith's job is to "spot" the frogs with a flashlight so Mike can catch them. Mary and Janise, Mike's wife, were on the other side of the pond making noise (laughing like teenagers) to make the frogs go to the quiet side of the pond. (I wasn't there but this is the picture Mary and the boys painted in my mind. I think it's pretty accurate.) Anyway they caught some BIG frogs.

I think the pictures will tell the story. Note that The 13 year old kissed her frog and the frog didn't have the decency to turn into a handsome prince. I couldn't get the pics to show in the order that I wanted to. You'll just have to read the above paragraph and figure it out. Sorry about that.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bringing My Life Up-To-Date

Anything new since my last post? Not a lot. Well, maybe a little bit.

My biopsy came back good. No cancer. Now that's big!! We can breathe easy for three more months.

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a little point and shot camera. Now I can "shoot" to my heart's content without being afraid that I'll break something on Harry's fancy-smancy DSL with all the lenses. He never complained but I would really feel bad if I damaged his camera. I bought a Sony Cyber-Shot because it was on sale and looked simple. Then I read the User's Handbook. Simple??? Hmmmmm. It's this way, if I should happen to break this camera, it won't be a big loss.

Last week our 6 year-old grandson, James, decided that he was going to be a vegetarian. He came to that decision after watching a cooking show about cooking quail and/or dove. It was shocking to learn that we eat birds. Chickens, beef, and pork (any meat) are all off limits in James' mind. Anyway, last Sunday he announced that he no longer eats meat of any kind. The roast beef was no longer part of his diet. We all smiled, though, when he announced that he'd like gravy on his potatoes.

This Sunday Harry is cooking chicken and Boston butt on the grill. James has decided that he can eat his "special piece" of chicken that Papa always cooks for him. Somehow that won't violate his new lifestyle. The rest of us will just bare our teeth and dig in. Now that I have a "simple" cheap camera maybe I'll remember to take pics to share.

There are several projects coming together in my mind and I have one in progress. Progress has been on hold due to the biopsy and the record setting hot weather. Next week is a new week - we'll see what happens then.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful July 4th. Be safe, have fun, and don't eat too much.