Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half of Report

Lab report on lymph nodes is negative. The doctor hasn't gotten the report on margins of removed tissue as of 4:45 today. In any case, having the negative report on lymph nodes is wonderful news. I see the surgeon tomorrow morning. I'm sure there'll be a final report then.

I'm really, really tired this evening. Thanks for caring. Will try to post a better blog tomorrow.

Hugs to everyone along with loving thoughts

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday and No Lab Report

Monday is almost history and my final lab work wasn't ready today. It should be in the doctor's office tomorrow. I really feel like it will be clear. Until it's in black and white on an official lab report I'll still be waiting.

I can't believe how good I feel today. I'm sore and don't have a truck load of energy but I don't feel drained either. There was a breeze here this morning and I sat outside in my favorite lawn chair and just enjoyed the fresh air.

Harry worked all day long getting the back yard back into shape. He trimmed bushes, shrubs, pulled weeds, and all the other stuff that goes into a major cleanup. Our back yard hasn't had much attention this summer. I knew he was just worn out and I didn't feel like I had enough energy to cook so I took him out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. It's close to the house and we went before the evening crowd. Now we're both really tired - and full, too. I didn't eat any really spicy food so I think I'll be OK.

We didn't cook yesterday, either. The kids did come by and spend some time and it felt good to get those little hugs and kisses - and the big ones, too, for that matter. No matter what I'm still the luckiest old gal in the whole wide world.

Rest time. My best to everyone.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Million Thanks to My Family and Friends

Hello my family and friends;

Have I ever told all of you how much you mean to me and my recovery? Well let me tell you now. I'm positive that your prayers and well wishes were heard and helped to assure a good report for me. As Harry said the cancer was removed via a lumpectomy and the mass in the right breast (benign) was also removed. The sentinel lymph node at my left arm was also removed and appeared clear. We will have the final report on the node and the margin on the tissue containing the cancer either late Monday or early Tuesday.

I'm tired but relatively pain free. Meds take care of that. I am beginning to get little messages from the "Kingdom of the Lymph" I understand that may be with me for a while. Aggravating but small stuff when compared to what might have been.

Harry is a good nurse. I think I'll keep him - after all I do love him.

It's back to bed for me. Again thank you all a million times over for your concern, prayers, and support.

Mary Ruth

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Progress Report on Mary Ruth

Guess what, Good News.
Her surgery today lasted about 1:45. The doctor told me that everything went normally and just as he expected. He removed the area that was cancerous and also the lump from the other breast. He took sample tissue from the lymph (sp) node and it appeared to be normal from a visual reference. All this will undergo lab analysis and we will know the results on Monday.
She is at home now. When we got here she wanted water. She had water and a pimento cheese sandwich. She took her prescribed pain medication as a precaution, took a potty break, changed to her night clothes, and went to bed. She is resting somewhat comfortably.
She wanted me to especially thank all of you folks for the prayers, thoughts, and good wishes that you have sent her way. Stay tuned for updates from the ole gal herself!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Day Before Tomorrow

At last it's the day before tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I finally go to surgery. It seems - to me at least - that it has been a long time getting here. In truth my medical team has moved very fast. For that I'm thankful.

I'm tired beyond belief but I'm not in pain and I'm not depressed. I see no reason to 'awfulize' (a term I picked up from someone I used to work with) this situation. It will pass.

I asked Harry to please post for me following surgery. He decided he'd like to make his blog a comment to my post because he already knows how to do that. So, for the folks that follow my blog: You should see a comment to this post sometime tomorrow evening.

I probably won't post again until after my adventure into surgery but I will be back. I just bet that I'll have stories to tell!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time Moves Slowly When I'm Waiting

Sunday night and the world is sleeping - all except me, that is. Tomorrow I go to the hospital lab to have my pre-surgery lab work completed. Will the lab work, testing, and waiting never end? Of course it will but waiting is never easy for me. I have no energy so I just sit and look at what I need to be doing. I want to get this show on the road and get it behind me.

Sunday gathering happened today and both out of town kids called to wish Harry a happy Father's Day and to ask how I'm doing. It was really good to hear from them and know they are doing well. The little fellows were really sweet to Papa (Harry) and brought him golf tees and a six pack of "adult beverage" (beer). He also has a gift card for his favorite steak house. All in all it was a good day. Oh I forgot to say that Harry cooked a wonderful meal today. James said that Papa's baked chicken breast was the best ever! Jesse's plate spoke for him.

Soul tagged me for this MEME. Here it is:

What makes me happy are these twelve things:
1) Time spent playing and talking with my grandchildren
2) Knowing that I have a loving husband who I love dearly
3) A clean house would make me happy if I had one
4) The quiet time when I can breathe deep and center myself
5) The love and support I feel from my family and friends
6) The smell of fresh air after a rain
7) The open road that leads to new and interesting places
8) Listening to a whippoorwill (Do you know what that is?)
9) Reading a good book
10) Sunsets on the beach
11) Mountain Streams
12) You, my blogging friends, make me very happy

I'm not going to tag anyone but I'd be interested in hearing what makes you happy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Latest Scoop

For the latest scoop on my latest adventure read on - - -

I've been scanned, x-rayed, needled, taped, interviewed (at least 50 times), filled out reams of forms - even told the truth on most of them - and met lots of new folks. I have a team. They are all there to take care of me and I intend to keep them busy. So has been my world for the past week. On Monday I have pre-surgery lab work. If the latest (today's) MRI is considered "OK" - by whom I don't know - surgery will be on Thursday, June 25.

Best case is that I'll have four weeks to heal followed by 35 radiation treatments over a 7 week period. No Chemo involved. If there are "bad cells" in nodes, I'll have chemo followed by radiation. I am just rejecting the idea that there will be "bad cells" and am counting about 12 weeks until this is all a memory. I'm sure some of the memories will be bad but a lot will be good. I'll hold the good memories and release the bad. Meantime, I'm tired. I'm headed for the couch and a nap while Harry cooks.

My best to one and all

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News From My House

I’m facing one of the things none of us ever want to face. But I hasten to say that I’m choosing to face it straight on and in a positive manner. This is a post that I know Harry probably thinks I should not publish but I feel strongly that I should. I have been given the opportunity to face a challenge and hopefully overcome all the obstacles. Perhaps someone will read this and remember that they should call today and schedule any and all medical tests and/or exams that they have been avoiding or delaying for what ever reason.

I didn’t avoid or delay my mammograms. A routine, scheduled appointment found that I have a small infiltrating carcinoma in one breast and a benign papillary lesion in the other. I’m lucky that the problems were found early. The carcinoma (cancer) is small and we hope well contained. At this point my surgeon hopes to remove the mass and check lymph nodes to be sure they are clear. The final decision will be made when the margins of the mass are examined as well as the lymph node. I don’t look forward the necessary follow-up treatments but I’ll do whatever is necessary.

I have a PET scan scheduled for later this week and following that final decisions will be made and time tables set. I’m ready to get on with this process, get it over with, and move on to something more pleasant. After all, folks, I'm holding Harry's IOU for a trip.

I’m in good spirits as is the rest of the family. My life isn’t on hold. As a matter of fact I was told that the test for cancer was a definite positive on Friday. We had James and Jesse for a sleepover that night. It was a big night of movies, snacks, giggles, tickles, story telling, and after midnight a good night’s sleep. Jesse explained that he wanted to stay up all night and that midnight is the end of the night because after that it’s a.m. and that means morning. Children’s logic continues to amaze me.

Please include me in your prayers, if you are inclined to pray. If not, think good thoughts for me. I truly feel that the outcome of all this will be positive. I intend to do all I can to make it so.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a Small Bump in the Highway of Life

Gee, time does fly doesn't it? Gathering Days are still the highlight of my week; the days I have individual play time with the grandsons are wonderful fun; our reefs are past all the real work and are in cruising mode; the landscaper finally completed the borders along the sides and front of our house; all our children are doing well and enjoying their lives - what more can anyone ask for. Harry and I are two lucky old farts.

We truly are living a blessed life. But even among the blessings there are issues that have to be dealt with. Those things promise to take most of my time and energy for the next two or three weeks. Yes, I'm in the process of having a health problem evaluated and plans made to deal with it. One of my symptoms is being completely washed-out tired. Some days it's just too much effort to move from room to room. Other days I feel almost normal. I have an excellent medical team. I'm in good spirits and not depressed.

In order to use the little energy that I have to my best advantage I'm taking a break from this blog. I'll continue to read and probably comment from time to time. Also, when I have a firm diagnosis I will post here. I'll remember each of my blog friends and picture you having a wonderful summer with friends and family. Hey, take dream vacations and post about them so I can enjoy with you.

My best to everyone
Mary Ruth