Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time Moves Slowly When I'm Waiting

Sunday night and the world is sleeping - all except me, that is. Tomorrow I go to the hospital lab to have my pre-surgery lab work completed. Will the lab work, testing, and waiting never end? Of course it will but waiting is never easy for me. I have no energy so I just sit and look at what I need to be doing. I want to get this show on the road and get it behind me.

Sunday gathering happened today and both out of town kids called to wish Harry a happy Father's Day and to ask how I'm doing. It was really good to hear from them and know they are doing well. The little fellows were really sweet to Papa (Harry) and brought him golf tees and a six pack of "adult beverage" (beer). He also has a gift card for his favorite steak house. All in all it was a good day. Oh I forgot to say that Harry cooked a wonderful meal today. James said that Papa's baked chicken breast was the best ever! Jesse's plate spoke for him.

Soul tagged me for this MEME. Here it is:

What makes me happy are these twelve things:
1) Time spent playing and talking with my grandchildren
2) Knowing that I have a loving husband who I love dearly
3) A clean house would make me happy if I had one
4) The quiet time when I can breathe deep and center myself
5) The love and support I feel from my family and friends
6) The smell of fresh air after a rain
7) The open road that leads to new and interesting places
8) Listening to a whippoorwill (Do you know what that is?)
9) Reading a good book
10) Sunsets on the beach
11) Mountain Streams
12) You, my blogging friends, make me very happy

I'm not going to tag anyone but I'd be interested in hearing what makes you happy.


SOUL said...

i like this-- and i do know what a whippoorwill is. your happiness is achievable-- if not achieved... i also know that true happiness doesn't cost anything.
and i know i love you , my LBF.. i am praying for you still; for a -- excuse my terminology...speedy recovery in every way. (i was gonna say somethin else-- then i lost it, and that came out. didn't sound as bad as my first thought--which was good-- but sounded bad.. just cuz i'm me.
so anyhow--- kudos to harry for cookin... he's tryin mary-- that's a start. and that's why ya love the ole coot.
sorry-- just had to say it.
and yes-- waiting does suck. i hope time passes quickly and you get your answers soon.
keep me posted eh?

happyone said...

I pray all things go well for you today - I will be thinking of you.

I'll play along and list 12 things that make me happy.

Tee said...

I think the waiting and anticipating is worse that the actual surgery. I'll continue to pray.

Things that make me happy:

My husband praying over us.

Quite evening at home.

Groceries bought and put up.

SOUL said...

i just came by to say hi and hope you are doin ok today-

Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary Ruth: Things that bring me joy and happiness is having you for my aunt,your home made bisquets and cooking. The sounds of kids laughing and playing. Hugs from my granddaughters. My wife of 42 years and family. My dog King and a fresh bag of M&M's along with a fresh bag of Cheetoes. But most importantly knowing that you will be just fine. Love ya kid , Ricky

Anonymous said...

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