Friday, June 26, 2009

A Million Thanks to My Family and Friends

Hello my family and friends;

Have I ever told all of you how much you mean to me and my recovery? Well let me tell you now. I'm positive that your prayers and well wishes were heard and helped to assure a good report for me. As Harry said the cancer was removed via a lumpectomy and the mass in the right breast (benign) was also removed. The sentinel lymph node at my left arm was also removed and appeared clear. We will have the final report on the node and the margin on the tissue containing the cancer either late Monday or early Tuesday.

I'm tired but relatively pain free. Meds take care of that. I am beginning to get little messages from the "Kingdom of the Lymph" I understand that may be with me for a while. Aggravating but small stuff when compared to what might have been.

Harry is a good nurse. I think I'll keep him - after all I do love him.

It's back to bed for me. Again thank you all a million times over for your concern, prayers, and support.

Mary Ruth


Robbin said...

So glad things went well and you are doing good. That's the best news I've heard all day!

SOUL said...

so happy to hear from you and hear you sound so good. i know the pain is no fun.. but it does subside-- eventually. take care and get all the rest rest you can.

tell harry thanks!


happyone said...

So happy that things worked out well for you. Nice to see you posting so soon. :-)
The power of prayer is awesome!!

Tee said...

Good husbands are hard to find, hang on to him! I'm sure keeping mine.

Glad your pain level is relatively low. Better life through chemistry. Continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Yes your words sound strong and optimistic. I am rooting for you and thinking of you. It's wonderfully healing to just put yourself in he hands of those who wish you the best. Harry is great. Take those pain meds and keep relaxing, this too shall pass.

Big hug...Sue.

Anonymous said...

Auny Mary Ruth: I could not have said it any better than the comments of the kids on your blog. I never thought for a second that the out come would be anything but good for you kid. As I mentioned before you will recieve positive additional good news on your test results Mon. or Tues. Zero doubt,enjoy the service from others and the long overdue rest you deserve and need.It would be my pleasure to be there to wait on you.truley an honor indeed...Happy to know that you are just about back in the Ricky

Summer said...

I love good news. Especially yours.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the fantabulous news. Been thinking about you all the time. Good to see that you are up and moving enough to post. I'm sure 'Pa' is a great nurse. Ask him to paint your toenails for you... he did that for me when I was little and wasn't feeling good.
Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Mary Ruth: Should Harry decide to paint your toe nails for you, you may want to select the color.. you may also want to mention to him that he use a small brush instead of a spray can..Ricky

H@rry said...

I always use Krylon Industrial Tough Coat Acrylic Enamel. I buy it by the case.

Anonymous said...

Harry: you may want to return the one case of Army green paint for some nice red or pink. Dont forget the drop cloth and masking items......Ricky

Cheryl said...

Waiting to hear the final word. Hope it's today and early.