Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hurried Note

It's late on this the last day of November, 2008. The past week has been wonderful. Everyone under one roof at the same time. Much more to be thankful for than I could write in a whole day.
I'm much too tired to spend time uploading pics and writing. I promise to post several of the almost 200 pics from the week along with a couple of stories that I think you'll enjoy.
I've been fighting the asthma 'thing' all week and am going back to my doctor tomorrow morning.
Just want everyone to know that I'm thinking of you and that I haven't disappeared.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nana's House

No time for words - just passing along pics for other family and anyone else who might be interested.

Baby Hooper with Mommy (Sarah), Daddy (Buddy) and Cousin Maddie (Visiting from Phoenix)

Loadin the horse (Rick - Maddie's Daddy) - Jesse, James, Maddie and Dottie (stuffed doggie)
Trip underway. Maddie's Mommy (Judy) and James and Jessie's Mommy (Mary) watching the horse 'gallop' into the sunset. Well, sort of.
The party is in full swing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Mission accomplished - well, I still have to clean the kitchen while I'm cooking tomorrow. That's no biggie. It's the most convenient time - while I'm waiting for the oven to "do its thing."

I'm going to an early morning bake sale (8 AM) and Harry will leave for Nashville around 11. I'm staying home. The car doesn't have enough room for four adults, an 18 month-old with her seat, and all the stuff they are traveling with. This is their first family trip aboard an aircraft and I suspect it will be memorable in more ways than one. We will be so happy to see them.


The little kid toys are cleaned, sorted and waiting for eager hands. The grownup games are higher on the shelf but ready for action when the time is right.

The easel with a white board and a blackboard is standing tall and braced for action. I cleaned the white board but James wanted to demonstrate his ability to make 2's. I decided to let them stand. A neighbor is down sizing and decided she didn't need to keep her well used bumper pool/poker/gaming table. It's now at my house just waiting for whatever happens next. It'll be a good extra eating table if games don't work out. The remote car's batteries are down and the charger is lacking some part (or broken). Maybe it'll look interesting enough to at least one of the kids for them to tell us what we need to buy to make it drivable again. This little car is one fast cookie.
. . . . . And last but not least. The snack cabinet is stocked. Don't tell me, let me guess. You spotted the almost empty cookie bin. It's for "flying saucers" (Vanilla Wafers) which I will buy while I'm on my bake sale run in the morning. Also, there is fodder for restocking the shelves - remember, we are having big kids/adults, too. Gotta keep them happy and sweet. I might add that the rules are still in effect for the little kids. Treats AFTER eating regular meals and then only an alloted amount.
Have I forgotten anything? Beds are fresh and clean - so are towels. Bathrooms ready for action. The master bath is a mess - but a clean mess. I hope to have it finished by Christmas.
I don't know how often I'll post for the next few days. Maybe everyday and maybe very little. But I won't forget my buddies and I'll be back as a regular soon.

New Development

Tomorrow is the big day! Judy and family are flying from Phoenix into Nashville, TN. Harry will pick them up in the afternoon when they arrive. They will be here late in the day and we'll be waiting with open arms. Let the fun begin.

I'm pretty much ready. Yesterday I went to a mega bake sale and will go to another early tomorrow. Both are being done by large churches and have loads of good stuff. I'm depending on the sales to take care of at least some of the cooking. Harry is doing a big barbecue one day and I'll 'do' Thanksgiving dinner. The rest will fall in place. No hassle, no fuss, no worry.

I finally went to my doctor last evening. This crud just seemed to be getting worse. Breathing was beginning to be a bit of a problem. No fever, not feeling sick, no pain except the usual, and no other symptoms except coughing and feeling that I wasn't getting enough air. I was shocked speechless when the doctor told me I was having a significant asthma attack. This is a new development. No one in my family ever had asthma and I'm really not familiar with it. Doctor said to just take the meds and get through the next two weeks. I should be significantly better by tomorrow. After that we'll do tests (whatever that means) to determine the cause and future treatment (if any is indicated). I ain't gonna Google this - I'd probably just lay down, moan, and groan if I did. As it is I feel fine.

The good news is that this is in no way a threat to anyone else. Based on the doctor it's not something the children or anyone else will 'catch'.

I'll post as much as I can during the next few days but I will think of you and pray that you are well and enjoying the first holiday of the season. I'll say in advance that I'm thankful for each of you, my blogging buddies.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post in a Rush

I can't believe I've let my blog get so far behind. Here it is Wednesday already!

To catch up in few words:

I've been busy doing the things I must so I'll be in order for the holidays.

I'm almost caught up to my plan of action.

It's cold here in Hometown, USA - much colder than usual.

Galloping Crud (what I call these combo respiratory/stomach virus thingies) is clearing up nicely but it's been a pain in - well, various places.

I have an exciting two weeks ahead beginning with Judy and family arriving on Saturday.

I miss you, my friends. Please don't forget me. I think of you all and hope all is well in your corners of the world.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me

Day late and a dollar short, as usual. C.A. tagged me with the following meme:

7 Weird Things about Me....
Which 7 should I tell you about? Hmmm. . . get ready. . .

1. I have a strange allergy to chocolate. It inebriates me - Yep, it affects me the way alcohol affects most folks. In other words, I'm a cheap drunk.

2. I hate to shop. Isn't that weird for someone who loves clothes and pretty things?

3. I like fruit yogurt as a dip for chips. It's the salty and sweet thing, I think.

4. Going to the dentist gives me nightmares. My dentist knows and I never have to face the ordeal without gas. Strangely - or lucky for me, I have sound strong teeth.

5. I prefer to be barefoot at home. Shoes are nice but they're for goin' places - not stayin' home.

6. I rarely sleep in the same place a full night. I tend to move from bed to sofa and back to bed. I carry my pillow with me.

7. I don't like rabbits. Yes, cute little bunnies almost turn my stomach. Strange but true. I'm not afraid of them - I just can't bear to think of touching one or having it touch me.

This doesn't look very good in print. I'm a weirdo! Please be my friend anyway.

I'm not tagging you but if you feel led to reveal your inner secrets let me know. I'd like to think I'm not the only strange person out here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

You Might be a Redneck if - - -

James went with me to re-stock the treat cabinet late today. Jesse went to music class and wasn't here to go with us. (Jesse went with me the time before.) James is a good shopper - he doesn't miss a thing. He also knows that you don't buy Pringles at the grocery - you go to Dollar General for them. Way to go, kid! We also waited until we got to Dollar General to buy flying saucers (vanilla wafers).

I'm still fighting the allergy 'thing' and wishing for a hard freeze to help clear the air. When James and I came out of the grocery I saw two women pointing at my car, shaking their heads, and laughing. Here's what they were pointing at:

You might be a redneck if you drive to the grocery with yard litter on your hood.

Enough said. Good night to all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Allergies are the Pits

I haven't abandoned my blog. I've been a bit under the weather, so to speak, this week. Nothing serious just what is probably caused by my being outdoors most of the weekend and the pollen in the air. Fall is my favorite time of year but it's also the time allergies raise their ugly heads.

I'm going to bed as soon as I visit a few of my regular blogging buddies and promise to do better tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthdays Past

Harry shot some of the cutest pictures of kids at the boy's combo birthday party this past Saturday. I won't post any of them because parents haven't given be permission to do so. (I haven't asked and probably won't.)

This is James making his plan of attack on the treasure chest pinata. This is serious business, as you can tell. Jesse was more into making the opening of the treasure chest fun. I think he thought that as long as the kids only tapped it the fun would last longer.
All the kids lined up and had the opportunity to strike the treasure chest three times. All the kids had a turn. Mary's father supervised the "Attack of the Treasure Chest" and made it super fun for all the kids AND parents, who were watching.

This was Baby Hooper's first party and he really wasn't amused by all the noise and movement. After watching from Mommy's arms for a while he warmed up to the idea. This child is already six months old and growing fast. Do you think that maybe, just maybe Mommy is proud of her not so little bundle? Do you think we all are proud of him? You bet we are!!

I made a small cake for each birthday boy and decorated them with molded candies with just a little bit of piping. (Because they blow out candles, I make decorated cup cakes to serve the party goers. Germs, you know. A couple of years ago an attending mom pointed that out to me.) This is the cakes and some of the cup cakes. The leaves on the table are also molded candies.

The cake decorating tools and candy molds are all stored away for now. I may mold a few candies for Christmas - I haven't decided yet. Next birthday is Baby Hooper's. You can bet that I'll have them out again 'round about that time.

Gotta get busy doing something productive. Well, maybe I will. See ya later.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lonesome Sunday

It's just Harry and me today. Keith's family is worn out from yesterday's birthday bash, Buddy had to work so they were here for a while after the birthday bash yesterday afternoon, Joe decided to come by tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm going to cook his favorite meal - it's his favorite birthday present. No sunshine, no kids, just two old farts making the best of this day.

I could write about the Big Birthday Bash. It was yesterday afternoon at the Green Mountain Nature Trail pavilion to celebrate both James and Jesse's birthdays. There were 29 children, plus siblings and parents. I've never seen so many kids all having fun together - not one cross word was spoken. I'll post a pic or two when I get the pics organized.

I could write about having the galloping crud in the form of chest congestion. I'll spare you the honor of hearing all about that.

Instead, let me tell you about my unbelievable night (last night). I was so sound asleep that I must have bordered on dead. Zennia, the stroke victim cat, was sleeping on the bed. She must have woke up and decided to check out the new placement of my bedside table lamp. That didn't work out very well. The crash of the lamp falling to the floor, my clock falling onto my pillow against my head, Zennia's louder than loud yeoooowwwww and her claws digging into my shoulder as she ran woke me from a sound sleep. As a reflex, I screamed when the incident happened. Needless to say the cat hid until this morning, I had to wash and care for a dig-in scratch on my shoulder, pick up the lamp and clock, and was awake for hours. Can you believe Harry did NOT wake up? He didn't!!! I spoke to him to try and wake him after the excitement but he didn't respond. In frustration I said to myself that if he was dead I didn't want to know until morning. Enough excitement for one night. (I knew he was just asleep because his breathing gave that fact away.)

I need a nap and this long, gray, quiet day is a perfect opportunity. Hope you are having a good day. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oldies But Goodies

It's been a long trek but I'm beginning to see results - albeit small results. Last evening the upholstery shop brought my 42-year-old sofa home all gussied up in her new dress. She may be out of style but I love her because she is so comfy and the perfect place for my naps.
My mother's and father's favorite chairs are even older. They are also sporting new duds. This is one of the two - my mother's. Is anyone old enough to remember the fad of "Mr and Mrs" chairs? Well, these are still in service. Perfect reading chairs.
The room will look better when everything is back in place. Still a lot of work to do, but when I begin to see progress it's easier to keep plowing through the project.
Not much else to write about. Hope everyone has a happy day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Progress Made

Life do git tarsum. I want a vacation - on the beach - in the mountains - close home - far away. Makes no difference. I'm never, ever going to catch up. Who cares? I don't know but I'm getting close to saying, "Forget it." My inside storage room became a junk dump over the year. I made a mad run through it and have room to store my "stuff" neatly and without stress. Give me a button!

I've always been a pack rat. Someone suggested that I read a book by Christopher Lowell and I took their advice. It sure gave me a different viewpoint. I loaned the book to someone else who is reading it. The two of us will have the most junk free homes in the city - given enough time, that is.

Christopher Lowell is great - my opinion. I always enjoyed his programs. He had/has really neat projects done very economically. I know his style isn't for everyone and I don't like everything he does but his ideas are great.

So much for my day.

We have a new president elect. He made some great promises and predictions. If they come to fruition we will indeed have a great country. I can hardly wait for the "spread the wealth" part. I should be in much better financial health. Maybe the vacation that I'm wishing for can become reality. My hopes and prayers are for his success and the continued greatness of this great country.

In the meantime, back to the salt mines - errrrr - the junk and clutter. Later folks.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday in the Trenches

I'm waiting for the pantry floor to dry and having another cup of coffee - it's a good time to update. I've been a bad blogger. There's just not much to write about except what's on my list for the day. Believe me, right now that's not good reading. As an example: 1) Clean pantry. 2) Straighten kitchen cabinets. 3) Finish planning picture placement for living room. 4) Clean and de-clutter sun room. Now where is the fun in that?

I did catch up with Fringe over the weekend. I watched it on Fox Network's on-line full episode viewer. That worked out really well. Fringe is a strange show - a crazy scientist and his guardian son; a determined lady FBI agent; a mysterious research organization; and lots of sci-fi situations. This show isn't for everyone but I think I may continue to follow the story.

The boys were fun yesterday. Jesse is going through a phase of wanting grown-ups to tell him stories about ". . a long time ago when you were a kid like me." At least he didn't ask me if I was afraid of dinosaurs when I was little. (His father did ask me that question and was serious about it.) James is becoming a Noggin demon. He loves playing the on-line Noggin games and is learning words and simple math from the games. Legos are still the toy of choice for both boys.

I think the floor is dry. Time to get back to the trenches. My best to everyone.