Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday in the Trenches

I'm waiting for the pantry floor to dry and having another cup of coffee - it's a good time to update. I've been a bad blogger. There's just not much to write about except what's on my list for the day. Believe me, right now that's not good reading. As an example: 1) Clean pantry. 2) Straighten kitchen cabinets. 3) Finish planning picture placement for living room. 4) Clean and de-clutter sun room. Now where is the fun in that?

I did catch up with Fringe over the weekend. I watched it on Fox Network's on-line full episode viewer. That worked out really well. Fringe is a strange show - a crazy scientist and his guardian son; a determined lady FBI agent; a mysterious research organization; and lots of sci-fi situations. This show isn't for everyone but I think I may continue to follow the story.

The boys were fun yesterday. Jesse is going through a phase of wanting grown-ups to tell him stories about ". . a long time ago when you were a kid like me." At least he didn't ask me if I was afraid of dinosaurs when I was little. (His father did ask me that question and was serious about it.) James is becoming a Noggin demon. He loves playing the on-line Noggin games and is learning words and simple math from the games. Legos are still the toy of choice for both boys.

I think the floor is dry. Time to get back to the trenches. My best to everyone.


Cheryl said...

Emily and I watched all the episodes of Fringe on Thursday and Sunday. All of Them. Very weird, but intriguing.

I should be doing my floors now instead of hanging out in a coffee shop, but guess who's having more fun??

happyone said...

That's funny about the dinosaurs. When my son was little he asked if I was alive during the gold rush!

Smocha said...

I wish I had a pantry that was big enough to mop!

Anonymous said...

When you finish come on over, you have the necessary experience to help declutter my house. The dinosaur comment cracked me up! It reminds me of the time we (my Mom, brother and I) were in the movie watching some western, I'm sure John Wayne was the star. The scene was of a wagon train crossing the desert and I blurted out, "Mama, is that the kind of wagon you used to ride in when you were a little girl?" She about died. Well, she was alway telling us stories about riding to town in the wagon when she was a little girl, I thought it was a good questions. She's 90 and has seen lots of changes in her life time.

SOUL said...

i can't even find my broom, much less mop anything.
besides like smocha--i have a microscopic pantry. it's empty anyways.
hey-- i wanna go snoop in YOUR candy pantry-- i just remembered all the junkfood you have!
i'm hungry-

it's been a few days-- time for an update? i'm caught up-your turn. :))