Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nothing Lasts Forever - Not Even Refrigs.

Today's gathering was short. James wasn't feeling well this morning but went to church. He insisted that he was able to visit Nana and Papa but before long it was apparent that he really felt bad. Kids were here for only around 2 hours. It's been quiet and a bit lonesome since they left - until about 15 minutes ago, that is.

We found the kitchen floor wet - more like flooded. Water was running out of the frig/freezer - not dripping - RUNNING! Harry knew where the water cut off is to the ice maker and water is turned off. Now towels are wet, there's water in the freezer, the floor of the pantry was wet as are the potatoes, onions, and container holding the big roll of garbage bags. Water didn't make it to the carpet in the den nor to the hardwood in the living room. Popular opinion is that the water line to the ice machine broke or a valve malfunctioned. The frig isn't new but it isn't that old either. Guess which repairman we'll be calling tomorrow. This is just all we need!!

Aside from all that excitement everything is going well. I had a good report from the radiation oncologist last week. For the most part, the burns and scar tissue are gone. Tuesday of this week I see the medical oncologist. That means lab work and evaluation of my reaction to the Arimidex. I do have side effects but am coping with them without too much trouble.

We had a hint of snow and some rain. The winter storm missed us and we're glad that it did. There is a promise (made by the weatherman) that we should be prepared for snow again next weekend. I think the little boy cried wolf too often. We are beginning to ignore the warnings. Next time we won't listen and we'll probably get a big snow.

On that note I need to go check to be sure the towels are still taking care of the last of the drips in the kitchen. I hope all of you are having a nice evening with no malfunctions.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wind, Rain, and Old Folks

Harry and I got home late last night. The drive from Nashville was dry but windy - very windy! Home was a welcome sight. This was my first drive of any length and while it wasn't easy I made it OK. Both Harry and I were so tired that we were grumpy. Each of us just wanted the other to be quiet and go to sleep. Sleeping made the difference - we are up and smiling this morning.

I don't know if I said why we were going to Nashville in my previous post - Old folks forget - but we went to a frag swap. There was a big crowd of fellow reefers there and vendors from as far away as California, Minnesota, Colorado, and Wisconsin. At least one reefer drove from Pensacola, Fl. The coral Reef craze has hit the whole country.

I met the wife of a shop owner in Nashville and she took me to a store that has a large inventory of Vera Bradley. I haven't spent much money on myself for a long time but that trend was destroyed! I am the proud owner of two small casual purses (Paprika and Poppy Fields). Of course I just HAD to have the wallets to match. I also bought a really classic style black convertible clutch purse in black microfiber. It has a removable shoulder strap that makes it convert to shoulder bag. I justified buying so much because my large purses (that I love) are heavier than I need to carry. The removal of lymph nodes is far reaching. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

The weather is so gloomy that it's hardly worth looking out the window. We are scheduled for about three nice days this week - at least that's what the weather man is promising. You know how weather men are, though. Maybe yes and maybe no.

I don't know any other news so guess I'll shut my trap and take a nap. (Kids are gathering at Keith's today and the old folks are staying home.) We'll miss them but we do need to rest. I'll find a time during the week to catch up with the boys.

Until later, my best to everyone.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We had some pretty bad storms tonight. There was a little rain, warm temperatures, light wind, and then just about sundown everything became really, really still. The sky looked angry and there were black clouds hanging low over Huntsville. Harry and I were having dinner at our favorite oriental restaurant when the weather alert sirens began blasting. This time it wasn't just a storm - it was a tornado.
Not a big tornado but destructive, nevertheless. It didn't touch down at the restaurant where we were eating but it was close. News reports say that it did serious damage to old downtown Huntsville. It also struck the historic Five Points area. Reports are that while there is significant property damage there are no fatalities.

The storm went well to the north of the area where we live. It is a sad night for many but much to be thankful for, too.

I have a followup appointment with my surgeon in the morning. I'll check before I go to be sure there is no damage at his office and that he isn't re-scheduling patients. In the afternoon Harry and I are going to Nashville but we'll be back and ready to see the kids on Sunday. Our oldest son will be staying here to take care of the reefs and kitty.

It's too late for old folks. Busy day tomorrow. Good Night.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ten Days

Ten days - no post. It's been a bit busy here. Everything is fine. It's just that I have been trying to manage a few of the many chores that Harry assumed for me while I was sick. It gets easier day by day but I still spend a lot of time huffing and puffing.

Today was Harry's birthday and I made the carrot cake birthday cake that he requested. It felt good to be able to completely cook dinner and make the cake, too. Both James and Jesse painted a picture for their Papa. They were done in acrylic and on canvas. I'll get the frames so he can hang them. They are both really, really good.

We're thankful that the snow is history and temps are a bit warmer. Harry and I are going to Nashville this coming weekend. We're really hoping that the weather gods don't dump the white stuff while we're there. I think everyone needs a long break from this winter. It has been much colder than usual - at least here it has.

I wish I were a better blogger and perhaps I will be again. I will try. My best to everyone.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Will Today Bring?

What will today bring? Probably a quiet day of waiting for our 'big' snow storm.

My computer is in front of a window looking into our backyard. A couple of bird feeders are just outside. Harry refilled them for me this morning and the birds are having a feast. It's snowing - at least what Alabama calls snow. The world is peaceful, quiet, and COLD. Kitty is sleeping on my desk. I haven't dressed today and may not. The generator is ready to take over if we have a power failure. There's food in the pantry. My car has a brand new battery and both cars have plenty of gas. We're set for this version of an Alabama blizzard.

I spent 10 years in the mountains and, believe me, I've seen some blizzards. This ain't no blizzard even though some folks think it is. The Midwest is having a blizzard! Try that on for size. Not a lot of fun. It simply spells isolation and stress.

Last night I was thinking about the day I moved from the mountains (that I loved) to Alabama. I was already depressed before I arrived in my new hometown. The boys and I were driving south on "the parkway" in a Chevelle with no air conditioning. (I have to add here that we didn't need air conditioning in the area we were leaving.) I read the temp on a bank thermometer. . . it told me how much trouble I was in. It was 106 degrees 11:30 AM!!! The boys and I were miserable. Their father had already been here for 6 months and had bought a house - a house he chose. He hadn't moved into the house. He decided to let us get here and move into the house before he gave up his apartment. In addition to everything else there were insects here that I'd never seen and lots of them! Spiders were in the corners of the porch and in the storage room. There was a yellow jacket bee nest beside the carport. I thought that I'd arrived in hell.

Why did this come to mind last night? One of the Neighbors brought lunch for us and the moving men. (We were in a wonderful neighborhood with really friendly, helpful people.) One of my comments was that I'd never seen so many bugs and didn't know if any of them was dangerous. The neighbor, Reeva, told me that the bugs were just a nuisance and that a cold winter would reduce the population. I was thinking of that conversation last night. Next summer should be almost bug free.

I think that I'm beginning to ramble on and on like an old woman. It's OK because that's what I am and I wear that badge with pride.

Keep warm and try to not let our frozen worlds get the best of us.

As an after thought. The picture in my header is a single snowflake on Harry's car. Of course he shot the pic - I can't operate the fancy camera.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Title

It's C-O-L-D here in the south land. It probably sounds like a joke to some of you but we silly southerners aren't prepared for this. When I lived in the Appalachians these temps were normal for this time of year and we were well prepared. Here in north Alabama nothing is prepared. If snow or ice is in our future please let it be snow. Ice is a horror for us. Enough of the whining.

Monday I started a list of "to-dos" for each day this week. I am shocked at how long the darn thing is. If I manage to finish all this crap this week I plan to take the weekend off. I have to go out today to run three errands - bank, grocery, office supply. Gotta find my heaviest coat. I donated my "mountain coat" to a charity so I may be in trouble.

Not much to blog about. Our routine is bland and unexciting. Good thing - old farts can't take a lot of excitement. . . at least not until warmer weather.

Stay warm and come back to visit when you can. My best to all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Color Me . . . .

OK, I know. Just color me a bad blogger. All I can say is that life got in the way. Nothing bad happened - it's just been busy in my corner of the world. Consider this my New Year post - four days late.

Harry and I were married in July, 2000.
In the past decade we:
Retired from our long time careers.
Saw two children married and gained a new son and daughter.
Were presented with four grandchildren.
Toured the west coast from San Francisco to Seattle.
Toured the entire Florida coast including Key West and points south.
Toured a good portion of southern Canada and points in between.
Joined a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.
Expanded the reef tanks to well over 600 gallons in four aquariums.
Weathered cancer with apparent success.
Learned that diabetes can be a nuisance.
Supported each other through various other aliments - none serious.
Learned to love each other unconditionally and live in harmony.

I began my blog and have met several bloggers who became friends. (Thank you for tolerating me.)

Who knows what the next decade will bring. Whatever it is we will face with dignity, love, and acceptance.

Resolutions? Not me. I feel too guilty when I don't keep them.

In addition, I'd like to protest these polar temperatures! Can someone tell me when it's above freezing? BRRRRRRRRR!!