Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Short Trip

Finally something I can blog about!!!

Harry and I had a couple of trips planned.   I became worried that I wouldn't "hold-up" to make the trips since I still have some residual issues.  I told Harry about my concerns and we put our plans on hold until I felt more confident about travel. 

On Wednesday, early afternoon, Harry turned from his computer and asked me why we didn't do a "trial run" to the coast.  He thought we should leave on Saturday.  I guess he didn't want to give me a chance to worry myself out of a short trip.  Long story made short; we drove down to Ft Walton Beach, FL, on Saturday and came home on Monday.  The trip worked out just fine.  Harry told me that I did "real good" "better than (he) expected."

I did so enjoy getting away for a couple of days and seeing different scenery.  Unfortunately, there was a wide band of algae on and in the water next to the beach.  It wasn't an issue for us because we only intended to enjoy time watching the waves and relaxing.  We also went to the Gulfarium and met several reef enthusiasts.  The reef tank there was large and full of fish - not many coral -but hundreds of reef fish.

Of course, we left the cat at our house.  Joe and Keith saw to the reef tank chores and made  the cat feel loved.   Kitty made her displeasure known by sleeping (and leaving kitty fur) in places that she knows she isn't allowed to be.   At least she didn't throw up anywhere or ignore her litter box. 

It was a good weekend for the old farts.  We hope to travel more.

A big "HELLO" to all my blogging friends.  Hope you are doing well.