Friday, February 12, 2010

Blogging Rest

Weather man says 80% chance of snow Sunday night into Monday. Imagine that!!!! I hope it snows enough to cover our mailbox. Maybe then Mother Nature will get this stuff out of her system.

I'm taking a blogging rest. I never know much to write and I'm soooo far behind with housework. I'm sure I'll be reading and commenting. My best to all.

Snow, NASCAR, and Old Folks

It's snowing along my pathway. Not a blizzard - just a slow gentle snow. I'm watching the holly trees and evergreen trees begin to build a white frosting. If we have snow it's good that it happens on a long weekend. Time for the kids to enjoy playing in the snow. Time for adults to do whatever they do when snow slows our lives. As for me, I intend to breathe deeply and just enjoy watching the snow fall. We have everything we need right here at home so no stress. The positive slant on this cold weather, for me, is that there should be fewer insects this summer. (Doing a happy dance)

I sound really calm about the weather but believe me - I've spent my time grounded by blizzards that lasted for days and dealt with snow on the ground from Christmas to Easter. My sympathies are with those of you who are facing these unbelievable storms. I'd be almost panic stricken if I had to live through it again.

This is Daytona 500 weekend and everything in this house is focused towards various related events. If weather delays the events Harry will really be disappointed. He's ready!!! Valentine Day will be a wash in this house - darn it. Choosing between the Daytona 500 and his valentine (me) is a no brainer to Harry. It's OK - I won't have a melt down.

As usual, there's nothing exciting to write about. We just rock along with the same-old same-old here in our world. Stay warm and cozy this weekend. Maybe the weather will begin to moderate soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update During a Blah Day

Just a short follow-on to yesterday's post. The 14 year old who was shot in the back of the head by another 9th grade student did not survive. I also said that Discovery Middle School is in Huntsville - correction it is actually in Madison. The two towns are joining and I never remember where the names change.

We have had gray, rainy, windy, cold weather for days and DAYS!! If I don't see some sunshine soon I just may scream. We haven't been crippled by ice and snow - I am thankful for that. I really feel for those who have been through blizzards and ice storms this winter.

NASCAR begins this weekend. Harry is actually watching an ARCA race at Daytona right now. Bud Shot Out begins around 7 CST. This Sunday is the Super Bowl and next Sunday is the Daytona 500. The kids and Harry are all excited. I guess I am too - just a bit less than they are. Both Sundays will be eat finger food in front of the television days.

As you can tell by reading the above there's not much happening here. I gotta start prep of dinner. After dinner is over I plan to go to bed early. I just want to hide under the covers with my pillow - sorta like Lucy in her beanbag. Only thing is that I'm not pouting; I'm just bummed by the weather.

Here's to better days ahead. Hope all is well with all my blog friends.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shocking News

I read something really alarming on a friend's blog about a kid having a gun at school along with a "hit list" Her daughter felt comfortable enough to tell her parents about what was happening at her school. That speaks volumes about the relationship of my friend and her child. Harry and I talked about it and agreed that times have really changed and not necessarily for the better.

Next scene: I went out to do a small bit of shopping close to home and decided to have my nails done as a treat. While there a "breaking news" flash came over the television in the spa. A student at Discovery Middle School - here in Huntsville - took a gun to school and shot a fellow student. The wounded student is in critical condition. Who knows what will follow in the next few hours.

It's criminal that we have to put our children and grandchildren in harms way when we send them to school. It makes me want to bring the grandsons home and begin home schooling. If my health wasn't a bit shaky I would look into the possibilities. Home schooling is a commitment that I can't make right now.

Hold on to your children/grandchildren. Try to keep the lines of communication open. It could be critical that they tell you what's happening around them.