Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dreams of a White Christmas Came True

It's the day after Christmas and all through the house
Everyone is resting and and quiet as a mouse -------

Everyone except kitty, that is.  She doesn't understand snow.  She wants different food.  She wants attention.  She doesn't know what she wants.  Christmas was almost too much for her.

Our snow fall is a rare thing.  It's almost a fantasy to expect snow on Christmas.  This year we truly had a white Christmas complete with snow balls and a big snowman.  Never mind that the snowman used almost all the snow in our front yard.   Harry raided the fruit salad to complete Mr. Snowman's face.  Below is a close up of his face.  His grape eyes are a little deep set.  His apple wedge nose is bright green.  (It could have been red.)  His lips are watermelon.  A kitchen towel covered his frozen bald head.  Isn't he unique and beautiful?

Jesse was inside warming up when Harry made this picture.  (I stayed my chicken butt inside and observed from the windows!)

Jesse ran out without his coat for the picture opportunity.  He didn't linger.  Besides his loot was inside and needed attention.
Notice how much the boys have grown.   They are growning up fast. 

Harry had his first BIG gall stone attack last night.  Too much Christmas food, etc.  I knew he was in real pain when he got dressed and waited on the sofa for the car to warm up for the ride to the hospital.  Joe drove us because of the icy roads.  We were in the emergency room 3.5 hours beginning at 11:55.   It was good to get home, be almost pain free, and get some much needed sleep. 

We're having an easy quiet day with snow showers, freezing temps, and be thankful for all our blessings.  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Christmas is here.  Dinner prep is in progress.  Gifts are waiting the arrival of kids.  Old folks are taking a minute to rest - not that we need to.  For the first time in many years we have snow fall.  It's snowing big flakes and lots of them.  We have 2.5 inches on the ground now and more is on the way.  (Harry made an "offical measurement" of the snow with a 50 cent Walmart ruler.  We believe in cutting edge technology.)

We know snow is not welcomed by most of you, but for us the snow is dreamy - especially at Christmas.

Everyone here is doing well.  We hope you are enjoying the best Christmas ever!  Thanks for stopping by.

Below is a picture looking from our drive across to the golf course.  We live in an older area that has above ground electric/phone/cable lines.  The lines look messy but do their job.

Below are a pictures of the back yard

And last, my view when I sit on the screened porch to watch the snow fall

Friday, December 10, 2010

Title? What Title??

The good news is the South is still sunny. The bad news is it is cold. It could be worse. We could have an ice storm topped with a foot of snow. Not much else to say about that.

James, the seven year old, has a bad case of strep throat. The other members of their household are being checked. Both Jesse and Mommy have sore throats. Keith (daddy) was not feeling well last evening. All that family needs is a long visit from the strep demon. Our youngest grandchild, Mav who lives in WI, is recovering from pneumonia and ear infections. Maddie, our little granddaughter who lives in AZ, was well when we last talked to her mommy. We love our little families and want them all to be well and happy. All four of the young ones are ready and waiting for Santa. (update: Mommy is just back from doctor and she also has strep.)

Christmas shopping is done. I have a couple of bake-to-give gifts to make. I'll do that closer to Christmas. I have a few Christmas things the boys have made over their few years. Those things are on the buffet and dropleaf table in the living room. That's our decorating this year. The kids have a big Christmas tree with no more room for ornaments. Harry and I will just enjoy theirs if we begin to feel Christmas tree deprived. I bought a new HO train set before
Jesse was born. My plan was to have a train running under our tree when the grandchildren were old enough to appreciate it. This year I faced reality and gave the train to Keith for their tree. (The reality is that Harry and I are more comfortable without a lot of "stuff" to put up and take down. We're old farts, you know.)

I know this is just dry mundane blogging. It's all I have. Maybe next time I'll have something exciting or newsy to write about.

Meantime, take care and know that I appreciate all my readers.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Treat Cabinet is Alive and Well

It's Sunday night and Thanksgiving is over. Everything is quiet in our little home. It's just the two old farts and their computers with the hum of the reef tanks in the background. In other words - normal.

Does anyone remember the "Treat Cabinet" that I put together a few years back? If not, here's the story. I decided to devote a lower kitchen cabinet to treats for the grandchildren. It wasn't just a bag of chips and a candy bar. I had a wide variety of stuff in there. M&Ms, Cheerios, gum drops, various crackers, Oreos, etc, etc. You get the idea. To little kids it looked like a real store display. The rules were: No treats until you have eaten your meal. If there's something that you don't think you like - try it anyway - two bites. You earn treats - no raiding the cabinet. Always ask an adult before opening the cabinet. Each kid was allowed to select his own treat.

Yes, I admit that at times I was lenient with the kids but only to a degree. My regular blogging friends were cool with my Treat Cabinet for the kids. However, there was a few who thought it was their obligation to God and country to let me know what a fool I am and how they would never allow their children to visit anyone who would, in effect, ruin a child's life with junk food. I was "put through the ringer" over the Treat Cabinet. Didn't change a thing at this house!!

I still have the Cabinet (it is well stocked) and the boys are fine! This evening they both ate a BIG salad, beef tenderloin, corn, baked veggies, Texas fries, yeast rolls and cherry pie. The Treat Cabinet didn't ruin their diet nor did it hurt their teeth - their teeth are perfect. They eat a wide variety of good food and they STILL select their treats. They are slim, fit, active kids.

I read a blog from a long time blogging friend that prompted me to write this blog. We live our lives, try to do the right thing, and just have to tell the naysayers to kiss-off.

This is post is written in a different tone that my usual entries. I've think that I've had a bur under my saddle over the Cabinet for a long time. There! I feel better.

Thanks for visiting. Visit again when you can

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holidays are Beginning

It has been a long time since I wrote here or anywhere for that matter. Sometimes life just doesn't allow the time nor mind set to write. However, here I am this dreary morning - sitting here with my fingers on the keyboard trying to write. Several things are tumbling through my head but nothing has really come together yet.

This is Thanksgiving week. I have so much to be thankful for - family, friends, a secure home, a loving spouse, and life itself. Our Thanksgiving dinner will be on Sunday. I'm doing the cooking and looking forward to the day. We'll have beef tenderloin, baked veggies, cream potatoes, and a couple of other dishes that I've not really decided on yet. Dessert will probably be home made apple pie. The reason Harry and I are having Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday is to give Thursday's dinner time to the in-laws. They don't "do" Christmas and so I claim Christmas for this home. It works for everyone involved. Give and take is the secret for a stress free life filled with harmony among the players.

The house across the street from us was on the market for almost a year. It was a beautiful house with the most beautiful woodwork that I've ever seen. It sat directly on the golf course beside one of the prettiest greens on the course. The problem was that it was a split level home and they just aren't popular these days - that and the price. Why am I telling you this? Because that house and lot have been my entertainment for almost three weeks. Someone bought the lot with the contingency that the house be moved. Watching a split level home be picked up and moved has been an experience. As I sit here, a crew is removing every tree from the lot. It's a hole in our community. Some of us are uneasy about what kind of house the new owners will build. There are community "rules" so it can't be too bad. New construction in an established community can meet the "rules" and still not be a fit. I keep telling my neighbor (she is worried) that everything will be just fine . . and it will be.

I'm still semi-house bound because of side effects from my medications. My oncologist did change my prescription from Arimidex to Femara. The change has been good - side effects are much less worrisome but still an issue. We are happy and coping very well. I have evaluations scheduled for late Dec/early Jan. The evaluations will be repeated in early summer. If all is still good, I'll be off this schedule and back to yearly check-ups. Even though I've had many pity parties and grunts I realize that I'm a lucky old woman. Not everyone with cancer has the care or outcome that I have had.

I think that I've run dry for now. I hope that I still have a reader or two, but we'll see. I check and read blogs every morning while I drink my coffee. I comment sometimes but - bad me - sometimes I don't. Even when I don't comment I think good thoughts for you and wish you happiness and health. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Things Are Lookin' Up

Four weeks!! I can't believe that's it has been four weeks since I last posted. Whatever is the matter with me? Nothing new happenes here so I have nothing to write about.

I do have one thing to report. I started a new preventative med this morning. The med I was on for 10 months was making mobility almost impossible for me. I am moving better after two weeks off the original meds. The radiation burn may not be healed for months or even years but it is manageable.

I ventured to the fabric store this morning. They were having their "Bust Out Sale" so I decided to help them "bust out." I'm making the boys pajamas for winter. Sewing is something that I enjoy so I'm looking forward to a few days with the serger and sewing machine. I have several projects already in-house and hope I can work right through all of them.

I don't know if I have any readers left. I guess time will tell. Meantime I'm trying to get back in the mainstream and be more of a help to Harry than I have been for some time now. He's been a real trooper and deserves many good things.

For now, I'm off to begin sewing.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tired but Happy

Today was different. When we left home this morning my hair was in order, my face was painted, I was wearing my Ruby Road jeans and shirt and new Clark sandals. I came home with my hair messy, my face paint (makeup) worn out, my clothes wilted, and my butt dragging.

We drove about 125 miles to pick up coral that someone was selling. We were there less than two hours. Then we drove straight home. Seems that I always feel like I can move mountains. In reality I can't pick up the shovel. Whoever said that old age ain't for sissies surely knew the score.

OK, pity party over. Now let's have a fun rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Village Idiot

Yep, the village idiot - that's me! When Murphy comes to visit his law takes over. This afternoon old Murphy took control of me.

Harry had an appointment and errands so he left me to acclimate new livestock for the aquariums. I completed that job without incident and was feeling pretty proud on myself. Among other newbies for the tanks there was a coral that needed to be mounted to a small rock and placed in a tank. Gel super glue is the product of choice for this job. I went to Harry's stash of gel super glue and selected the smallest tube - didn't read the label. After all, we only use GEL super glue. (Why would we even have anything else?) I got everything lined up and ready to go then punctured the top. All is good at this point. I gave the tube a firm squeeze to push the gel out. That's when Murphy's Law took over. I had a tube of the really thin runny glue!! It was all over everything except the coral or rock which was the only two places it needed to be!! That glue made a royal mess - what?? OK, I made a royal mess - it wasn't the fault of the glue. I yelled and and fumed so much that the cat demanded to go outside. I'm glad that Harry wasn't home. All is well that ends well - the coral is happy, Harry missed Murphy, and I peeled super glue off my hands and from under my nails all afternoon.

Even village idiots get tired. This one is going to find cozy spot on the sofa and relax. If you see Murphy please don't mention my name. Thanks

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pathway is Quiet These Days

Just now when I opened my blog I had to re-login. There was a message from the blogger gods asking me to provide my cell phone number. I decided not to do that and had a problem logging on. Sometimes providing personal information - other than when it's my idea - is just too much.

Yesterday we began gathering day at Longhorn. After a good solid meal we returned here. The boys played football in the back yard. I watched from the window. Nanas need to be inside when the temp is above 90. Cool weather come on down!

Leaves on our huge tulip poplar tree are beginning to turn brown. It is always the first to recognize that fall is just around the corner. I'm happy to see the onset of fall this year. I haven't be able to do any work in the yard this summer and it shows. I'm expecting next summer to be different. There will be no fall flowers in our yard this year. Birds are beginning to migrate so I need to start filling the feeders with food for the winter crowd.

Also, I'd like to do a huge garage/estate sale this fall. The volume of "stuff" that I could put in a sale boggles the imagination. It's a lot of work but, if I continue to feel well, I will do it. I've considered putting everything we want to keep in two rooms and opening the rest of the house to folks interesting in shopping. The problem with that is controlling the number of people and dealing with the few who try to secret (steal) things out without paying. There's just no easy way is there?

Nothing new happening along the pathway. On that note I'll say thanks for stopping by. Visit again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Holiday

Here we are - home again. We two old farts traveled a total of 1,434 miles over the Labor Day holiday. We drove to Orlando, FL, to attend the MACNA 2010 Conference. MACNA is the acronym for Marine Aquarium Societies of North America. It was held at the Marriott World resort and Convention Center. Below is a snapshot of one view from our room.

There were 135 vendors exhibiting their wares; 40 speakers holding informative small seminars over the three day period; and a huge raffle. No, the old farts didn't win. Below is a snap of the entrance to the vendor/exhibitor area. Friday night there was a buffet (yes, the food was tasty) and open bar which was well attended. Saturday night everyone enjoyed the dinner and awards presentations. The room was packed. Approximately 1,100 attended. I wish that I could have gotten a good video of the entertainment. I tried but the room was too dark. Both nights were funded by various vendors/associates. This is a pic taken from my seat at the banquet.

Harry and I took advantage of "free time" to do a bit of touristing on our own. We took a private airboat tour (along with Captain Kirk our pilot). We saw alligators, a wild bald eagle, and lots of birds. We enjoyed having an individual tell us about the area and answer our questions. I loved the speed!!

It has been years since we went to a dinner theatre. There were several to choose from. We decided on an Al Capone comedy. The food wasn't great but adequate. There was open bar all evening and the waiters were on the spot to serve. Both Harry and I enjoyed the evening.

In Winter Park, a little town adjoining Orlando there are canals joining several lakes. the canals are used by the locals to move from place to place. As you can guess, there is a tour (run by really senior citizens) through the canals. The tour guide was a native and chock full of information which he was glad to share.

Also in Winter Park we mosied around the central park. We had to chuckle at the sign below. Honestly those two little rocks were the only ones anywhere in the area. It's good to know that the city fathers have a sense of humour.
I worked over two hours trying to get this post organized then I quit. Tonight I worked another hour trying to get this posted. I moaned really loud and pushed back from the computer really fast. Harry heard me and asked if he could look at it. It took him less than three minutes to align and make the "vanishing paragraph" show up. He's my hero!!!
This is probably boring to everyone but to me the trip was a welcome time out of the cabin. My best to everyone.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Happy Day

For a change I don't have anything to whine about. My surgeon released me yesterday. It's been a long time since I didn't have to see him at least once a week. There is no open wound nor is there any infection. I have officially cleared the radiation hazard course. I am on to other things - AT LAST!

Harry and I are going to take a short trip over Labor Day. It's, in part, a celebration of freedom from the past year and half. We are traveling to Orlando, Florida. Nope, Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World are not on our agenda. (We've both been there - done that.) We are going to attend a conference being held at one of the many resorts there. We are also going to make a short trip to the little town of Winter Park. It's a little village just north of Orlando. Lots of quaint shops, antiques, art, and a lovely town square complete with gazebo. Good places to eat and at least three breweries. Slower pace - just right for old farts.

Our oldest son, Joe, will be here running the ranch while we're away. He only has 600 plus gallons of salt water aquariums and one spoiled cat to care for. It should be a breeze. He has run this ranch several times and is an experienced rancher.

I hope everyone is well. Let me know if you're still reading this blog. I've been away for extended periods over the past several months. Bad blogger me.

My best to everyone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Intentions

I tried to update my blog a wee bit. Why did I try? Heaven only knows! The whole effort didn't go very well. I intended to have the clam picture centered on the page. It didn't happen. I tried to move the picture OR the blog name to the left of the page. It didn't happen. Oh well, if nothing worse than this happens I'll have a good life. Maybe I can bribe Harry to work on the layout.

The picture is of my live Maxima Clam. I have a couple of other clams but this is the largest and most colorful of the three.

My problem with the radiation burn seems to be healing. I've been seeing my doctor every 5 days for a while now. It's been an ordeal but we can see the end in sight. A lot of credit goes to my private nurse. His name is Harry and he's the best.

This past Sunday''s gathering was like old times. I cooked a full meal, everyone ate, the boys played, the old folks watched golf and talked. We really enjoy gathering days. The only thing that would make it better is if Judy, Buddy, and their families could be here with us. Maybe someday . . . .

I hope I can/will keep my blog more active now that I'm feeling better. Until later, my friends, take care.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Old Woman Reports In

I've been absent from the blogging scene so long that I'm fairly sure everyone moved on without me. For what seems like weeks my days have been the same routine. I developed an abscess in the radiation scar that resulted from the deep radiation burn I received during radiation therapy. This is a royal mess!! My dressing has to be changed two times every day. There isn't a lot of pain but there is a whole wagon load of discomfort.

There was a few minutes of excitement in our kitchen this afternoon. I got ice from the dispenser on the frig and it wouldn't cut off. There was a regular hail storm in our kitchen. Harry and I were scootin' around trying to cut the darn thing off. Harry finally disconnected the motor and I swept up the ice cubes. I'm sure there is something else in this house that can develop a problem but for the life of me I can't imagine what it will be.

This is a lame post but it does demonstrate how quiet my life has been for several weeks. I continue to read along on your blogs and sometimes comment. If I don't it doesn't mean that you are forgotten. I value my blogging friends.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Handsome Prince Was Out Of Town

Here I am. I didn't disappear. It has been a no news, nothing happening time for this old fart.

An update on our little vegetarian (ref: prior post). It's all over. Salad is good but it gets old after a couple of days. Yesterday James ate a big ham slice and a chicken tender. The boys' eating habits are back to normal.

I don't believe I posted that the boys and their dad built a frog habitat in their back yard. For some reason they think it is a good idea. Saturday evening/night their family visited their friends who live near a large spring/pond. Bottom line: The activity for the evening was to go to the water and catch frogs for the habitat - bull frogs, that is. Picture this. Daddy's friend, Mike, pulling an inflatable boat/raft with James, Jesse, and his 13 year old daughter across the pond. Mike is wearing waders and boots. His job is to catch the frogs and pass them to the kids in the boat. Keith's job is to "spot" the frogs with a flashlight so Mike can catch them. Mary and Janise, Mike's wife, were on the other side of the pond making noise (laughing like teenagers) to make the frogs go to the quiet side of the pond. (I wasn't there but this is the picture Mary and the boys painted in my mind. I think it's pretty accurate.) Anyway they caught some BIG frogs.

I think the pictures will tell the story. Note that The 13 year old kissed her frog and the frog didn't have the decency to turn into a handsome prince. I couldn't get the pics to show in the order that I wanted to. You'll just have to read the above paragraph and figure it out. Sorry about that.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bringing My Life Up-To-Date

Anything new since my last post? Not a lot. Well, maybe a little bit.

My biopsy came back good. No cancer. Now that's big!! We can breathe easy for three more months.

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a little point and shot camera. Now I can "shoot" to my heart's content without being afraid that I'll break something on Harry's fancy-smancy DSL with all the lenses. He never complained but I would really feel bad if I damaged his camera. I bought a Sony Cyber-Shot because it was on sale and looked simple. Then I read the User's Handbook. Simple??? Hmmmmm. It's this way, if I should happen to break this camera, it won't be a big loss.

Last week our 6 year-old grandson, James, decided that he was going to be a vegetarian. He came to that decision after watching a cooking show about cooking quail and/or dove. It was shocking to learn that we eat birds. Chickens, beef, and pork (any meat) are all off limits in James' mind. Anyway, last Sunday he announced that he no longer eats meat of any kind. The roast beef was no longer part of his diet. We all smiled, though, when he announced that he'd like gravy on his potatoes.

This Sunday Harry is cooking chicken and Boston butt on the grill. James has decided that he can eat his "special piece" of chicken that Papa always cooks for him. Somehow that won't violate his new lifestyle. The rest of us will just bare our teeth and dig in. Now that I have a "simple" cheap camera maybe I'll remember to take pics to share.

There are several projects coming together in my mind and I have one in progress. Progress has been on hold due to the biopsy and the record setting hot weather. Next week is a new week - we'll see what happens then.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful July 4th. Be safe, have fun, and don't eat too much.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Uneventful Life

Last post = June 3. Hmmmm - what has happened since June 3?

1. Kitty has her first grey whisker.

2. James and Jesse are growing like weeds.

3. Both Harry and I talked to our youngest grandson, Maverick. He called to tell Harry "Happy Father's Day" He was coloring a picture "Booo" and Red. When I asked if it was a pretty picture he held the phone over the picture for me to see.

4. We have had lots of rain and now it has gotten HOT. Temp is 97 with high humidity and not a leaf is moving. We are at dead calm - no breeze. Even the birds are panting.

5. We still have chipmunks. Cute little fuzzy creatures but I wish they lived somewhere else.

6. Still no vacation plans. We did, however, spend the weekend in Knoxville, Tn, at a reefers sale and swap. You do understand that our reefs are coral reefs?

7. I have another biopsy tomorrow. This one is just a precautionary measure. We don't expect much more than an 'owie' that will heal in a couple of days.

I wish I had something exciting and fun to write about but I don't. On the other hand, I'm glad I don't have anything bad to write about either. It's time for me to quit rambling and move along. Tomorrow is a busy day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More of the Same & the Same Ain't Bad

Long time - no blog. I have good intentions but every day seems to use me up before I make it to my blog. I'd rather use my computer time reading/commenting on your blogs than trying to write. When one day is pretty much like the one before and you expect the same day again tomorrow there isn't much to say. Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? Well my life is pretty much like that but without the excitement. Bill Murray, I ain't.

My tomorrow night will be a change - James and Jesse are coming for a sleep over. I asked for dinner suggestions. Jesse asked for pizza and James wants Kraft Mac & Cheese. Dinner will be interesting to say the least. They are planning the activities so all I have to do is follow. On sleepover nights (haven't had one in a long, long time) we have no bedtime/wake up schedule. Breakfast will be Nana Pancakes and bacon.

We haven't planned a vacation yet. The Gulf coast is probably out because of the oil spill. If we want to be on the water this summer it will be a lake - maybe in a state park. A mountain stream sounds good to me. I'd love to go to San Diego but that would be a gigantic undertaking for me. Time will tell. Maybe we'll just stay home. Home isn't a bad place to be.

This is "pay the bills" night - Harry is cooking dinner - our routine is on track. It's a good life for old farts. Thanks for remembering me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life and Stuff Like That

It's been awhile. Sorry about that. Life got in the way. Here's some of my life for the past several days.

The dietary supplement directed by my nutritionist tastes OK. However, it took a few days to adjust to the change. I'd rather have cream potatoes and gravy but such is life.

I managed to do a little bit of yard work but not nearly as much as needs to be done. The unfinished part is in the back yard so it isn't seen from the street. We can live with it.

One of the young men from our reef club put a new roof on the screened porch. (For a price, of course.) The old roof was translucent - the new roof isn't. I like the new roof much better.

Chipmunks are running rampant in this neighborhood. Yes, they're cute. Cute only goes so far when the little stinkers are digging up the plants you just put in the ground. The man who lives behind us tries to trap them in a live trap but so far has only caught birds. I need to suggest that he put his traps under shrubs not in the open part of his lawn. We catch then release a few miles away in a preservation area.

Mother's day was a success. Harry grilled and I did nothing. The local kids were here. Harry grilled "special pieces" for each little one. (Special pieces are large breast pieces.) To say they ate well just doesn't describe what the boys did to their special chicken. They gobbled it up along with salad. I love to watch them eat.

On Mother's Day Judy (our daughter who lives in Phoenix) called to say happy Mother's Day and tell us that we have another grandchild on the way. Tragedy struck. She lost the baby. It was early in the pregnancy but, never the less, we are all very sad. Her doctor assured her that she could try again in a few months. It's little consolation right now. Our house has a hush over it. . . sort of like a weight dropped on us. Time will heal and we'll continue on.

Now, everyone who is interested is up-to-date. Anyone else left reading is bored. I'll close for now and try to be back soon. Sending hugs and wishes for happy times to my blogging friends.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Coffee Break"

Sharing my thoughts along with my morning coffee.

Yesterday I had my meeting with my oncologist. My PET scan was clear. His words: "No sign of cancer." Instructions: Continue medications - next round of testing in six months.

Terrible weather all around us. Tornados on the ground from Albertville to Fort Payne, AL. That's about an hour southeast of us. Flooding in the Shoals about an hour to our west. Nashville downtown devastated by flooding. The Tennessee River (about 3.5 miles from us) is out of banks and the "landing" is flooded.

In our little corner of the world there's no weather damage. The birds are singing. The grass is growing. The flowers are blooming. We have so much to be thankful for.

Our youngest grandchild, Mav, who now lives far away is now two years old. We wish we could have him (and his mommy and daddy) here to play and eat on gathering days. We miss you lots of lots.

Our cat is laying in the backyard watching two chipmunks play. She is interested in everything but all wildlife is safe with her. Her mantra is "Live and let live."

The morning sun is shinning through the trees, the house is a monumental mess, the yard needs work, both cars are in need of cleaning, and I'm cancer free (at least for now). All is good.

Sorry for the disjointed post but that's just how it is with me this morning. I wish you well.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pet Scan and Atavan

This morning was PET scan day. Oncologist will give me the results this coming Monday. They use Atavan as their "I don't give a hoot" medication. I really don't give a hoot!! I'm going to bed. See Ya later.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danger - Grasshopper Mind at Work

It's been a while since I wrote. I've worked in the garden borders every day. Not long at a time, mind you, but long enough to use me up for each day. I'm so close to the end that I can see it from here. Whew - what a job for an old woman.

Yesterday Harry caught me moving rock with the wheelbarrow. He explained to me, in no uncertain terms, that HE would move rocks. I really wasn't overdoing and the rocks were small but he put the wheelbarrow away. I'll have him finish that job in a day or two. I bought most of the final plants today. Everything I buy is permanent. If I can carry this through, future maintenance on the borders will be very easy.

Soul, Joe is fishing - for the most part - in the creek that runs behind Keith's house. (The creek empties into the Tennessee River about three miles south.) He catches some pretty big bass and (he says) giant blue gill. (Blue Gill aren't his target.) The bass are beginning to bite again. For a while they were "on bed" and wouldn't show interest. Jesse has reserved the right to teach me to fish after school is out. That will be something to see!!! I'll be a good sport and try to learn.

It's cool and windy here today. I'm not working outside because the wind makes it feel cold. We were spared damage from the terrible storms that did so much damage in LA, MS, and AL. One never knows, though, when a tornado could hit here. We're in tornado country.

The lilac just outside the window in front of my computer is in bloom. I love the fragrance of lilacs. Isn't that an old woman thing? Someone told me that it is. I enjoy lavender, too, and have it in my garden.

My grasshopper mind is jumping around. Sorry about that. More later. Meantime, take care and visit me again. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First things first. This is Mr. Gump in the container ready to depart for his new home. He is a serpent star. They have long legs and a round body. Not like the starfish shells you see in souvenir shops. I was late getting a pic so this is the best I could do. I did measure one of his legs a couple of weeks ago - 21 inches. He couldn't really stretch all the way out because with five legs his diameter would have been (21"+21"+3" (his body)) 45". That's a rough measure but, in any case, he was just too large for our tanks. He will have a far better life at Wetlands Edge. We appreciate them for accepting him.

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with this facility. I only wish that every school system could support a class room like this. Instructor Marc Slate teaches classes from K-12 with subject matter designed to the level of each class. Various research projects are also conducted here by local college students and, I'm sure, others. In addition to the classrooms and labs (where we held our meeting) there are diverse ecosystems included in this environmental facility. The web site is: if you'd like to visit it.

I'm posting a video of just a few pictures we made at the center. Marc's lecture was really interesting and the children were still and listening. That speaks volumes to me! I don't know when I've ever listened to someone who could keep the attention of adults AND young children.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Week-End Plans

I can't be sure but I believe my blog header is in malfunction mode. It seems to go from the unbalanced pic (which I've never fixed) to all black. Oh well, if nothing worse than this happens it'll be a good life. I'll check on this little issue another time.

We have a new - central heat/air conditioning system. Expensive but necessary. So far we really are happy with both the unit and the company we bought from. Because of the reef tanks, we tended to have high humidity in the house. This problem had been resolved by a free standing humidifier. We've moved up a notch. There is a dehumidifying system incorporated into the new unit. We're ready for the upcoming hot, humid weather. . . I hope!

Tomorrow we are going to a reef club meeting. James and Jesse are going with us. It will be a new experience for the boys. After the meeting we'll eat out at a "big restaurant." (As the boys call anything other than fast food places.)

The meeting is being held at a place called "Wetlands' Edge" which is a complement to the public education system in the county adjoining ours. Wetlands' has been gracious in allowing our club to meet in their big building (which is a hands-on class room) featuring both fresh and salt water and swamp inhabitants. There are several "hands-on" displays for kids and aquariums with many, many unusual creatures. They also have a large nature trail but I don't think we'll go out there. High school students from area schools conduct various research projects here - some are pretty complex. It's an interesting place and an honor to be allowed to hold the meeting there.

We have a HUGE green brittle star fish named Forrest Gump. Forrest has grown much too large for our reef tank. We intend to take him to contribute to the Wetlands' large indoor salt water pool. Other reef club members are encouraged to take contributions from their systems to the facility.

I'll try to take pics to post if they allow picture taking in the building. I don't know why it wouldn't be allowed, but you never know.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your company. Until later, take care.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kitty is Waiting for FedEx

It's official - Our central unit died. It didn't just die a little bit. It died all the way! A new one will be installed this Friday. It was a shock to the ole check book but what-cha-gonna-do? All is well that ends well.

Our cat absolutely loves cardboard. She won't sleep in a kitty bed but just give her a plain old box and she's in business. Here she is just outside the sunroom door waiting for the FedEx pickup.

As you can tell. there's nothing exciting happening here.

Monday, April 5, 2010

This is a sorry excuse for a video of yesterday's egg hunt/football game. We had seven kids, parents, and visitors. The kids were very excited. I was so proud to see that the older ones helped the younger kids. Even the youngest was included in the football game. Our backyard was alive with the voices, laughs, and shouts of happy children, proud fathers, and a very happy Papa. Moms and Nana retreated to the comfort of soft seats and good conversation complete with funny kid stories.

NOTE: The "football game" is a version made up by Keith. They use a soft football and the playing field is small. No one gets tackled or hit.

Harry grilled steaks, Mary made the salad and veggies, I baked potatoes and rolls. Joe cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. I was on vacation.

Today is another matter. Lots to do and I'm too lazy to move. Gotta force myself into action.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Plans and Wishes

Saturday evening and still much to be done. Tomorrow promises to be a busy, fun day. The Easter Bunny will scatter 106 eggs all around our yard. After everyone eats the children will try to find them. There will be seven kids from 7 to 4. Four boys and three girls. I made a personalized bag for each child so they can keep up with the eggs they find. By the time dinner is over, all the eggs found, and leftovers stored away the old farts will be ready for bed. Let me hasten to say that the old farts are the ones who planned this gala.

We wish every one a blessed Easter complete with peace and contentment.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

. . And That's When the Fight Started

My choice for today is to either blog or work on my blog format. No mystery as to my choice.

A few days ago I made the command decision to spread the last of the winter black oil sunflower seeds on the ground outside the window. My idea was to clean up the winter seeds and watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks clean them up. They have been having a feast with no bickering. Everyone ate together in peace. The seeds are almost gone - only an occasional one can be found. This morning the squirrel with the white spot on its ear was searching for 'left-overs' when another squirrel slipped up and began hunting seeds, too. That's when the fight began. I didn't know that those varmints are vicious. They ran through the trees, shrubs, onto the shed roof, and all over the yard. White Spot won the battle, the war, and the spoils of war. Doesn't take much to entertain me.

That's the high point of my day. Now on to today's cooking adventure. It's hamburger and the trimmings at Old Fart's House this evening. Tonight is "Lost" night and I want all my chores done before it starts. Last night was "Saving Grace" night. Both these shows are in their last season. When they are over I hope I don't get hooked on whatever follows.

Hope everyone is well and happy today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I really wanted to work on my blog format but it ain't gonna happen today and maybe not tomorrow either.

One of the side effects of my meds is that they can make me light headed at times. Errr-that's MORE light headed that my normal self. This morning it happened. I was bringing cups of coffee for Harry and myself when the room took a spin and I lost my balance. I knew what was happening so I relaxed my knees and sunk to the floor. On the way down I gave the large ficus tree a good shake and landed with my hands and both cups of coffee in an empty cardboard box. No coffee hit the floor, the tree only lost a few leaves, and Harry's coffee cup was still over half full. It scared Harry half to death. I was afraid that he was going to have a heart attack for real!! Managing my fall by sinking to the floor kept me from being injured. I may (or not) develop a bruise on my arm where it came in contact with the container housing the tree. I guess I could develop soreness but as of now I don't feel like I will. Hey! Notice that I didn't make a big mess with broken cups and spilled coffee. It was a neat fall - no mess to clean up. After everything settled down Harry said, "I knew it wasn't going to be a good outcome when I saw the tree pushing the table and the table pushing the boxes."

Sunday Gathering Day will be fun. we'll have something to talk and laugh about. Harry and I already had a good laugh. The salad is made, chicken breast and thighs are in the oven, green beans and corn are ready to finish shortly. Dessert will have to be ice cream and cookies today. The kids will love that and the old folks can make do.

We usually watch or at least keep up with the Sunday NASCAR race. It's a bummer when the race is delayed due to weather. Yep, we're rednecks.

Oven is buzzing - gotta go. Hope everyone is having a good day. No time to re-read. Hope there aren't too many errors.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Surprise, surprise! I started the "upgrade the look of my blog" initiative. This is as far as I got - maybe I'll do more later. I don't like the big blank space at top right.

I've been sitting here staring at my monitor with absolutely nothing worth blogging about coming to mind. We really lead dull lives here in Old Fart Land. Perhaps I should just say "Hello, friend." and try again later. Yep. That's what I'm gonna do.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story With a Moral

. . . . And the moral of that story is: Be sure the television remote is on the bedside table BEFORE you strip the sheets for laundering. All is well that ends well and that's all I'm going to say about that. Make your own story.

Harry bought a new baby clam for my reef tank. It was delivered yesterday. It is tiny - about 1.75 inches wide. He ordered it from what we believed to be a very reputable supplier. The clam is healthy and pretty BUT it isn't the one he ordered. He ordered a Maxima clam with green, blue, and yellow in it's mantle. The one we received is brown and white stripped. Below is a picture of the new baby in front of the mature Maxima clam. In the very foreground is a conch.
Just to show off the mature Maxima's colors here is a picture.
I would tell you that we're having a rainy, gloomy, windy day but that would just be "same story - different day." Which one of these politicians hid our sunshine? We have to blame somebody - it might as well be a politician.
On that note I'm going to check on the pot roast. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Circle of Friends Award

I received a really sweet award from Soul. Thank you so very much. It's truly an honor to be among your "Circle of Friends."

I tried to post a picture of the award in this post but I failed. I did manage to get it into the left margin. Go figure!! I'm certainly computer challenged.

Anyway, to make a long story short I'm posting a list of five MORE things that make me happy.

1. Birds singing.
2. My marine reef aquarium and my live coral, fish, and clams.
3. A well stocked pantry.
4. The sound of water running in a brook.
5. And I have to repeat: My family and friends.

Rules. There's always rules, you know.
Pass this along to other bloggers who make you smile.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Smoocha sent this award to me. Thank you for thinking of me.

Here are the rules for this award:

1. When you receive this award you must thank the person that awarded you in a new post.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

3. Pass this award to other bloggers who make you happy.


1. Having a husband who loves me.

2. Sunday Gathering Days when we are all together and enjoying the afternoon.

3. The beach when the waves are wild and the sun is warm.

4. Reading a good book and almost losing myself in the story.

5. Unexpected (or expected) phone calls from friends.

6. Watching children play and listening to their perception of the world.

7. The quiet peace during snowfall in the mountains.

8. A full pantry makes me both happy and thankful.

9. Having electric and electronic equipment that works the way it should.

And last but certainly the thing that makes me most happy is:

10. Being cancer free and having family, friends, and a medical team who supported and encouraged me when the news wasn't so good. Yes, I'm thankful God gave me heros!!
I'm passing on the award to the following:

Little Dynamite

Not Much of Nuttin'

I know everyone thinks that every day of the week is the same to folks who are retired. I still look forward to Friday. Habit? Probably. On that note TGIF!!!

The really large grocery closest to our house is closing and is having discount sales (40%) this week. We also had a coupon good for an additional 10%. I just came home from a sashay through every aisle of that store! I had a basket full of paper products, soaps, detergents, etc. All this to say that my knees, hip, and back are mad at me. I hurt everywhere!!

Today is our first day of real, honest-to-goodness sunshine in weeks. I think we'll have rain over the weekend but today is a "big sun shiny day." Looking out the window in front of my desk I see buds forming on my lilac shrub and the contorted hazel bush. Yeah, folks, I see spring!

As you can tell from reading the above there isn't a l9t happening in our world. Noting interesting to write about. On that note I'll say "adios until next time."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

It's Spring Break week here and the kids are looking forward to all sorts of "special treats." Short trips, special play dates, eating in "big" restaurants, and much more is on their agenda. No worries with this. When, in a few years, trips with friends get into the mix will be time enough to be concerned. /<

Spring is trying to peek through the dreariness of winter. It can't get here soon enough to suit me. Old Man Winter was in a terrible mood - the worst since I moved to North Alabama many years ago. There is a blessing from the winter though. It brought enough rain to end our deep drought.
We have a large screened porch that has mostly been used to store birdseed and outside toys through the winter. A chipmunk, mouse, or squirrel has found a way to get in the porch and has torn into the birdseed. My son has a live trap so I borrowed it to catch the varmint. It's been three days and no luck yet. A neighbor suggested that I put poison out there because pets have no access to the porch but I don't want to do that. I'd rather catch the varmint and release it in the Green Mountain Wildlife area. When we catch it I believe we'll find that it is a chipmunk. I don't want to kill it.

Time to get started on dinner - Harry and I are old folks and old folks eat early. None of this "Dinner at Eight" business for us. Until later. Thanks for visiting with me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Darn Spam!!

I had not looked at my blog for a couple of weeks and wasn't aware that spam was being posted here. I deleted all I found and have blocked "Anonymous" comments. At least I think I have - We all know that I'm computer challenged. I hope this won't prevent real comments.

Things in my world are almost back to normal. Everyone is doing well and settled into a routine. As usual there is no news here. I read a few posts every morning while I drink my coffee and sometimes comment. I miss hearing from my blogging friends and hope to get back to regular blogging this week.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blogging Rest

Weather man says 80% chance of snow Sunday night into Monday. Imagine that!!!! I hope it snows enough to cover our mailbox. Maybe then Mother Nature will get this stuff out of her system.

I'm taking a blogging rest. I never know much to write and I'm soooo far behind with housework. I'm sure I'll be reading and commenting. My best to all.

Snow, NASCAR, and Old Folks

It's snowing along my pathway. Not a blizzard - just a slow gentle snow. I'm watching the holly trees and evergreen trees begin to build a white frosting. If we have snow it's good that it happens on a long weekend. Time for the kids to enjoy playing in the snow. Time for adults to do whatever they do when snow slows our lives. As for me, I intend to breathe deeply and just enjoy watching the snow fall. We have everything we need right here at home so no stress. The positive slant on this cold weather, for me, is that there should be fewer insects this summer. (Doing a happy dance)

I sound really calm about the weather but believe me - I've spent my time grounded by blizzards that lasted for days and dealt with snow on the ground from Christmas to Easter. My sympathies are with those of you who are facing these unbelievable storms. I'd be almost panic stricken if I had to live through it again.

This is Daytona 500 weekend and everything in this house is focused towards various related events. If weather delays the events Harry will really be disappointed. He's ready!!! Valentine Day will be a wash in this house - darn it. Choosing between the Daytona 500 and his valentine (me) is a no brainer to Harry. It's OK - I won't have a melt down.

As usual, there's nothing exciting to write about. We just rock along with the same-old same-old here in our world. Stay warm and cozy this weekend. Maybe the weather will begin to moderate soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update During a Blah Day

Just a short follow-on to yesterday's post. The 14 year old who was shot in the back of the head by another 9th grade student did not survive. I also said that Discovery Middle School is in Huntsville - correction it is actually in Madison. The two towns are joining and I never remember where the names change.

We have had gray, rainy, windy, cold weather for days and DAYS!! If I don't see some sunshine soon I just may scream. We haven't been crippled by ice and snow - I am thankful for that. I really feel for those who have been through blizzards and ice storms this winter.

NASCAR begins this weekend. Harry is actually watching an ARCA race at Daytona right now. Bud Shot Out begins around 7 CST. This Sunday is the Super Bowl and next Sunday is the Daytona 500. The kids and Harry are all excited. I guess I am too - just a bit less than they are. Both Sundays will be eat finger food in front of the television days.

As you can tell by reading the above there's not much happening here. I gotta start prep of dinner. After dinner is over I plan to go to bed early. I just want to hide under the covers with my pillow - sorta like Lucy in her beanbag. Only thing is that I'm not pouting; I'm just bummed by the weather.

Here's to better days ahead. Hope all is well with all my blog friends.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shocking News

I read something really alarming on a friend's blog about a kid having a gun at school along with a "hit list" Her daughter felt comfortable enough to tell her parents about what was happening at her school. That speaks volumes about the relationship of my friend and her child. Harry and I talked about it and agreed that times have really changed and not necessarily for the better.

Next scene: I went out to do a small bit of shopping close to home and decided to have my nails done as a treat. While there a "breaking news" flash came over the television in the spa. A student at Discovery Middle School - here in Huntsville - took a gun to school and shot a fellow student. The wounded student is in critical condition. Who knows what will follow in the next few hours.

It's criminal that we have to put our children and grandchildren in harms way when we send them to school. It makes me want to bring the grandsons home and begin home schooling. If my health wasn't a bit shaky I would look into the possibilities. Home schooling is a commitment that I can't make right now.

Hold on to your children/grandchildren. Try to keep the lines of communication open. It could be critical that they tell you what's happening around them.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nothing Lasts Forever - Not Even Refrigs.

Today's gathering was short. James wasn't feeling well this morning but went to church. He insisted that he was able to visit Nana and Papa but before long it was apparent that he really felt bad. Kids were here for only around 2 hours. It's been quiet and a bit lonesome since they left - until about 15 minutes ago, that is.

We found the kitchen floor wet - more like flooded. Water was running out of the frig/freezer - not dripping - RUNNING! Harry knew where the water cut off is to the ice maker and water is turned off. Now towels are wet, there's water in the freezer, the floor of the pantry was wet as are the potatoes, onions, and container holding the big roll of garbage bags. Water didn't make it to the carpet in the den nor to the hardwood in the living room. Popular opinion is that the water line to the ice machine broke or a valve malfunctioned. The frig isn't new but it isn't that old either. Guess which repairman we'll be calling tomorrow. This is just all we need!!

Aside from all that excitement everything is going well. I had a good report from the radiation oncologist last week. For the most part, the burns and scar tissue are gone. Tuesday of this week I see the medical oncologist. That means lab work and evaluation of my reaction to the Arimidex. I do have side effects but am coping with them without too much trouble.

We had a hint of snow and some rain. The winter storm missed us and we're glad that it did. There is a promise (made by the weatherman) that we should be prepared for snow again next weekend. I think the little boy cried wolf too often. We are beginning to ignore the warnings. Next time we won't listen and we'll probably get a big snow.

On that note I need to go check to be sure the towels are still taking care of the last of the drips in the kitchen. I hope all of you are having a nice evening with no malfunctions.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wind, Rain, and Old Folks

Harry and I got home late last night. The drive from Nashville was dry but windy - very windy! Home was a welcome sight. This was my first drive of any length and while it wasn't easy I made it OK. Both Harry and I were so tired that we were grumpy. Each of us just wanted the other to be quiet and go to sleep. Sleeping made the difference - we are up and smiling this morning.

I don't know if I said why we were going to Nashville in my previous post - Old folks forget - but we went to a frag swap. There was a big crowd of fellow reefers there and vendors from as far away as California, Minnesota, Colorado, and Wisconsin. At least one reefer drove from Pensacola, Fl. The coral Reef craze has hit the whole country.

I met the wife of a shop owner in Nashville and she took me to a store that has a large inventory of Vera Bradley. I haven't spent much money on myself for a long time but that trend was destroyed! I am the proud owner of two small casual purses (Paprika and Poppy Fields). Of course I just HAD to have the wallets to match. I also bought a really classic style black convertible clutch purse in black microfiber. It has a removable shoulder strap that makes it convert to shoulder bag. I justified buying so much because my large purses (that I love) are heavier than I need to carry. The removal of lymph nodes is far reaching. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

The weather is so gloomy that it's hardly worth looking out the window. We are scheduled for about three nice days this week - at least that's what the weather man is promising. You know how weather men are, though. Maybe yes and maybe no.

I don't know any other news so guess I'll shut my trap and take a nap. (Kids are gathering at Keith's today and the old folks are staying home.) We'll miss them but we do need to rest. I'll find a time during the week to catch up with the boys.

Until later, my best to everyone.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We had some pretty bad storms tonight. There was a little rain, warm temperatures, light wind, and then just about sundown everything became really, really still. The sky looked angry and there were black clouds hanging low over Huntsville. Harry and I were having dinner at our favorite oriental restaurant when the weather alert sirens began blasting. This time it wasn't just a storm - it was a tornado.
Not a big tornado but destructive, nevertheless. It didn't touch down at the restaurant where we were eating but it was close. News reports say that it did serious damage to old downtown Huntsville. It also struck the historic Five Points area. Reports are that while there is significant property damage there are no fatalities.

The storm went well to the north of the area where we live. It is a sad night for many but much to be thankful for, too.

I have a followup appointment with my surgeon in the morning. I'll check before I go to be sure there is no damage at his office and that he isn't re-scheduling patients. In the afternoon Harry and I are going to Nashville but we'll be back and ready to see the kids on Sunday. Our oldest son will be staying here to take care of the reefs and kitty.

It's too late for old folks. Busy day tomorrow. Good Night.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ten Days

Ten days - no post. It's been a bit busy here. Everything is fine. It's just that I have been trying to manage a few of the many chores that Harry assumed for me while I was sick. It gets easier day by day but I still spend a lot of time huffing and puffing.

Today was Harry's birthday and I made the carrot cake birthday cake that he requested. It felt good to be able to completely cook dinner and make the cake, too. Both James and Jesse painted a picture for their Papa. They were done in acrylic and on canvas. I'll get the frames so he can hang them. They are both really, really good.

We're thankful that the snow is history and temps are a bit warmer. Harry and I are going to Nashville this coming weekend. We're really hoping that the weather gods don't dump the white stuff while we're there. I think everyone needs a long break from this winter. It has been much colder than usual - at least here it has.

I wish I were a better blogger and perhaps I will be again. I will try. My best to everyone.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Will Today Bring?

What will today bring? Probably a quiet day of waiting for our 'big' snow storm.

My computer is in front of a window looking into our backyard. A couple of bird feeders are just outside. Harry refilled them for me this morning and the birds are having a feast. It's snowing - at least what Alabama calls snow. The world is peaceful, quiet, and COLD. Kitty is sleeping on my desk. I haven't dressed today and may not. The generator is ready to take over if we have a power failure. There's food in the pantry. My car has a brand new battery and both cars have plenty of gas. We're set for this version of an Alabama blizzard.

I spent 10 years in the mountains and, believe me, I've seen some blizzards. This ain't no blizzard even though some folks think it is. The Midwest is having a blizzard! Try that on for size. Not a lot of fun. It simply spells isolation and stress.

Last night I was thinking about the day I moved from the mountains (that I loved) to Alabama. I was already depressed before I arrived in my new hometown. The boys and I were driving south on "the parkway" in a Chevelle with no air conditioning. (I have to add here that we didn't need air conditioning in the area we were leaving.) I read the temp on a bank thermometer. . . it told me how much trouble I was in. It was 106 degrees 11:30 AM!!! The boys and I were miserable. Their father had already been here for 6 months and had bought a house - a house he chose. He hadn't moved into the house. He decided to let us get here and move into the house before he gave up his apartment. In addition to everything else there were insects here that I'd never seen and lots of them! Spiders were in the corners of the porch and in the storage room. There was a yellow jacket bee nest beside the carport. I thought that I'd arrived in hell.

Why did this come to mind last night? One of the Neighbors brought lunch for us and the moving men. (We were in a wonderful neighborhood with really friendly, helpful people.) One of my comments was that I'd never seen so many bugs and didn't know if any of them was dangerous. The neighbor, Reeva, told me that the bugs were just a nuisance and that a cold winter would reduce the population. I was thinking of that conversation last night. Next summer should be almost bug free.

I think that I'm beginning to ramble on and on like an old woman. It's OK because that's what I am and I wear that badge with pride.

Keep warm and try to not let our frozen worlds get the best of us.

As an after thought. The picture in my header is a single snowflake on Harry's car. Of course he shot the pic - I can't operate the fancy camera.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Title

It's C-O-L-D here in the south land. It probably sounds like a joke to some of you but we silly southerners aren't prepared for this. When I lived in the Appalachians these temps were normal for this time of year and we were well prepared. Here in north Alabama nothing is prepared. If snow or ice is in our future please let it be snow. Ice is a horror for us. Enough of the whining.

Monday I started a list of "to-dos" for each day this week. I am shocked at how long the darn thing is. If I manage to finish all this crap this week I plan to take the weekend off. I have to go out today to run three errands - bank, grocery, office supply. Gotta find my heaviest coat. I donated my "mountain coat" to a charity so I may be in trouble.

Not much to blog about. Our routine is bland and unexciting. Good thing - old farts can't take a lot of excitement. . . at least not until warmer weather.

Stay warm and come back to visit when you can. My best to all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Color Me . . . .

OK, I know. Just color me a bad blogger. All I can say is that life got in the way. Nothing bad happened - it's just been busy in my corner of the world. Consider this my New Year post - four days late.

Harry and I were married in July, 2000.
In the past decade we:
Retired from our long time careers.
Saw two children married and gained a new son and daughter.
Were presented with four grandchildren.
Toured the west coast from San Francisco to Seattle.
Toured the entire Florida coast including Key West and points south.
Toured a good portion of southern Canada and points in between.
Joined a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.
Expanded the reef tanks to well over 600 gallons in four aquariums.
Weathered cancer with apparent success.
Learned that diabetes can be a nuisance.
Supported each other through various other aliments - none serious.
Learned to love each other unconditionally and live in harmony.

I began my blog and have met several bloggers who became friends. (Thank you for tolerating me.)

Who knows what the next decade will bring. Whatever it is we will face with dignity, love, and acceptance.

Resolutions? Not me. I feel too guilty when I don't keep them.

In addition, I'd like to protest these polar temperatures! Can someone tell me when it's above freezing? BRRRRRRRRR!!