Thursday, October 29, 2009

Too Tired to Think of a Title

Guess who came home from Walmart with a smiley face sticker on the back of his hand. Yep, Harry did and he was proud of it. You can bet your bottom dollar that no one at Walmart will ever give me a smiley face. I always enter with an expression of dread and leave with a big frown and tired feet from standing in checkout lines. Not that I've been to Walmart since March.

Today was PET scan day so we had to go out to the Cancer Care Center which is a different direction from where I went daily for radiation. I couldn't believe how much had changed! A few stores have closed, at least three new buildings are up and occupied, and a couple of interesting stores have opened. I need to go exploring.

Speaking of the PET scan - it was the easiest procedure I had since this whole thing began. Last night I almost made myself sick dreading yet another ordeal but it wasn't like that at all. When we see the medical oncologist next Monday we should get final results. My burns are healing nicely. Not everyone has this much trouble with radiation but my skin just gave up. I had a couple of spots that were third degree burns. They should be completely healed in a week or two.

I'm still trying to upload pics but haven't been successful. Maybe this weekend Joe will have time to rattle Blogger's chain and fix the issue. On this note, I believe it's time for me to follow hubby to bed. I hope to wake up tomorrow morning bright eyed and bushy tailed - ready for a new day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Me

Several Days ago Soul presented me with a blog award (Over The Top Award). I'm proud to have received the award and have tried to persuade Blogger to allow me to upload the icon. No luck. At first I thought that I was doing something wrong but now I think Blogger is having a temper tantrum. I tried to upload pictures of the grandsons and Harry carving pumpkins. Blogger refused to upload those pictures, too. I'll have to wait for our son, the computer guru, (Joe) to have time to appease the blogger gods and ask them to please overlook whatever transgression I committed.

That said, I completed radiation on 20 October. My burns are healing fast and I'm now looking to the PET scan on this Thursday. I should have the results on the following Monday. We're confident the results will be negative for cancer. It's been a trip but now the end is truly in sight.

I'm enjoying watching the leaves turn to brilliant golds, reds, and bronze. The winter welfare birds are arriving. Squirrels have fat cheeks and are hiding their bounty. The dad-gum chipmunks are digging in places I'd rather they didn't dig. We're having more rainy days than sun. No drought here this fall. My house plants are either safely inside or on the screen porch. Life is returning to normal.

I intend to return to regular blogging now that life is on a more even keel. Get ready, friends, here I come.

Monday, October 12, 2009

More of the Same

It's been a rainy day Monday in my world, but that's OK. I didn't have plans, anyway.

My Radiation Oncologist put me on a five day treatment "break." The condition of my skin (what is left of it) has deteriorated beyond what's acceptable for further treatment. I'm home with medications to ease the pain and promote healing. As has been the case throughout this ordeal, Harry is assuming household management and nursing care. The kids continue to be supportive of us. Mary is cooking dinner tomorrow night. She is a wonderful cook so it's a meal to look forward to. For dinner this evening Harry made German Apple Pancakes. Wonderful!!

There's really nothing current to write about and strolls down memory lane can get boring for everyone. On that note I believe I'll publish this post, take a pill, kiss Harry goodnight, and spend the next few hours hugging my pillow.

My best to everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't Assume

Today was day two of my seven "booster" radiation sessions. Forgive me for assuming that "booster" means less intense. Guess I was wrong about that one. The beam isn't as wide-spread. It is more sharply aimed and the exposure does not make for a care-free experience. The radiation burns are painful and ugly but the alternative is even worse. I'm thankful that the treatment is available but at the same time I want them to be in the past!!!

I'm spending most of my time either in bed or stretched out in front of the TV. In the beginning I read a lot but now I just can't concentrate on a book. That's a first for me. I've learned a lot from watching TV.

1) The History Channel screens many, many "dooms-day" programs. They seem to concentrate on such things as which volcano/earthquake/flood will destroy a large portion - if not all - the world. That's predicting the future in my book.

2) Public Television does have interesting programming - if you don't get tired of the "send us money" routine or if you haven't seen the program several times before.

3) Many - if not all - of the detective shows have gotten graphic beyond the acceptable.

But then I'm an old fart who is buried in health issues at the moment. It makes for negative impressions. I think I'll just crawl back in my hole and be quiet.

Take care and enjoy the colorful all weather - old man winter is on the way.