Monday, October 18, 2010

Things Are Lookin' Up

Four weeks!! I can't believe that's it has been four weeks since I last posted. Whatever is the matter with me? Nothing new happenes here so I have nothing to write about.

I do have one thing to report. I started a new preventative med this morning. The med I was on for 10 months was making mobility almost impossible for me. I am moving better after two weeks off the original meds. The radiation burn may not be healed for months or even years but it is manageable.

I ventured to the fabric store this morning. They were having their "Bust Out Sale" so I decided to help them "bust out." I'm making the boys pajamas for winter. Sewing is something that I enjoy so I'm looking forward to a few days with the serger and sewing machine. I have several projects already in-house and hope I can work right through all of them.

I don't know if I have any readers left. I guess time will tell. Meantime I'm trying to get back in the mainstream and be more of a help to Harry than I have been for some time now. He's been a real trooper and deserves many good things.

For now, I'm off to begin sewing.