Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tired but Happy

Today was different. When we left home this morning my hair was in order, my face was painted, I was wearing my Ruby Road jeans and shirt and new Clark sandals. I came home with my hair messy, my face paint (makeup) worn out, my clothes wilted, and my butt dragging.

We drove about 125 miles to pick up coral that someone was selling. We were there less than two hours. Then we drove straight home. Seems that I always feel like I can move mountains. In reality I can't pick up the shovel. Whoever said that old age ain't for sissies surely knew the score.

OK, pity party over. Now let's have a fun rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Village Idiot

Yep, the village idiot - that's me! When Murphy comes to visit his law takes over. This afternoon old Murphy took control of me.

Harry had an appointment and errands so he left me to acclimate new livestock for the aquariums. I completed that job without incident and was feeling pretty proud on myself. Among other newbies for the tanks there was a coral that needed to be mounted to a small rock and placed in a tank. Gel super glue is the product of choice for this job. I went to Harry's stash of gel super glue and selected the smallest tube - didn't read the label. After all, we only use GEL super glue. (Why would we even have anything else?) I got everything lined up and ready to go then punctured the top. All is good at this point. I gave the tube a firm squeeze to push the gel out. That's when Murphy's Law took over. I had a tube of the really thin runny glue!! It was all over everything except the coral or rock which was the only two places it needed to be!! That glue made a royal mess - what?? OK, I made a royal mess - it wasn't the fault of the glue. I yelled and and fumed so much that the cat demanded to go outside. I'm glad that Harry wasn't home. All is well that ends well - the coral is happy, Harry missed Murphy, and I peeled super glue off my hands and from under my nails all afternoon.

Even village idiots get tired. This one is going to find cozy spot on the sofa and relax. If you see Murphy please don't mention my name. Thanks

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pathway is Quiet These Days

Just now when I opened my blog I had to re-login. There was a message from the blogger gods asking me to provide my cell phone number. I decided not to do that and had a problem logging on. Sometimes providing personal information - other than when it's my idea - is just too much.

Yesterday we began gathering day at Longhorn. After a good solid meal we returned here. The boys played football in the back yard. I watched from the window. Nanas need to be inside when the temp is above 90. Cool weather come on down!

Leaves on our huge tulip poplar tree are beginning to turn brown. It is always the first to recognize that fall is just around the corner. I'm happy to see the onset of fall this year. I haven't be able to do any work in the yard this summer and it shows. I'm expecting next summer to be different. There will be no fall flowers in our yard this year. Birds are beginning to migrate so I need to start filling the feeders with food for the winter crowd.

Also, I'd like to do a huge garage/estate sale this fall. The volume of "stuff" that I could put in a sale boggles the imagination. It's a lot of work but, if I continue to feel well, I will do it. I've considered putting everything we want to keep in two rooms and opening the rest of the house to folks interesting in shopping. The problem with that is controlling the number of people and dealing with the few who try to secret (steal) things out without paying. There's just no easy way is there?

Nothing new happening along the pathway. On that note I'll say thanks for stopping by. Visit again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Holiday

Here we are - home again. We two old farts traveled a total of 1,434 miles over the Labor Day holiday. We drove to Orlando, FL, to attend the MACNA 2010 Conference. MACNA is the acronym for Marine Aquarium Societies of North America. It was held at the Marriott World resort and Convention Center. Below is a snapshot of one view from our room.

There were 135 vendors exhibiting their wares; 40 speakers holding informative small seminars over the three day period; and a huge raffle. No, the old farts didn't win. Below is a snap of the entrance to the vendor/exhibitor area. Friday night there was a buffet (yes, the food was tasty) and open bar which was well attended. Saturday night everyone enjoyed the dinner and awards presentations. The room was packed. Approximately 1,100 attended. I wish that I could have gotten a good video of the entertainment. I tried but the room was too dark. Both nights were funded by various vendors/associates. This is a pic taken from my seat at the banquet.

Harry and I took advantage of "free time" to do a bit of touristing on our own. We took a private airboat tour (along with Captain Kirk our pilot). We saw alligators, a wild bald eagle, and lots of birds. We enjoyed having an individual tell us about the area and answer our questions. I loved the speed!!

It has been years since we went to a dinner theatre. There were several to choose from. We decided on an Al Capone comedy. The food wasn't great but adequate. There was open bar all evening and the waiters were on the spot to serve. Both Harry and I enjoyed the evening.

In Winter Park, a little town adjoining Orlando there are canals joining several lakes. the canals are used by the locals to move from place to place. As you can guess, there is a tour (run by really senior citizens) through the canals. The tour guide was a native and chock full of information which he was glad to share.

Also in Winter Park we mosied around the central park. We had to chuckle at the sign below. Honestly those two little rocks were the only ones anywhere in the area. It's good to know that the city fathers have a sense of humour.
I worked over two hours trying to get this post organized then I quit. Tonight I worked another hour trying to get this posted. I moaned really loud and pushed back from the computer really fast. Harry heard me and asked if he could look at it. It took him less than three minutes to align and make the "vanishing paragraph" show up. He's my hero!!!
This is probably boring to everyone but to me the trip was a welcome time out of the cabin. My best to everyone.