Friday, April 25, 2008

Bubbles, Soccer, and Cars

I have to apologize for my tangent yesterday. When I posted that tirade I was having a cross between an anxiety attack and being just plain frustrated! (Hot, tired, thirsty, and a nervous wreck just about covers it.) When people are screaming at each other, making wild hand gestures, and cursing my nerves snap. When I'm exposed to that kind of behavior I want to hide, cry, and eat ice cream.

Today has been fun with the boys here. I needed a long session with them today to get back in my normal mode. We played bubbles, soccer, and cars in the back yard. Both boys painted with artist acrylics on canvas. Both does a really good job for his age. Though they each have a different style. I don't instruct regarding content only about how to clean brushes and how to manage the paints. I want them to develop their own style before public school teachers teach them to draw/paint a house this way and a tree that way. I view drawing and painting as two separate disciplines. We use brushes to paint without sketches or tracings and they are encouraged to mix basic colors to blend the color they want to use. We just make it a special fun time. No rules and no mistakes. Harry observed the painting this time around. He was impressed with how well each boy does and how differently they approach the process. I'm impressed with the way each expresses his independence and assumes ownership of his work.

I'm tired and still have "stuff" that has to be done before this day is closed. I may not get around to reading your blogs tonight but I'm still thinking of you and wishing everyone good health and all the good things in life. I'll be around soon.

Yes, Sarah is doing well. Only three more days to wait for the baby. She sounded in good spirits and as comfortable as is possible. Her mother was with her so I know she's well taken care of and content. Sarah's parents are really good people and such a pleasure. I'm thankful they can be here.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Hi Mary...I've been a reader for a while but have never commented. We sort of run in the same circle, so I just wanted to stop by and say HI and invite you over. I'm also retired but did go back 2 days a week...the extra money helps out my daughter and her family right now (not to mention my son and his daughter). Its just what moms do, isn't it? LOL Sorry about your frustration in traffic...but its getting to be that way every where you go. Too many drivers in too big of a hurry. Have a wonderful weekend. Val

SOUL said...

is she gonna be induced? are you sure she is gonna have the baby on the 29th?
a taurus.. enjoy that// :))

i am happy for your entire family-- but that baby is in for loads of happiness with YOU for a grama!

happy sunday!