Saturday, April 26, 2008

I went to a reef club meeting with Harry today. As usual, a good group of folks attended - a couple of new folks, one member who is moving away, and several of the regular members. This meeting was held at one member's house so he could show off his new reef along with the new house. As usual, a pot luck lunch was part of the ritual. I took a cheesecake and some cookies. Everyone ate, talked, swapped a few corals, and enjoyed the time with like-minded hobbyists. I was the odd man out because I know so little and have very little to contribute. I attend meetings with Harry because he says he won't go if I don't go with him.

Remember the afghan I was crocheting? Well, let me tell you the latest on that. I've been working on it while watching TV, while listening to Harry read, and while talking to folks. This afghan is worked from end to end not the usual side to side so each row is rather long in comparison to the usual. Well, the last row I worked seemed to go on for ever and ever so I spread the half finished piece out to admire my work. Somewhere along the line I quit counting. The first row of popcorn stitch had 37 popcorns. The last one had 63!! The pattern is 10 rows long then repeats. One of the very first rows had a couple of stitches added at each end then the instructions omitted those stitches for all additional rows . I neglected to note that fact. I never stopped to count or inspect my work - Just damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead! I'm starting over again. Can anyone say rippit?

Wish I had something interesting, amusing, or wise to write, but I don't. Hoping everyone who visits is having a happy weekend.


Summer said...

LMAO! You should see the scarves I knit. They go from narrow to wide and back to narrow and they just meander around.

Thank you for giving me a smile this morning.

Happyone said...

Oh, too bad about the afghan. Well it will just give you more practice. :-)
You'll have to post a picture of your progress one of these days.
So you brought cheesecake - yummy - I love cheesecake!!

SOUL said...

is the afghan not fixable-- to just make bigger?
i don't know nuthin bout birthin no afghan!
but if it's salvageable, wouldn't it be easier than starting over?

as for the reefs etc-- you should post more pix.. if i remember correctly-- and you know me-- :))
i don't think you have in a while- and you have lotsa new peeps who may not have seen them. so maybe you should put them up again.
just sayin. they sure are pretty.

speakin of cheesecake-- i made a strawberry pie- and you just made me want a piece ! hmm.

hope your day is good !

Jamie said...

Well your fiasco on the project certainly sucks! I admire ANYONE who has the talent and/or patience to do anything of the sort, and I know your next attempt will be perfect!

Great race yesterday, eh? You gotta love Talledega, anything can and usually does happen.

Happy Monday!

Smocha said...

Do you know that all the "cool kids" are knitting these days.Girls in their 20's !
Who'd a thunk it.

Call me stupid, but what the heck is a reef club?

I guess I need to get out more. LOL

Happy Monday:)