Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's Happen

It's Monday again. I've been a lazy daisy this morning. When I woke up the bedroom TV was on. I got interested in the program that was airing and just 'nuggled down and watched for almost an hour. I'd only been up a short while when my best friend - my next door neighbor - called to ask if I wanted to tour a house that for sale across the street from us. That was a no-brainer. I was outside in less than five minutes and ready to go. I've always liked that house and the floor plan is awesome. It has five big bedrooms, an awesome kitchen, and room for anything you'd want in a house. It needs a big family who enjoys golf. (The sixth green is just across the yard from their second story deck.) The realtor recognizes the potential for this house and priced it accordingly. It's the largest in the neighborhood and that will not be in its favor.

Sarah was suffering from cabin fever yesterday and her parents brought her over for a couple of hours. She seems to be stable for now but the edema is pretty bad and she is never comfortable. I'm so glad that her parents are here and will stay through the first week after the baby comes. Her family is very supportive and that's what she needs. She is to see her OB on Thursday for another scan and final decisions on how to handle these last weeks. Attitudes are all good and we're just waiting.

Harry finished building the arbor. I'm really proud to have it for my rose. It will take most of this growing season for the rose to cover it but I can wait. Below is a picture of the finished arbor. Notice that a Cardinal is already checking out the possibilities.

Should I put a stain on it before I start the rose climbing? As you can see it's in front of a really tall fence. That fence is around a neighbor's yard and isn't the most friendly view. I'm attempting to get landscaping in place to soften the view. The two plants to the right are Monkey Pines. The rose is laying on the ground behind the arbor.


Happyone said...

Oh, your arbor is beautiful. I like it just the way it is and would leave it natural.

Glad to hear Sarah is doing okay and hope things continue that way. I will keep her and the baby in my prayers. It's good that her parents can be there with her.

C.A. said...

Is it treated lumber? They always say to let it "season" a year before painting or staining. It's going to be beautiful with your rose climbing up!

Glad to hear about Sarah.

SOUL said...

i LIKEE-- so pretteee... harry is a fast worker-- will he build me a gazebo ??? :)) kidding. but i have always wanted one.. but need to wait til we buy a house.

anyhow-- happy to hear sarah in ok.. i'm sure she will be fine. will be praying tho.

happy monday!

Tee said...

Like the arbor. I agree with c.a., if it's pressure treated lumber it needs to dry for a year. We have a set of steps to my husband's workshop that we have waited almost a year to paint. When you do put stain on it, try Cabots.

Mary said...

C.A. and Tee, it is pressure treated lumber. Harry told me that I have to wait. I don't know a lot about building stuff. Thanks for the suggestion about the stain, Tee. Any suggestion about materials to use is appreciated. I know you know because of being trapped into hubby's projects.

Lena said...

The arbor is so beautiful. I am so impressed that your husband built it so fast. I always have to wait on things like that with

Glad to hear that Sarah is doing OK!