Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mixed Emotions Today - Updated

Another day, another project. This is one that I'm excited about. Harry has gone to Home Depot to buy the materials to build an arbor for my rose to climb on. This is the rose that's so special to me - the one that lived through Katrina's devastation in New Orleans. I was prepared to buy an arbor but one that I wanted was really, really expensive. Harry offered to build one exactly the size and design I want. Once again I'm impressed with how truly blessed I am to have a life with Harry. The arbor won't be completed today because it's not a simple design but it's "in the making."

I'm a little worried about Sarah. She began being a bit nauseous and dizzy and went to the doctor. The doctor mentioned the word pre-eclampsia. I talked to her last evening and she's spent the day laying down but still felt dizzy. She goes back to the doctor today and promised we'd get a call when her doctor made any decision about what's happening. I'm so glad that her mother and father are in town. I can't imagine how panicked they would be if they were home in Wisconsin now. I have to believe that everything will be OK - that this is just a warning for Sarah to make the next weeks/days quiet, calm, and careful. Please think good thoughts or send up a little prayer for her and the baby.


Sarah's doctor appointment went well. She's home but has to curtail activity and do nothing but rest. In other words, she is to become a lady of leisure with her pillows and lots of naps. On a serious note, she seems to be doing OK - it's just time to reign-in and wait for the little one to make last minute preparations for his entrance into mommy and daddy's arms.


josie2shoes said...

And how much more you will enjoy your new arbor because it has been made especially for you with love!

I too am enjoying the benefits of a man who can do so many creative things just to please me. Life is good, love is awesome! Those of us who have lived in unhealthy relationships know how truly blessed we now are!

Sarah and your little grandchild will be in my prayers - keep us posted!

C.A. said...

Pre-Eclampsia is very manageable. How many weeks along is she? I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and your family, Mary.

SOUL said...

post a pic of the rose/arbor thingy k?

hope sarah and baby are ok-- usually bed rest takes care of that.

how's your day? hope it's good.

Mary said...

Yep, Soul, I'll post a pic of the arbor when it's finished. I'll also post a pic when the rose begins to climb and bloom.

Brad said...

You got a good man there sweets. Lookin forward to pics of his handy work. Sarah & Baby will be in my prayers.

josie2shoes said...

Relieved to read this morning that Sarah is doing ok. I know you'll all make sure she takes it easy, it won't be much longer. Will continue prayers for the little one's safe arrival!

Happyone said...

How nice that your husband can build the arbor for you. I look forward to seeing the picture of it with the roses.

I will be sending good thoughts and prayers along for Sarah and the baby.

Jamie said...

I am happy to hear that Sarah is okay, and your request for prayer? DONE.

Have a good weekend, and tell Harry to get that arbor finished, I know you will just love it when its in place.

Yes, you are blessed in the life that you have, but I happen to think you should be. We get what we give, you know?

Happy Saturday!

Cheryl said...

I'm sure you'll do what you can to help Sarah now that she's going to concentrate on R&R. Will her parent's be able to stay for a while?
When is her due date? I'm sure it won't be soon enough. I'll certainly have her in my prayers.

What's in the works for tomorrow? I look forward to your family day.

SOUL said...

you know-- i really don't know what an "arbor" is don't you??

i am moron.

glad to hear mom and baby are good...

how are YOU??

happy sunday!

Summer said...

LOL @ Soul.
How's Sarah tonight?