Thursday, September 20, 2007

Live Reefs in North Alabama

This one's for you Dr. Ethel. The first three pictures are our 190 reef. It was set up in Feb 2004 and is fully mature. The last picture is our 225 gal reef. It was set up in May 2006 and is just beginning to mature.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for being interested in seeing our reefs.

This is my first effort at uploading pictures and I hope it goes well. If not I'll find help and do better later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

Those reefs are amazing. I love your photos. Mostly, I appreciate your sharing them with me.

I am looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you and your family in the years to come.

Again, thanks, Mary.

Dr. Ethel

SOUL said...

geesh, i finally found my way here. i put that darn pop up box on my blog and it doesn't take ya anywhere. but, i finally figured it out... obviously.

i was SO hoping to also see pics of the reefs you mentioned. and boy, they ARE wonderful! in fact , i haven't decided on which one yet, but one of them is going on my desktop!

thanks for coming by my blog... it's gonna get more lighthearted soon... i just gotta get thru this "story" .. another day or two... and it'll be a much funner read. i hope.

anyhow, i didn't realize that you had just opened your blog.. it will be interesting to watch as you grow and meet new people!

i'll see ya round.. gotta get goin..

nope not fishin today...maybe later though. a day without fishin is like a day without air for me.

have a great day !