Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pathway is Quiet These Days

Just now when I opened my blog I had to re-login. There was a message from the blogger gods asking me to provide my cell phone number. I decided not to do that and had a problem logging on. Sometimes providing personal information - other than when it's my idea - is just too much.

Yesterday we began gathering day at Longhorn. After a good solid meal we returned here. The boys played football in the back yard. I watched from the window. Nanas need to be inside when the temp is above 90. Cool weather come on down!

Leaves on our huge tulip poplar tree are beginning to turn brown. It is always the first to recognize that fall is just around the corner. I'm happy to see the onset of fall this year. I haven't be able to do any work in the yard this summer and it shows. I'm expecting next summer to be different. There will be no fall flowers in our yard this year. Birds are beginning to migrate so I need to start filling the feeders with food for the winter crowd.

Also, I'd like to do a huge garage/estate sale this fall. The volume of "stuff" that I could put in a sale boggles the imagination. It's a lot of work but, if I continue to feel well, I will do it. I've considered putting everything we want to keep in two rooms and opening the rest of the house to folks interesting in shopping. The problem with that is controlling the number of people and dealing with the few who try to secret (steal) things out without paying. There's just no easy way is there?

Nothing new happening along the pathway. On that note I'll say thanks for stopping by. Visit again.


Jamie said...

A sale is a great idea, but it is SO much work. Yea to you for being able to do it all...and I am certain that you will. Having it inside might be a good idea..but in some ways, like the one you mentioned, maybe not. Also too, many strangers tromping through, tends to mess up the carpet or floors..but that can be handled. Who do you have for help?

Still, I want to come for gatherind day. :)

Big hugs, friend. :)

Mary said...

Hi Jamie,

Harry will help me - it's not his thing but he will pitch in. The local kids will be help as will the little ones. The little ones are good help if you just show them what to do. I only hope I can hold up to the task.

We'd love to have you for gathering day. We might wear you out but you'd certainly be made an active part of our mix.

Hugs back to you