Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Call Me Shallow Mary

Earlier this evening there was something strange falling from the sky. Someone reliable said it was rain. Wow, just imagine that. . . rain! It was wonderful and we need more of the same.

Nothing interesting happened today. Harry went to the driving range and I imitated a lady of leisure until he got home. He brought a new fish for the large tank - a sailfin tang. It's a fairly large fish and seems glad to have room to swim. Someone had returned him to the fish store because their tank was too small. He'll have a comfy home with us - friends, food, and admiring children.

I'm beginning to shop for a piece of furniture to replace a loveseat I bought a few (very few) years ago. That sorry excuse for furniture was priced and described as "top of the line" from what I thought was a reputable manufacturer. I'll find a Flexsteel distributor and replace it with the tried and true. Lesson learned. I need seating for two (to accommodate our usual crowd) and am considering if I should get another loveseat or two chairs. Either would be acceptable and there is plenty of room for either even if they are a bit on the large size. As you can see I have no real problem. When I think of the things some of you are having to face, I'm ashamed of myself for placing so much emphasis on something so insignificant as furniture.

On that note I believe I'll close for today. I hope everyone made it through the day none the worse for wear. Take care. My best to each of you.


Brad said...

I would tell you that anything needed to make gathering day more enjoyable for all, is pretty darn important.

Hope your having sweet dreams.

Robbin said...

And I would say you are living life and shopping for a new piece of furniture is a part of life and I personally find comfort that this is the only problem you are thinking of at this time. Sharing our lives whether little problems are big problems are what we do here, its our connection. So you're not shallow at all, you are just sweet Mary who cares for her family and her friends.. and we know it.

Cheryl said...

I had a flexsteel sofa that I loved. The fabric didn't hold fault...I didn't realize it was dry cleanable and would show every mark. Plus, the fabric I picked quickly became outdated. My sister has been enjoying it for the last few years. I now have a sturdy, tweedy olive green sofa that I'll keep for a very long time.

Thanks for your words of encouragement. It means a lot coming from you.