Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Party Time

This started out as an almost boring day. I was pretty sure Baby Hooper would not be here - boohoo. (It is hard to travel with a tiny one.) The rest of the gang wasn't scheduled to be here until around 4PM. But things changed. Joe arrived and then the boys came with parents in tow.

The boys were proud to show mommy and daddy their handiwork. (The flower pots) There was a discussion about what kind of flowers would look nice in them. James decided he wants a blue flower. Jesse doesn't seem to care. When the pots were complete he considers the project done and closed. Here are pictures of the flowerpots and the boys.

Jesse studied other flower pots and was going for the look he saw on a glazed pot "like a rainbow". James just wanted his to have "pretty colors and spots like a puppy."

Later the two children whose picture is in yesterday's post came over with their mother (Holly) and later their father (Jack) came over, too. The little boy who had surgery, Grant, was a bit quieter than the other three - EmmaMae, Jesse, and James. After the initial thrill of the three musketeers seeing each other settled down they played together non- stop. Not one grumble or disagreement. Lots of laughing, though. Grant spent lots of time looking at the reefs and different folks spent time telling him about what he was seeing.

All in all I wouldn't say we had a gathering - we had an all out party. It was so much fun for everyone. Holly and Mary discussed their expectations for the soon to start school year and fall vacations. Jack and Harry were planning to play golf in the near future. Everyone had something to share and questions to ask. When it was time to go everyone within three blocks knew the children were parting. Everyone yelling "Bye" "Come to my house" "Play date, play date" Big time hugging and, a couple of times, almost parting tears. Parents were hoping all the running and playing would result in early nights for the little ones. When our house was empty once again we old folks settled into our routine with smiles on our faces.

Folks, I absolutely loved this day. The only thing that would have made today better would have been having Baby Hooper and parents and our little Phoenix family here to join in the fun and laughter.

It's the end of a perfect day. I hope yours was perfect, too.


Jamie said...

Beatiful flower pots, even more beautiful boys...

I loved reading the joy in your "voice".

Thank you for the kind wisdom you sent in the email, I do believe you are right, but then - when aren't you?

Have a great Monday.



Robbin said...

What a wonderful day. I love the pots too. Haleigh and I are going to have to do that project when I finally get out there to her. I'll have to get your advise on projects she'll enjoy.
I'm glad you had a perfect day, and I hope you have a good Monday.

Anonymous said...

Love those boys with their fantastic creations. How cute. Your day sounds just wonderful. There is just nothing like the hub bub of children playing and adults mingling and laughing. The day goes by so fast doesn't it? At the end, when you are left with the mess and an empty house, you just feel kind of empty, right? I know that kind of day. It is everything life. It is the happy result of a lifelong job done well. Cheers Mary.

Happyone said...

The pots turned out really nice!!
Wow, that sounds like you all had one happy day alright. Sometimes the days that aren't planned turn out to be the best of all. :-)

Michelle said...

They did a great job on their flower pots. You can just see how proud they are of them in that picture. I love their big wide smiles!
I am glad you had a great time!