Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Even on A Dreary Day

I've been looking at my tired old blog. I think that I'll try and give it a new face after Christmas. I haven't time to deal with it for a couple of weeks. I'm going to give my coral reef a new look by rearranging the various live rock and live stock. Plus I may get a couple of new fish. Just have to wait and see how it all works out. Harry will help me with this project. Now you know the rest of the story.

Tomorrow is wrap gifts day. My "think outside the box" button is turned on. Hmmmm . . now about that wrapping. James and Jesse love to pop bubble wrap - I'm going to wrap their largest gifts with bubble wrap. Jesse likes magic - what do you think of a magician's cape to wrap one of his gifts? James is really excited and can't wait to get a Zhu Zhu and all the "stuff" that goes with it - I don't know yet how I'll wrap it but I'll come up with something. I'm using velum that I printed with Christmas things to wrap small gifts. Blank business cards are good for name tags. Someone may get a huge black garbage bag (filled with packing materiel and a much smaller gift) tied with decorative ribbon at both ends - like an over sized piece of candy. I'm not doing a tree this year so a non-traditional Christmas is in the works. I'm asking someone to read the Christmas Story. One of the boys will ask the blessing - it won't be anything new for them to do so.

I'm getting my strength back. Can you tell? Just this past week I began to feel like my old mean self most of the time. It's been almost exactly a year since I first realized something was not right with my health. The road was long and pretty rocky at times but here I am. I can't tell you how thankful I am for the blessings I've received this year.

Outta here for now. Sunday gathering day to prepare for and enjoy. Love and wishes for happiness to all.


Jamie said...

Yes, I can tell and it's so exciting to have you back!

I love the wrapping are awesome. Aluminum foil would work great, too, for smaller things. I have used it, it looks pretty in the mix of other wraps.

Have a great day Mary. Big hugs. :)

happyone said...

It is so good to hear that you are so much better. You had all of us worried about you.
I love your gift wrapping ideas!!

Jules said...

Hi Mary, I found you via Cheryl, Ladeda.... Wanted to say hello, Merry Christmas and all that jazz.

Tee said...

So glad you are feeling better.

Gift bags are my very best friend. We haven't even thought about a tree. We are in the middle of some major repairs and painting, so Christmas decorations are on the back burner.

The nontraditional wrapping sound like it going to be great fun for your family.

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary, I'm taking the morning to do some catching up. You're one of my favorites and I do appreciate the comments you've sent my way. I've had the same blog template for ages. I should think about a change.

I love your alternative wrapping ideas. Very creative and fun for the recipients. Most of my gifts are bought but nothing's wrapped. There aren't too many of them because I mainly buy for Emily. I like your bubble wrap idea. I may copy that one.

It's hard to believe a year has gone by since you first told us of your health news. I've admired your calmness and optimistic outlook from the start. You're an inspiration.

Enjoy your weekend. Ho ho ho!

SOUL said...

mary-- my LBF!
here i am... a week late and guilty as charged. sorry.
i know, i'm so bad. and how can i have the nerve to cry baby about my own lack of comments- when i neglect my own peeps?
shame on me.
sincerely tho-- i am sorry.
i really haven't been around much of anywhere lately tho.

but-- i'm here now. am i forgiven?

i love your post!!! every time i come here you sound better and better, and i love it more and more!!!

you will never know the strength that i have gained from you and your trials and tribulations this past year with you health battles. the pain you have endured, the struggles you have fought and overcome.

you have helped me build my faith-- and i really think what you have been through , has not only helped me with my physical issues--- i think i need to give you some credit for the changes in the relationship between me and my soulkid. i really do. a lot of patience and faith went into the rebuilding of that-- and you know it. i think i drew from your well, to fill mine, in that department.
i may still crybaby- some... but you know -- a lot has changed in my world - in many ways. i thank YOU for that.

so. i love the gift wrap idea with the big bag etc. i wish i woulda thought of that! you always have so many great ideas! i'm tellin ya-- you really need to write a book---
'how to be the coolest gramma evah!"
best seller--

ok-- i'm outtah heah--

oh-- soulman is hittin the post office today-- so your 'thing' is gonna be late. sorry.
but so is everyone elses. i'll never shop online again. just not gonna do it.
one thing i got you is literally HALF the size i thought it would be. i'm so disappointed. i hope you like it anyhow.

and hey-- just wonderin-- do y'all have any 'razor coral' in your tanks?
i don't think i noticed any.

welp-- update soon ok--

happy monday
hugs to you-