Friday, December 4, 2009

"Uncle Arthur" Comes to Visit

Yep, that's right. Uncle Arthritis is visiting. I had a hip and knee injury several years ago and not long after "Uncle Arthur" came to visit. He's here again. Ouch!! I think this will be a short visit. I don't have time to spend nursing arthritis right now. My "other" health issues are moving to the back of the bus - no problems.

I don't go anywhere very often so I have nothing to blog about. Everyone is doing well - except Joe, our oldest, is having his first blood pressure issue. The doctor will get it under control and his life will return to normal.

Our weatherman is predicting light snow late tonight and early tomorrow. We may have a few flakes but the ground is too warm for snow to lay. It's 45 degrees out right now and we have yet to have freezing weather. The birds are busy at the feeders - I guess they got the memo regarding bad weather.

I haven't done the first thing to get ready for Christmas. I think it will be a quiet one for us. The kids will be excited and we won't let them down. This weekend we'll talk to them about plans they'd like us to make. It would be so nice if all four of the grandchildren could be here. That would be a REAL Christmas. Are you reading this Buddy and Judy?

Enough of this. Next time I'll try to have something meaningful to blog about. Take care, my friends.


Anonymous said...

howdy mary--
i bet the weather is kickin up ole arthur eh?
does it to me too.

tonight is predicted to be our 'coldest night of the season'. woo hoo! you know i'm lovin it. NOT. we already had a little snow a few days ago-- my bet is that we get a bit more tonight.
think that makes me happy? you're right again. it does not.

i think my 'in the season' spirit' is about to move on out. bleh.
it's cold and i can't like it.

i hope you are feelin good and uncle arthur moves away soon.

big hugs to ya!

Anonymous said...

i forgot my own login info LBF -- haelp me !!!

Jamie said...

You don't have to have anything in particular to blog about, it's just great to read a post from you, about anything. I'm sorry about Uncle Arthur. I know how bad that can be...but isn't it awesome that the old medical issues can be pushed to the back of the pain/medical issue bus? That's saying something. :)

I hope your weekend is really peaceful. Withoug NASCAR, it's pretty quiet here.

Hugs, Mary. Lots of hugs. :)