Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthdays Past

Harry shot some of the cutest pictures of kids at the boy's combo birthday party this past Saturday. I won't post any of them because parents haven't given be permission to do so. (I haven't asked and probably won't.)

This is James making his plan of attack on the treasure chest pinata. This is serious business, as you can tell. Jesse was more into making the opening of the treasure chest fun. I think he thought that as long as the kids only tapped it the fun would last longer.
All the kids lined up and had the opportunity to strike the treasure chest three times. All the kids had a turn. Mary's father supervised the "Attack of the Treasure Chest" and made it super fun for all the kids AND parents, who were watching.

This was Baby Hooper's first party and he really wasn't amused by all the noise and movement. After watching from Mommy's arms for a while he warmed up to the idea. This child is already six months old and growing fast. Do you think that maybe, just maybe Mommy is proud of her not so little bundle? Do you think we all are proud of him? You bet we are!!

I made a small cake for each birthday boy and decorated them with molded candies with just a little bit of piping. (Because they blow out candles, I make decorated cup cakes to serve the party goers. Germs, you know. A couple of years ago an attending mom pointed that out to me.) This is the cakes and some of the cup cakes. The leaves on the table are also molded candies.

The cake decorating tools and candy molds are all stored away for now. I may mold a few candies for Christmas - I haven't decided yet. Next birthday is Baby Hooper's. You can bet that I'll have them out again 'round about that time.

Gotta get busy doing something productive. Well, maybe I will. See ya later.


Brad said...

Sounds like everyone had fun. That cake decorating looks like flat out WORK!

SOUL said...

cute pix.. yummy lookin cakes and cup-cakes too-- i want cake!! :))

Smocha said...

Looks and sounds like a great time.:)

Germs on the cake? What will they think of next? LOL
Imagine ,all of us and our friends,and our kids and their friends survived a lifetime of eating germy birthday cakes.

Happy humpday. Yikes! It's humpday already.

H@rry said...

I guess they never had their kid sit on the ground and eat a handful of dirt!

Jamie said...

You are so good, at everything apparently. :) I love the cake idea, I hadn't thought of the germ thing....now my birthday cakes will never be the same. I hope (and am sure they do) your kids know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful grandmother for their kiddos...you are just honestly the best.

I hope this day is going great for you. Love and hugs, Mary.


Anonymous said...

The party looks like it was lots of fun and excitement! Only a grandmother would make all those cupcakes and decorate them. BTW, they are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I hit publish before I was really finished! Isn't it amazing that we have lived as long as we have considering all those GERMS out there we have dodged all these many years. Who would have ever thought about germs when we were kids, especially at a birthday party. LOL!

Cheryl said...

How fun! I've said it before, you're the best grandma. My mother was never that involved. Your grandchildren will always be so fond of you.

The confections are great! Do you love making them?