Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lonesome Sunday

It's just Harry and me today. Keith's family is worn out from yesterday's birthday bash, Buddy had to work so they were here for a while after the birthday bash yesterday afternoon, Joe decided to come by tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm going to cook his favorite meal - it's his favorite birthday present. No sunshine, no kids, just two old farts making the best of this day.

I could write about the Big Birthday Bash. It was yesterday afternoon at the Green Mountain Nature Trail pavilion to celebrate both James and Jesse's birthdays. There were 29 children, plus siblings and parents. I've never seen so many kids all having fun together - not one cross word was spoken. I'll post a pic or two when I get the pics organized.

I could write about having the galloping crud in the form of chest congestion. I'll spare you the honor of hearing all about that.

Instead, let me tell you about my unbelievable night (last night). I was so sound asleep that I must have bordered on dead. Zennia, the stroke victim cat, was sleeping on the bed. She must have woke up and decided to check out the new placement of my bedside table lamp. That didn't work out very well. The crash of the lamp falling to the floor, my clock falling onto my pillow against my head, Zennia's louder than loud yeoooowwwww and her claws digging into my shoulder as she ran woke me from a sound sleep. As a reflex, I screamed when the incident happened. Needless to say the cat hid until this morning, I had to wash and care for a dig-in scratch on my shoulder, pick up the lamp and clock, and was awake for hours. Can you believe Harry did NOT wake up? He didn't!!! I spoke to him to try and wake him after the excitement but he didn't respond. In frustration I said to myself that if he was dead I didn't want to know until morning. Enough excitement for one night. (I knew he was just asleep because his breathing gave that fact away.)

I need a nap and this long, gray, quiet day is a perfect opportunity. Hope you are having a good day. Thanks for stopping by.


SOUL said...

holy cow mary-- what a night --
for you , and the cat.
my jitty likes to investigate junk on my bed table too--- drives me crazy, but so far, nothing as blogworthy as your story has come of it. well cept that she drinks my tea.
glad you're shoulder is ok.

didya dawg out harry all day for ignoring you in your time of need? :))

how do men sleep through stuff like that anyhow?
or fall asleep in three minutes...
and there "we" are-- awake at the slightest sound.. or still trying to get to sleep for three hours.
it's just not right.

anyhow-- speaking of elusive sleep-- time for the evening blue cocktail :))

g'night lbf

SOUL said...

ps--hope you're not feelin lonesome still?you can call me if ya want.?

Golden To Silver Val said...

I hate it when that happens. I think most animal owners have experienced something similar over the lifetime of their pets. My little dog sleeps with me, under the covers, and if she hears something outside, she will leap up and walk right on top of me. I often have little bruises on my arms or legs just the shape of her little paws. Even so...I'm sure glad they are bruises and not scratches! OUCHIE...I bet that really hurt! Did the lamp survive the fall? Amazing that hubs never heard a thing!! Get better soon Mary!

jAMiE said...

Awww,take care of that scratch, sometimes cat scratches can get very infected...but i bet i didn't need to tell you that.

I can't believe Harry didn't sleep through the darndest things. Hope you had a nice nap.

It's good to be reading about you...i'll be back soon!

C.A. said...

What a night!!! And to think that didn't disturb Harry's sleep...he must have been the one sleeping the sleep of the dead!

The boys birthday party sounds PERFECT! Sometimes we have days when it gets a little lonely. I think that just makes us treasure the days when were not!

Hugs to you, my friend!

Happy Monday...


Cheryl said...

Sorry it was a lonesome day. You're used to busy on Sunday. What's the plan for today? I'm moving slow...

Jamie said...

Good heavens Mary - that sounds like something out of a movie. I know it wasn't funny but I couldn't help myself, just a little bit. And Harry NOT waking up is the funniest thing of all!

I hope this day is wonderful for you my good friend!


Tee said...

Ouch! I know that scratch hurt. My cat sleeps with us, so he and his sister have been known to scratch me when they were startled. And Harry SLEPT through the entire incident! Makes you want to shake him, I know. My husband falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow and it takes me HOURS to fall asleep, especially when he is snoring. I did laugh when I read your post. I'm not laughing AT you, but hopefully WITH you. :-)

happyone said...

What a way to wake up from a sound sleep!!!

I would probably be like Harry. A couple of years ago there was a big fire behind our house by the apartments that are back there. I slept through all the fire trucks going by. I didn't wake up until Ken yelled "There's a big fire!" I woke up thinking it was our house on fire!

Summer said...

What's up with men? They sleep the sleep of the dead! Poor little kitty, I know that terrified her and you!